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Be Love

"Be Love" a message from Jesus


Be Love dear One

Be the energy of Love that you are

Be aware of who you are as the Love that you are by allowing Love to define all of your thoughts and therefore all of your actions

You are Love.

The essence of the energy that you are is the frequency of Love.

That is where you are comfortable being you and where you know your connection to all souls.

That is where you find your peace of mind.

Being the energy of Love brings the peace of surrendering the divine plan to the higher awareness that knows all is exactly as it should be always. Always.

Every bit of this universal human experience is born of the energy of Love, the same Love that you are

All created with the same intention to be Love

All human experience aligned with that intention

So trust that that you know to be true, which is Love conquers all fear

Which is that effort at aligning with the Love that you are illuminates the path to Freedom

Freedom from intellectual persecution

Freedom from fear-based misconceptions of limits and limited capacity

You are limitless energy of Love connected to all Love

I the Christ, the energy of Jesus, embodied the expression of Love that proved Oneness;

that proved the ability of our faith to override the limits of this illusionary construct.

*** No “thought” was more powerful than my Love for humanity, than my Love for the opportunity to be this Love, to be this light in this darkness.

You feel that same sense of purpose and you know this to be true it is only in the confines of fear-based logic that you feel limited.

When you explore beyond that, you realize there is no end to the Love that you are

And that all life is available to you, all awareness is yours, and your ability to align with your truth, with this truth intellectually, allows the light of the Love that you are to shift your focus and illuminate the path to freedom.

It is all there in your willingness to believe in the power of the Love that you are, in your connection to the divine and in the availability of the awareness that will manifest as insight as you need it.


When you live in that state of surrender, intellectual surrender, to Divine awareness being the authority in this experience, you experience the miraculous truth of your divine power.

Your only job here is to remember who you are, to remember that you are Love and to be it.

To know that is your greatest effort at overcoming the fear.

12/14/18 - Jesus

Channeled by Laura Mirante


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