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How does it feel to the deceased when we pray for them?

A message for a mom from her daughter in spirit speaking about how she experiences our prayers for her and her mom... "I keep coming back to the day, to the minute, to the moment, to the experience but not in the same way you do, mom. Not because it was tragic but because it’s where I felt, for the first time, my true self. I did do everything I thought I was meant to do and I believed in so many people and I feel that love still.

I feel every word of every prayer that everyone sends to all of us and I love that feeling. I love feeling the point of connection.

Nobody ever thought of it – where the prayers actually go and what they do but I know now that they do something because I feel it.

With every word, with all that love, I feel like each person has a needle and thread and that they’re all trying to mend this rift between us.

It’s like everyone’s prayers are torn between you and I and I just want to say:

"I’m fine. I’m whole. I’m free. I’m complete. I’m connected and I’m everything I always knew I felt I was but never could understand."

Channeled February 10, 2020 Laura Mirante


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