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Here’s the difference in the concept of being called Home...a message for parents w/kids in spirit

This was the opening statement from spirit channeled for a group of grieving parents. It's the kind of channel you need to read and reread several times...

"Everything is energy and all energy is a part of a universal, divine dynamic. You are all here as individual expressions of one divine co-creative intention. So, as human beings you are on another level of self, connecting as souls.

As human beings you are inspired by the intuitive nature of your true essence.

As human beings there is a natural inclination to feel curious about what you are, about what this is all about and about where we go from here.

Of course, you cannot answer those questions through the eyes of the human being stuck in a logical construct of being.

So, how are you to find your true sense of self here in this experience that has you feeling separate from All That Is?

It is that way that the human experience uses the external world to create a sense of purpose in going deeper within where you know that there are no external answers here, you are not going to find comfort in what your mind can conceive of what this world can bring you.

You’ve got to go deeper; deeper into that intellectually detached state of being that opens up to the awareness of a higher mind, to the sense of knowing of an intuitive connection. You’ve got to journey deeper into the essence of your pure truth. That is what your loved one challenges you to do in these situations. It is a love so profound that no external distractions can distort the sense of purpose in this loving bond that connects you. You see that.

There is nothing in the outer world that’s going to dismiss the relevance of this inner journey of the soulful connection that calls you home – and it does.

But here’s the difference in the concept of being called home. It is not a place. It is not a location. It is a state of being.

For your loved ones are home in your heart, for they are home in your subconscious field of awareness. They are home in and of themselves with no preconceived ideas of what they need to be - just the pure experience of existing as they are.

That is what they want to share with you – the ways of the world through the state of perception of a soul not limited physically, not confined psychologically but experiencing themselves all the same in a magnificent exploration of our multi-dimensional connection.

That’s what you can know about your beautiful children.

They rise above it all now and they see life for what it is, from an advanced state of higher awareness.

They have each, in their own way, transcended the fears of the logical realm and transmuted the energy of disconnect and attachment into a moment of self-realization of the brilliance of our oneness.

What else would they want to do with this gift that they are but bring it to you, to allow you to recognize the true eternal nature of our souls, the true limitless nature of the energy that we are?

This is where you stand now.

Open to receive from these souls what they can bring you that can bridge the gap in the mind to where they are now.

That is what they are here to be for you now – a bridge within you to the essence of our pure truth, to the existence of our pure energy."

Channeled February 10, 2020

via Laura Mirante


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