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Feel the Tug from Spirit

“Now that’s where we want you to pay attention, in the subtle shifts in your reality,

in those instances where something so far from practical gets your attention and your soul leaps within your being.

Move quickly in that direction,

don’t’ think,

don’t stop to ask fear permission,

just go,

just follow that truth,

just live your purpose,

just let it come through you.

It is time dear Ones, it is time to be present in the creative process of life.

Listen to that concept. It’s not too big for you; you can hear that.

It is time to be present in the creative process of life

When you are present in the moment, when you are aware you are here, right here in this very moment experiencing whatever it is you are experiencing in this exact moment, you are a part of the creative process of that moment.

But if you spend your days projecting uncertainties into your future, if you define your time by regurgitating the past, then you are not a co-creator of your own experience.

You are like the pinball being shot in this direction and that direction, taking your cue from the flippers.

So look for the signs, open up your eyes and let the light in for it’s like water this light, it’ll flow in and lift you up and if you’re willing, if you surrender to it, it will bring you forward, it will move you back and forth, up and down, but it will move you in a cohesive wave where you will never feel alone, when you will realize the importance and relevance of your existence as a drop in that ocean, as a part of that wave where you feel the tug of spirit and you go with it and you realize at that very moment that you are not alone that there are others moving in the same direction with you helping to move that wave…”

Channeled 1-1-18

via Laura Mirante


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