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A unique fascinating perception of dying from a daughter for her dad.

"There was no sense of uncertainty in me at that moment I left my body behind. I wasn’t driven by fear. I didn’t keep myself back because I didn’t know what I was moving in to. I didn’t keep myself back because I needed to hold on and affect everybody that I thought needed my affecting.

I let go and I moved on. I didn’t allow my physical experience to affect my transition at all. I want you to know that.

It was as if I just let go and I was able to move forward even though my body wasn’t quite done yet. I’ll say that. I let go before my body was complete with its experience.

* I, the energy of me, moved in to the divine right away.

I just felt a little bit of a pull and I said, “Okay, I’m ready” and I went with it.

There was no hesitation in my step and there was nothing holding me back.

I embraced the divine with all that I am and I allowed myself to experience those moments of realization where when the divine flows into your beingness, all of a sudden, you see all of the places that the divine wasn’t.

You find all of the belief systems that weren’t complete. You feel all of the fears that held you back from recognizing all that you truly are."

This is a brilliant soul I'll name Emma channeled in 2015 for her dad, sharing her unique fascinating perception of dying. Laura Mirante


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