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Appreciating the Effort When the Message is Elusive

Sometimes it is uncomfortable. Sometimes it is exciting but it’s always something beyond the reach of logic. When you get frustrated - you know you know something and you know you need to know something and you can’t put the two together. That’s the beginning. There you see it, the opportunity. You know there’s this here, you know there’s that there and you just know you are the connections. You just know it.

The world you live in has distorted your mind’s ability to embrace what you know. We’ve been taught to listen – to listen to the teachers, to listen to the clergy, to listen to the politicians, to listen to the doctors, to the institutions, to all the governing forces that fill your mind with ideas of who you are, of who you are expected to be, of what you are capable of being.

No matter what, there is something outside of the limits of all of those logical ideas that keeps telling you that this is real, that you know these signs aren’t coincidences, that these awarenesses that tease you, that give you just enough to get your attention are there to teach you.

There is something about your children that you know, they are and you both know that. You both can even embrace a concept that there once was a lifetime where your child was your parent as they looked you in the eyes several times in this lifetime and told you without words that they were the elder, that they had awareness that you needed. They still do, don’t they? They still reach through these veils of disillusionment and touch you in the deep soulful place of connection, that point of entry, if you will, in you for divine communication. They are there to show you... when all the rest of the world is looking outside of themselves, somewhere out there, for what they should be, for what they could do to define who they came to be... your beautiful girls, these beautiful souls, they’ve come to show you within. They entice you, trigger you. They show up. They instigate the need to know something more.

How about that? That there are these moments of awareness and you’re frustrated because you want it to make sense and you want to say; "Well, when I get this sign, I have this feeling," but it doesn’t fit or it’s not complete.

Okay, so don’t focus so much on the message. That’s going to be frustrating for the logical mind, isn’t it, because you want to know.

What do they say and what does it mean?

That’s what the mind would want to know and that would help you, you think, but it’s like eating candy. It tastes good and the sugar rush will lift you up for a brief time just like the words will, just like understanding the message might because it feeds that human aspect of self but when they come through and it isn’t clear, when they give you some but not all, it isn’t to frustrate you. It is to help you stay focused. You see, once you think you understand something then you’re off and running in your logical ideas and they’ve lost you again. That is one of the enigmatic powers of the elusive nature of the divine, the brilliance of the mystery of life. It is the curious mind that seeks and it is the seeker that finds. It is the ego enthralled with its intellectual

superiority that will not open the mind enough

to allow there to be more than one can understand.

It is a journey outside of the limits of logic that your brilliant children ask you to join them in.

As the human, you could think they do this to help you and yet, as a soul, there is an awareness that this helps them as well and help isn’t the word. Logic has a funny way of overidentifying with certain interpretations. It is not help as much as inspire. There you go. They don’t need help as much as they "in spirit" crave connection.

Channeled for a group of Moms December 2020

via Laura Mirante


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