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All that we are and all that we will ever be

This was channeled from a young man {truly inspiring soul} who died very unexpectedly in 2012:

"...There is no here and there, there is no now and then.

It is all now, always!

This is what my life is an example of. How it just comes and goes. It just flows and all of a sudden if you allow yourself and you open up to it, it is there. All you need to know for your experience, it is there in the midst of the nothingness.

This is why we try so hard to clear our minds, to find our way to the nothingness for this is where everything is. All that we are and all that we will ever be is in the nothingness so let go of the things in life that you think you need to hold on to, the ideas, the beliefs, the new understandings of who we are, even these let them go.

Let it all go.

Stop trying to define it for when you do you limit it immediately.

This is what I have learned. This is what I am experiencing and this is what I want to bring forth to you. This is where I want you to go in your mind, to a place of nothingness and so you say how will I move about this physical experience?

How will I move through my daily life and take these daily actions to continue to live here as a physical being if I let it all go?

Well I say it will take you.

It will lead you.

It will allow you to know that you never had to figure it all out, that you never had to find the way to take the actions that will take you to the next step.

It is this simple, and although it doesn’t seem this simple when I say it, it is.

The only difficult part is in the letting go of the thinking of it all.

This is where we get stuck, in the thinking mind, where we try to understand it, we try to define it, and when we do this we limit it so this is the hard part. Letting go of the definitions that have defined for you so much of who you think you are..."

Channeled 10-2012

via Laura Mirante


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