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My 6 year old grandson recently saw the movie, All Dogs Go To Heaven, and now he wants to go to heaven. How can we describe the concept of heaven to our children?

"...He can know that we are in Heaven; that the body is the vehicle for the divine energy and we are inspired by that divine aspect of who we are that is constantly in, what he is terming, "Heaven."

Heaven is a state of being, you can tell him.

Heaven is a state of joyful acceptance of the perfection of who we are.

That is the truth of what Heaven is. Everything else is a creation of logic.

So how can you tell a 6 year old this when adults don't understand it?

You can tell him that Heaven exists within him in the most joyful, loving places inside of him and anytime he wants to go there he just needs to close his eyes to the outside world and remember that the inner world is where true beauty exists --- and his job here on Earth is to travel in between those worlds, always diving into the Heavens within himself and bringing forward the joy and the love that exists there into this reality.

You tell him that that is what we are here for, to bring the Heaven that exists inside of ourselves into this world and to share it so we can remind others that heaven exists within them."

Channeled by Laura Mirante 2016


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