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Here's a message for a mom from her son in spirit...

"There’s no timeline here.

There’s no sense of a limited experience.

Tell Nana it’s like being in the middle of all the family, all at once, and never ever feeling alone. Never ever feeling unseen, unheard or less than in any way.

There’s no pain – not physical, not emotional, not mental.

It’s just this knowingness that we’re loved and we’re loved because we love each other.

Tell Nana that’s what I got to get, that’s what I got to learn, that’s what I got to experience.

You see, these words don’t fit.

It’s what I got to expand into. Breathe deep, mom, because when you do you pull yourself from the surface of the human experience deep down into the essence of our energetic connection. Keep breathing deep, mom. Keep reaching for something deeper because I’ll be there, because I’m always there.

Channeled February 24, 2020 Laura Mirante


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