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Being a sensitive man in this world; powerful insight from a young man in spirit to his brother.

You have a softness about you, a tenderness, a goodness. It’s nothing to be judging. It’s not a weakness. It’s a power. It’s a strength. It’s a soulfulness. People don’t give it the credit it deserves but I want you to.

I want you to understand sensitivities are proclivities to enter inter-dimensional communication.

The language of the soul doesn’t limit itself in words.

You know things.

You feel things.

You get inspirations.

That’s where you focus.

Don’t need it all to make sense all of the time.

Just feel what it feels like and think about if you’re supposed to be aligning with this energy it will feel right, righteous, intriguing; but

you know you know if you’re not supposed to be engaging you’re going to feel something off in your gut.

You’re going to feel something instinctual, deep, heavy.

You don’t need more words than that.

You just need to learn to trust that.

Keep telling yourself,

"I was born to be me – wholefully, soulfully me - and my life is going to show me what that means."

Just look for the places to add goodness.

People are always looking for what they can get, what could they get for me, for mine?

I’m telling you that’s what is wrong with this world. That’s what is missing.

People need to do, {they need to} give.

What can I do?

What can I give?

Where can I help?

Who can I serve?

Just try it.

Just try to frame your mind in that way every day.

You’ll be amazed at what shows up and how what you serve, serves you.

That’s what I want you to see. People don’t understand it yet but that’s what has to happen now...

...Take the lead by being the kind, generous, sensitive soul that you are and let that brilliance shine, letting people realize it’s time.

It’s time to find out what true power looks like.

It’s time to see what strength in Faith in oneself can create in this world.

These are things I wish I knew. These are the things I knew I knew but didn’t know how to put it into words. I didn’t know how to dream it into action.

Channeled September 2020

Laura Mirante


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