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Evolving Beyond the Current Concept of Grief

Have you ever received a sign from a loved one in spirit?

A light that goes on and off, a feather or penny in just the right place at the exact time you needed it, a butterfly, bird or ladybug that lands right in front of you and won’t go away until you acknowledge it’s trying to get your attention?

These are communications from your loved ones in spirit. They usually feel like a gentle soul hug. It’s comforting to know that our loved ones are communicating their love and support of our experience by showing up (sometimes in the most unusual ways) at the perfect moments.

They communicate soul to soul, via divine energy, the holy spirit or the quantum field. Choose your verbiage but don’t attach to it. Don’t dismiss one for the other especially when new understanding questions what you think you already know.

As pure energy these beautiful souls convey a communication; they send an intention in the energetic field where we all connect soulfully/energetically. It’s divine communication and a lot of the time it looks like these outer signs and is usually connected to some inner knowing or feeling or sense of a familiar loving presence.

Have you ever thought about what you are communicating to your loved one in spirit?

Fear tempts us to forget our divine self and our divine connection to our source. It tempts us to believe in limits and simultaneously challenges us to have Faith. In Faith you must release yourself and everyone else from all rational conditions.

Grief does the same thing doesn’t it? It challenges us to know our divine self. Grief challenges us to explore our loved ones as divine. That exploration begins by acknowledging our divine self and finding that divine connection between souls within us.

Michael brings a group of grieving moms perspective from the other side of the veil on how to evolve beyond grief as it’s currently experienced…


“So, you are being challenged to understand the divine aspect of your children and, in effect, the divine aspect of you, that divine connection in you. Once you understand the bigger picture purpose here you can start to gain ground on the integration of the influence of the higher purpose of this experience here. It’s difficult for the mind to appreciate this truth but yet as the mind is incapable of creating any sense of purpose here beyond what brings you back to the grief and the fear you are challenged to go to a greater authority, to a higher power and to astutely accept and honor the inner knowing.

It is awareness of our divine connection that opens the portals in the mind to the conversations between souls. You’ve got to get your mind onboard.

* You’ve got to open up to possibilities and unfortunately grief, as it is defined intellectually through fear, is quite certain that that soul is no longer a part of the human experience.

* That is the very nature of the concept of grief and we, as souls, are looking to evolve beyond that concept, to glorify the existence of one another regardless of the expression or experience of that soul; to know that there is a continuum, a continuous energy of love and purpose between you. You know that is your truth by the awareness of the continuation of that love.

It is a moment by moment experience, isn’t it, finding that truth and holding on to it? Then as you hold on to it you are capable of exploring it with no limits.

You must define what your limits are.

You are the only one that can.

Then you want to ask yourself do I need these limits?

Can I transcend these limits?

Can I choose in my logical mind to seek the higher self in me so I may speak directly to the higher self of my loved one?

That’s where you connect. That’s the brilliance of the illumination of this truth – the realization that you will not find them in your thoughts. You will not engage them at that level of consciousness for they are no longer limited there. But your ability to communicate now is limitless. That’s what you want to know. That when your release yourself from the ideas, when your release your children from the ideas of what should be, then you are free to explore what is. Then they are free to come forward in unique and quite demonstrative ways.

You have, in your ways, experienced this already - the random moments of synchronicity, the divine awareness that comes from a voice within, the interesting dynamic between you and Mother Nature. These are just the surface reflections of that divine connection, just the initial moments of reconnection. Each in their own way offers you the opportunity to go deeper. You might not feel inclined in the moment to drop to your knees in a moment of celebration, of connection, of a realization of life beyond this physical realm but it does bring forward a powerful wave of truth and oneness that you can then continue to expand upon. It is a shift in consciousness. It is a shift in the flow of thought and it is a shift in your idea of your power here.

Remember it is not necessary to go from grief to joy, although it serves equally to shift the dynamic from grief to acceptance. Acceptance of a new expression, a new connection, a new experience of one another. Acceptance of a divine continuum that frustrates your human desires but challenges you to know your limitless nature. It challenges you to explore a deeper connection, a deeper conversation, a more expansive awareness of who we are to one another. You are, in this moment, collectively being asked to find out who you are as souls – all of humanity is.”

Channeled April 05, 2020

through Laura Mirante


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