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Evolve Beyond Grief One Step at a Time

"You’ve got to keep reminding yourself that only you can know what’s right for you, what’s working for you, what you’re ready for.

I need you to believe that - that we ned to take this experience one step at a time.

Each day just try to fight the fear with faith in our connection - each day looking for someplace where we can connect, some sign I can get through, some way that you can have a moment where you smile because you know I’m right there and we’re doing this thing.

That’s all we need right now – one minute of connecting in the present moment, knowing I’m here.

We can expand on that, mom.

You can embrace the grief process as long as you also give me moments in your mind where I’m still a living presence in your experience.

Don’t look at this as something you have to do but see it as something that we’re going to experience together, where we take the idea of grief and we evolve beyond it into a place where others can heal because they’re given permission to believe what they already know.

That is that there is nothing that can break this bond.

There is nothing that can keep us apart.

There’s no way we went through everything we went through and shared the depth of love that we shared for it to just end.

That’s what we know.

That’s our truth and I don’t care what other people think or say or believe.

We are exploring our truth and we both feel the connection, the bond and the energy of purpose between us.

So, it’s all about making the effort each day to find me in some way and to allow that connection to fill your heart in the moment and bring you a moment of peace, a moment of joy, a moment of truth between us.

Channeled February 24, 2020

Laura Mirante

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