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I’m born into this world to create the experience of my death.

This whole concept of death is so different than we think; it’s phenomenal. If I had to really say something to you about it, I’d say it’s probably the whole point of living. You don’t really think about it like that Nobody goes through life thinking: “The whole goal to this existence is my death, my transition out of this life. I’m born into this world to create the experience of my death.” Yet, everything leads up to that.

Every choice, action, interaction and experience we have adds some kind of energy to the realizations of the moment we leave our body.

Think about that. Nobody is teaching anybody that.

Every thought, word, and action is like a pebble in the mosaic on the staircase out of the physical body and logical mind, a pebble in the steps.

Can you see what I’m saying?

These beautiful intricately designed mosaics of everyone’s lifetime are created by every moment.

Channeled From a mother in spirit to her daughter 2-23-19 via Laura Mirante


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