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Covid 19: a Trigger for Exploring Purpose

"Create the image. See your human figure and then imagine a box in your center. A box, yes, a box. A beautiful box adorned with jewels and sparkling with light, shimmering with its brilliance and it’s yours. It exists in your core. It is the origin of *purpose of you, right there at your center.

You exist in this world where the previous generations have chosen conscious ignorance of this gift within. They have created the rationale to dismiss any idea of a divine potential within that the individual is capable of extending here. There are those that feel they just don’t have it.

There are those that allow their ideas of what is right and wrong and good and bad and necessary in this reality to affect their ability to believe in their own goodness and their own brilliance, in their own divinity, in the belief that there is a divine potential within.

There are those that feel as if they’ve been tricked to believe that that’s not their due - that we have, for so long now, distracted people from looking within with the allure of the external wealth, with all the shiny, pretty things outside that get your attention.

Here’s the thing. As individual human beings walking around this earth plane with this brilliance within and the intellectual inclination to fit in to what has been defined out there, as you continue to seek your happiness, your joy and your sense of fulfillment in the institutionalized version of what the previous generations handed down to you, you each realize the fruitless efforts of that pursuit.

There are moments of happiness, moments of a sense of accomplishment when you set a goal and you accomplish it. Oh, how the mind reels with pride. Even if the entire time that essence of pure potential in the center of your being is screaming for your attention and you feel it. Don’t pretend you don’t feel it because you do. *Everything that feels off about you giving your energy over to something that doesn’t fulfill you is the essence of your potential screaming at you to pay attention here.

Years, decades and generations of this experience have created a mental obligation to it, where people are just rationalizing why they need to practically confine their divine potential into what fits in to the boxes that were handed to them from the previous generations and what do you do with that? Look at your children. Each generation has become more disenfranchised with themselves, with the material pursuit of success.

So, the gut gets stronger. The soul speaks louder. Life gets more difficult to continue in that way and that magical energy of potential within continues to beg for your attention. How many are intellectually inclined to dismiss the relevance of their external reality because it’s time to look within, because it’s time to listen within, because it’s time to allow that divine potential out of the box? But nobody chooses it, do they?

Even when you know this world isn’t serving you, your children or your grandchildren you just keep handing it down insisting that this is the way it has to be.

Life is a divine creation and all of nature proves that to you every minute of every day. Yet your logical mind will continue to override that power, that source of inspiration, of creation, of knowledge of wisdom of self. Isn’t it time to believe in you? Isn’t it time to believe that inner voice? Isn’t it time to peek in that box? Do it now. Close your eyes. Search deep within. Take the journey. Find your center. That’s all you need to do. You don’t need to figure out the rest. Don’t you see? Everything you need is in that box. All of the energies of potentials, all of those magnetic attractions that will bring you everyone and everything you need to manifest the essence of pure potential you came to be. All of the logical insistence on adding your energy to the continuation of these institutions that don’t serve the divine, all of that is stirred up here, now.

All of that is being illuminated now and each one of you has been given a choice here to redefine who you are, what this life is about. You have been given the gift of awareness through experience and observation.

What are you observing about this experience? What is it teaching you about who you are, about what this life is about, about what is important and about what is promised to you?

Nothing is certain in this reality beyond the divine nature of our essence of connectedness, our Oneness.

Everything manmade can be dismissed and you would still be whole and complete in your experience as the souls that you are. Isn’t it this moment that challenges you to ask yourselves who are you? What defines you? Am I the entitled ego or am I the curious soul? Be curious, dear ones. Open that box. Peek inside. Once you do you will feel an experience of you that you’ve always known you were here to be. So, use the image in your daily meditations. Just close your eyes, breathe deeply into the core of your beingness then imagine opening that box, lifting that lid and seeing a light so brilliant it blinds you of your idea of you. Then surrender, in that moment, to that experience of you, to the realization that that is who you are, that that light is the continuum of all life in you ..."

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Channeled March 27, 2020 Laura Mirante


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