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Beautiful message from a Father in spirit to his daughter

Here's a channeled message from a father who passed away 7 years earlier for a woman unhappy with her current situation...we were both in tears at the end.

"I’ve got to take this step forward, I’ve got to reach out and make this connection real.

I don’t want to keep this separation or distance between us anymore.

I feel that you do know me,

I feel that you do recognize me,

I feel like you do know I’m around and

you do know when I’m trying to get your attention and

I know you see me at times

I know it’s like a flash and it goes quick but

I want you to know that’s real

And it’s the only way I can get through right now…

12:00 I want you to consider that what I see is tremendous creative potential energy in your field that wants to come through you but it won’t and it can’t until the energy of your environment matches the frequency of the energy of this potential.

Energy to Energy that’s the way it works.

That’s what I understand;

Everything is Energy

I'm Energy; you’re Energy

Why do you think I can make the lights flicker and all the cool stuff happening on the computer?

Because I can move through the electricity much easier than I can some human beings mind.

I work in the dreams, I try and I bring them to you a lot more than you recognize.

There’s all these ways that everybody here in spirit is trying to get your attention

Not just me, you’ve got a lot of support, you’ve got a lot of love and you have a lot of souls/people here willing to work with you.

You’re intuitive;

you’ve always known that, maybe not everybody recognized it but I did

And I know now how important that is

That’s a part of what I’m here to say.

A lot of what I can do is help you intuitively.

As energy there’s no distance between you and I so energetically speaking I can communicate to you instantly.

Now that communication is out there in your field and your determination to figure out how to open up those lines of communication is what’s going to define how you go forward.

I can see the big picture, I can see the directions you are moving in, I can see how restricting and confining your current efforts are, even if you don’t, even if your mind is projecting some intellectual assumption of some grand escapade coming your way in this direction.

That’s the mind deceiving you and there’s more to you than this.

This is where the intellect is aligning with a lower frequency interpretation of you than your soul knows you’re capable of experiencing.

Your mind doesn’t realize how powerful the potential of you is.

So your mind is asking you to settle into this kind of a situation that everybody else thinks is perfect.


Now of course I can’t sit back and not say anything

I can’t sit back and just watch you move through this

I have to validate what you know is true because it doesn’t make sense to you and I don’t want you to think you’re crazy and that what you FEEL isn’t real.

It's real and more real than anything that you’re thinking and that’s what I came through to tell you.

I love you with all that I am and I want nothing more than for you to have the most validating and life affirming experience that you can and of course I want you to do it without struggle but no, not if that means you’re not going to realize your fullest potential, you see that’s the thing

I know, if you challenge yourself you’re going to realize potentials in you, you never knew existed.

Imagine being a father and being able to see that and not being able to communicate that.

It’s been my goal all this time to get this awareness to you

To let you know

That you do Know better

That you do FEEL your truth

And that it does have an amazing way of balancing your life if you trust it.

I have to give you that

I didn’t get it.

If there’s any truth I would have liked to live by it is that.

To be given permission to trust what I knew instead of what I thought, it would have changed the whole course of my life and I want that for you.”

Marli’s Dad

Channeled by Laura Mirante



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