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I never could have loved this deeply without you showing me the depth of your love. For Mom.

I’m larger than life, mom. I’m bigger, bolder and more powerful than we ever even imagined and I can come into you like who I was but also like who I am.

You get it.

I know you want to keep me in that image of me as the angel always doing the right thing, always living with higher knowledge guiding me.

I think I got it and I think I played my role pretty well.

I think I did the human thing the way that I could and I love you.

I love you beyond words.

I love you beyond life.

I love you beyond any concept of what we ever, ever, tried to contain in an idea.

That’s why our eyes were so important.

Because we could exchange love Soul to Soul that we really couldn’t put in to terms.

I want you to know that I appreciate you as the soul, as a mom and as a friend because you were like a friend on earth, like a good old soul that wouldn’t let me forget who I was. I can’t tell you how comforting it was to have that.

Now I need you to remember that. That’s all you ever did was reflect back to me my divinity.

Now, in your mind you want to keep me in the idea of an angel.

I know I wasn’t perfect. I know I wasn’t an angel to you as a son.

I was me – perfectly me and you let me be.

You let me slip and fall and you carried me when I needed you to.

You let me learn from my mistakes and you grew from them to.

You give me so much credit and you take none and I feel it’s time for you to flip that switch, mom.

I couldn’t have been me without you.

I never could have loved this deeply without you showing me the depth of your love.


mom, it was like lightening!

It was so clear, so fast and so bright!

It was crazy in a most amazing way!

I was just a part of a lightening.

Imagine getting zapped and then it’s just like a magnetic force.

You become a part of it.

It was awesome, totally out of this world incredible.

It wasn’t like I had a choice, mom.

I don’t want to say I felt in any way condemned to it.

When I say I didn’t have a choice, there wasn’t a thought.

It just took me over. It took me in.

It reminded me I was real.

You were there... You were there, of course you were. You know that. Your soul has always watched over me, always. We said a part of you lived outside your heart, that was true – a part of you is in me, a part of me is in you. That’s why we can communicate so clearly. You birthed me into my new life, just as you birthed me into this. You birthed me into this life, mom. You brought me to me. So, there’s a continuum, a continuity in the energy of you and me. We know each other before birth, we know each other after death. We just keep going.

That’s it, mom. That’s what was clear. That’s what I mean. There was no pain. There was no remorse. There was no regret. There was no guilt, no shame, no feelings of uncertainty. There wasn’t a thought or a feeling.

It was like, bam, I’m home and free.

I’m more than me or at least the me I thought I was and there you were. Imagine that, mom. There you were, you and all your friends, sitting there high and pretty, smiling with unconditional love. You were surrounded but it was you who brought me home - you surrounded by angels.

Sally is amazing. She is crazy cool and she knows what to do and she makes it easy.

I don’t know what to say, mom. I’m sorry but we’re going on an adventure and I know you know, as much as you wish it was anything else, that this is what the world needs from us.

We’ve got to make it clear there is no distance. The more we clear the mind, the more we know each other.

I feel you like there is no distance between us; so, I know you can do it to.

We’ll get there. We’re going to clear the field together.

You know why, mom?

Because you know it can be done. That’s the difference. That’s the gift of you. That’s how you change the world because no matter what you know.

So, you can love yourself enough to honor the grief because we are all going to miss the physical stuff but you can also love yourself enough to honor our new experiences together and I’m going to make things happen.

I’m going to stir it up, mom, and I’m going to keep laughing because that’s my job, isn’t it?

I’ll do what I can. I’ll make the lights flicker. I’ll make the birds sing to you. I’ll make the squirrels laugh at you. It’s an adventure, mom. I’m not going to tell you everything. We’ve got to figure it out together. Don’t expect.

Just hope and be curious.

Expect that I’ll show up, just don’t tell me how and we’ll see what we can figure out together. It’s the best I can do right now.

Nicky channeled 3/21/22

via Laura Mirante


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