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A Mother's Day Gift; Beautiful quotes from messages for Moms from their children in spirit.

Today on Mother’s Day I woke at 5am with a massive headache. I worked on relieving the pressure for a few hours and then sat with Troy to open the cards and gifts he had for me. In the middle of opening them my eyes started tearing up and then it hit me like a tsunami and as hard as I tried to hold it in so I wouldn’t upset my son it wouldn’t stop.

I felt the pain, sadness, grief and longing of all the moms I know that will not be hugging their babies today.

Troy looked at me and asked if I wanted to channel for the moms today.

I cried even more and said of course I do. He knew it. I want to give every mom a soul hug from their Angel babies today.

For a brief moment the wheels started turning trying to figure it out how and then the headache reminded me that that’s not happening today.

So I did the next best thing I can and I pulled together a bunch of beautiful heart warming quotes from children in spirit to their moms.

I believe that when you read these messages the energy of the pure, divine soul-to-soul love touches that place of connection in your heart and opens a door in your mind that your children can use to move through and give you a sign that they are with you.

Pay attention to anything out of the norm that gets your attention. It’s not always easy to get through so make it easier for them today by keeping a space open in your mind for them to make a connection.

When you feel a strange tingling, a weird shift in temperature or get the goosebumps, wrap your arms around yourself and embrace the connection.

Know that they really are doing everything they can to give you a soul hug...look what they’ve done to get my attention today.

I can only hope that my open connection can help you open yours.

Sending you so much love🙏💕

Laura 💜

When an Angel Takes Your Hand

I need you to know I closed my eyes and I went to sleep and I had a dream.

In the dream I was just walking.

I was just walking and it was like the ground just changed.

It wasn’t there. It was like air.

I kept walking and I knew exactly where I was going and this beautiful angel took my hand, mom.

I knew who she was.

I felt like you knew her to.

I felt like you sent her.

She made me feel like you were with me, so I knew I was okay.

I just want you to know that.

It’s like there’s a you here with me but in angel form.

When you go to sleep you know it’s me.

You know it’s you that’s with me.

Channeled January 2021

via Laura Mirante




“I’m right here.

I’m always right here.

Everything I am is in everyone I love and I feel like everyone knows that.

Everyone can feel my love when they think of me. I really truly believe that.

That if you just think of me my love comes to the surface in your heart.

It rises up and it overflows and it lets you know I’m right here.

I really believe that.

I also really believe you know everything I’m about to tell you but I want to remind you of what you already know.

Everything I Am you are and I Am here because God wants me here.

I’m here because there is a purpose for me beyond anything mom and me could believe.

I’ve never, for a moment, lost hope – not in myself, not in my mother, and not in our connection to each other.”

“... I do it all the time. I come right up to her and I hug her. I hug her on the bottom, I hug her on the top and I hug her in the middle, and I hug her all around so she feels it. Sometimes I carry her through the whole day that way and I’ll do it every day until she realizes it’s me.”



All they’ll know of me is what you keep telling them – which is that I’m their living angel and I am a part of their spirit that will never go away and that we’ll always keep them on the right path.

You tell them that their consciousness is now filled with my ideas and I’m going to keep them on track.

I’m going to make sure they honor you, mom.

I’m going to make sure they love you, respect you and realize how good you are to them.

I know it now more than ever.

I hope I showed it enough when I was there.

I want you to know you don’t ever think twice.

I know you were devoted.

I know you followed every path that you possibly could and there was nothing else in your power you could have done to change anything.

I need you to hear that because it can’t be a thought in your mind.

I love you for all that you chose to be for me and I honor you for all that you still choose to be for me.

Our love can’t die and that’s the thing you know.

That’s the thing you teach the boys.

That’s where I am – in the energy that connects us in our hearts.

It’s where I’ll always be and I’ll always be able, in some way, to remind you that I’m here..."

channeled 1/6/2020

via Laura Mirante




Riding Light Like Lightning

It was so fast, mom.

It was so fast it was like lightning.

It was like riding light.

Can you imagine it?

Can you imagine that it just shoots out of nowhere and it picks you up and it takes you back with it just as quickly as it came?

You become a part of it –

a flash and you’re gone and you’re everywhere…

It’s like random movies playing all over the place and you can just turn in any direction and get a glimpse of somebody somewhere that loves you, that needs you, that wants you to hear their prayers, that wants you to know they are thinking about you and it all feels so good.

