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Calming fearful thoughts during meditation...

"Remember, as you try to sit in stillness your thoughts are going to want your attention and like a little child you give them the attention. You give them a little love. You lay them in the cradle and you walk away. You go back to your own journey of self and when those thoughts cry for your attention again realize that there is an uncertain aspect of you in this human experience but that is not all that you are. You cradle the intellectual mind which is the youngest, most immature aspect of the expression of being in the human experience today. You see your heart as the elder aspect of who you are that sits in that calm state of acceptance of it all. You have that in you. All souls do. It’s all here to show you how identified with the fearful idea of you that you are. Choose to be the inner calm and you’ll see it expand in you. Just as how you’ve chosen to be the fear it expands in your experience. If you are defined by it then it will take a greater effort but the effort will be that much more profoundly rewarding." Channeled on March 20,2020 Laura Mirante


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