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Channeling the Soul of Tesla - "New Age Renaissance"

I happened to watch the History channel and they had quite an interesting piece on Tesla, who was unbelievably brilliant and is responsible for a lot of things around the world that we take for granted. But he was shunned by the scientific community. I’m going to guess for several reasons; one because he wanted to give this freely, all of it. He had no intention of making great fortune but there were those who wanted that. I’m also guessing that they were afraid of him because there came a point in his life where he was aware that there were other beings from whom this wisdom was flowing. So here is a soul who really was by the time he died, a recluse. He worked only in dim light. He was germophobic. So it seemed to me that the soul just shriveled. It just couldn’t be what it needed to be.

I can bring forth so many self-observations that would assist humanity but it is not for the average Joe and there is more of them than there are of us ☺ I see that I have been revived, so to speak. There are many that speak my name now, many that tap in to the field of awareness I created in the human field of consciousness. I, as each of you, was given the opportunity to have an impact on the future of humanity.

Now it is interesting what you say there because you are thinking that I didn’t achieve what I came to achieve as the soul that I was but part of reflection of my experience was to see the limits that ignorance can apply to divinity. It is most definitely something in the books now – that people come to recognize that it was not just I but many of the great creators gave their recognition over to the Divine. Many of the inspired ones recognize that the inspiration came from a place beyond themselves – not from themselves – and the most wondrous of explorers of life were always the most humble in their abilities because when you begin to tap in to the divine potential available to all souls you realize that you can only bring in a tiny, tiny portion of what it is that is available to you. And the tiny portions we are able to bring in seem so expansive to the limited, logical, fear-based human being.

So, you see, take my life as an example for each of you to expand into knowing that there are no limits placed on a soul’s ability to create in this reality.

Each soul has a unique affinity to a certain creative aspect of the Divine. It is up to you individually to explore your field of awareness to see what resonates with the energy of you.

You look in to the human experience from the eyes of the soul and you will find your path. You are the soul so you cannot play small here. You each understand that this is available to you and with an effort to look beyond logic you will find the energy of you.

That is what I found. I would, in my human self, define it as other beings and a higher power and when I engage you now I say, “It is WE.” It is all that we are and all that we came to be as the One that we are. So take that idea of the “God source” off the pedestal and remind yourself that this is who we are and that all that you have assigned to that “God power” is available through you. Nothing I speak here has not been spoken before and by those that walk the Earth with the knowingness.

Now can you believe what others allowed themselves to believe and benefitted from? Are you afraid to be ridiculed for a way of existing not yet fully supported in this human condition? The idea of us as energy is inevitably unfolding scientifically, so there will be that time where logic itself can no longer deny the divinity of the human condition.

You see, we have this all set. We are evolving regardless of the ignorance of the ego. So I, myself and others, are here to assist you. We have never left. We have always been reworking the patterns that we created in this reality, inspiring others to explore in ways that we did. There are many on the earth plane now feeling as if they are the reincarnation of these great creators!

Then it is funny that they would have to separate themselves from their own creative source of inspiration. Think about that. It is available to all and all are available to all. So don’t limit what you think you are entitled to tap in to and what you think you are able to create here. As a matter of fact, it is best if you leave the thinking behind with the old definition of being human and move fully into the awareness of the All That Is. It makes life easier if you can own it as your truth, as your truth. If you can accept it; if you can embrace it; if you can love that definition of you to the extent that you have no objection to anybody else’s objection because it doesn’t affect you.

That’s where we need to be. I, myself, had an ego. As a masculinely-dominated energy I had that inclination to be respected in my community. That was something I had to confront. That was something I had to realize was limiting my ability to be my truth. It is a difficult thing to face one’s own fears with only one’s truth to defend oneself when the rest of the world is putting their energy behind the fear. That is what you are all facing. As you reach into the Divine, as you ask for a higher awareness, you each will feel the resistance of the collective ego. Then it is up to you to believe in all that you know yourself to be and to allow yourself to bring in the most magnificent expressions of truth.

You are at a unique time in history. This is the New Age Renaissance and you are about to engage the creative period of that Renaissance. So be a part of it by opening up and allowing yourself to be amazed at what is available to you. I highly recommend it and I suggest you ask for assistance because it is available and it is worth the effort at learning how to connect with those here in the energy looking to inspire you from within.

Channeled by Laura Mirante

Evening at Joy’s

February 17, 2017

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