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A unique and fascinating perception of dying

A unique and fascinating perception of dying from a brilliant young woman channeled in 2015 for her dad...

"...for me, it was quite the learning experience. It’s as if my curious mind opened wide up as soon as I felt that pull and I wanted it all. I wanted to learn it all instantaneously. I wanted to take it all in and understand it all, embrace it all and be it all.

That’s how I moved in to it. Although that was my intention I found myself wading in it. I found myself moving through it much, much more intimately than I had imagined I would.

I thought I could just shoot right through it, fly right into it, but then I felt it.

Then I felt it all.

I felt everything, everything I had ever made anyone feel.

I felt every experience I had ever had – all at once.

You know what that does?

It makes you stop.

It takes your breathe.

It makes you just feel into it all.

It makes you just appreciate all that you’ve just experienced.

Even though it wasn’t all wonderful and wondrous I felt the divine purpose beneath the surface of every experience I had ever had.

That is what truly takes your breath away - that moment of realization that even the bad stuff in life is divine.

Even the stuff you wished you hadn’t needed to experience was all divine and all exactly what you needed to experience. I guess that is probably the most amazing part of that moment of realization where it all starts to come together and you begin to see how it all fits.

Each and every experience, every single interaction you have has such a profound effect on the big picture of you.

That is what took my breath away. That is what left me just stuttering or standing in a state of awe and uncertainty.

That’s really something because...

in the moment of your greatest sense of certainty you feel a sense of uncertainty.

I guess that’s what the transition is.

The uncertainty was the old me, the human me.

That state of perception met the awareness of the total me and in that brief second there was that moment of disillusion where you’re not sure what’s real and what’s not real – who you are and who you are not.

That really confounds logic. It really takes you out of the inclination of the human being to conceptualize it intellectually.

All of a sudden, you get pushed beyond that.

You feel the inconsistency there and that creates the doubt and uncertainty.

Yet you feel such a sense of certainty just beyond that.

You know that’s where you need to focus.

You know that is what you need to move in to – that sense of certainty, that awareness that is just everything."

Channeled 2015

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“When light & darkness are brought together, only one remains because ultimately only one is true. Light is awareness.”


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