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Everything is Magnetically Interconnected.

Everything is energy and I am floating in a field of different energy frequencies, of different energy manifestations, of different energy expressions and that’s what it’s like.

Like each one of you, each human being is a different expression of energy and I get to… not pick and choose… but I get to feel into and align with any of these energies.

That’s what it’s like for me here.

I need you to understand that. I walk through the field and I feel into the energies of everything around and I feel things differently than you do. I notice things that maybe we might have not noticed when I was in my body.

I feel alive here.

I feel inspired here and I feel certain about the brilliance of the experience of the purposeful energy of me...

It’s really something to be free, mom, to be able to just run through the field and go where the energy pulls you.

I like that. I like that about the freedom here.

I feel as if everything is magnetically interconnected. I say magnets because we’re pulled into the experiences we’re meant to have.

People are pulled into our reality for many different reasons and everything has order, even the chaos.

Imagine knowing that when you’re in the midst of it all - taking a deep breath and saying somewhere way outside the limits of my ideas of what’s going on, everything makes perfect sense and everything is perfectly configured and orchestrated to serve everything else..."

Channeled March 2020


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