You know, I feel the sadness but I don’t feel it the way you do.

It feels like a call to action, mom.

It feels like a call for love and I say, ah, somebody forgot I’m real, let me make my presence known.


It’s the goosebumps.

It’s the hair that stands up on end.

It’s the way you want to cry all of a sudden.

I want you to know it when I embrace you with love, you feel it so powerfully it brings you to tears.

I know that your mind automatically says, ‘Oh, I miss him’ and that’s where I want to say,

‘No, no I’m right here.’

So when it comes out of nowhere, and you know that it does, and you are overwhelmed, that’s because I’ve just stood next to you and said,

‘Mom, I love you and I’m right here.’

What your mind says is, ‘Oh, my baby boy, I miss him. Oh, I wish he was here.’

I want you to change the words now to,

‘Oh, he’s right here, I feel him and I love him.’

I love you and always will.

Channeled 12/20/19

Laura Mirante




"That’s the funniest thing. No matter how much you think you can plan it, the minute it takes you over you are awestruck.

You are baffled.

You’re overwhelmed.

You can’t quite contain it in any way in any idea.

You can’t imagine it. You just can’t.

So, I can’t imagine a word or a way to put it to you.

There was just nothing left of old me and everything of who I truly am.

I expanded right out of my body, I could say it like that, where everybody that ever loved me on any level in any lifetime, in any way, immediately embraced me.

Imagine that.

Imagine everybody you ever knew wrapping their arms around you in this big circle of people just wrapping their arms around each other and then another circle around them and another circle around them and it just keeps going.

Then imagine that it all collapses into each other, everybody collapses into each other, it all collapses into one.

I didn’t think I could put it into words the way I wanted to but I like that. That’s what it felt like for me. That’s what it still feels like.

There’s no end to these rings of love around me.




A mom asked her son what his experience was like and here is his response:

All I see is a spark of something that just grew and grew. That’s what it was like, like all of a sudden there was this flash of light and it was me but it was me outside of me. I was the light. I was the spark that was growing and distracting me from what I thought was me so that I could realize who I really was. That’s the first thing I have to tell you. It was amazing and I don’t think until this moment I had really realized that. That it wasn’t all devastating and painful.

It was amazing. It was simple. It was immediate. It was instant. It was, all of a sudden, like a cartoon washed over me, like a cartoon version of me - no human limits, nothing I couldn’t do or be. When you’re drawing a picture, you can draw the character upside down on top of a tree or floating in the sky or morphing in to some animal. It’s like that, like that’s really me! That’s what I’m doing here.

I’m exploring all of these ways I can experience me. It was so simple but there was no thing about it.

There was just me, outside of me but still me and more magnificently me than I ever thought I could be.

I mean, momma, I can make a tree get your attention. I can make it so one flower sticks out of the whole bunch and you can’t stop looking at it. Those are the things I want you to think about. I’m dynamic. I’m a part of everything that God is and that’s everything. You give me some time and I’ll show you in a thousand different ways the love that I feel for you. See what I did there? You thought I was going to say the love I have for you but I know you know that and if you’re asking me if I know how much you love me, well then, I’m going to spend every day trying to prove it to you by bringing it back to you in all the ways that I can figure out.

I didn’t know what happened in the physical. One minute I’m going along down my path and the next minute a ball of light hits me like a pound of feathers, then I melt into it and I become a part of it.

Imagine that. What it looks like in life and what it really is like here in spirit. There was no mess about it. There was no pain about it. If I had to say anything to you, ma, I believe it was Jesus. I believe He is the light that carried me through that moment so I wouldn’t feel the impact.

channeled 1-12-21

via Laura Mirante




"I’m going to take you to places that people don’t realize exist. You are going to be able to hear me quite clearly and I don’t care if your fear says that you’re not.

That’s what you and I are here to confront together.

You know that our love is what keeps us connected and you know that you can create an image in your mind and that’s where I want you to focus.

It’s a bridge, mom.

It’s a bridge that pops right out of your head in to the stars and that’s what you use.

You climb over that bridge, right out of the thoughts that tell you you can’t, and I’ll be there."

Channeled 12/20/19




“I guess what I want to say to you here is, mom, life is never what it appears to be on the surface and the whole thing about dying, we’ve got it all messed up in what we think because clearly there’s no end to me; clearly I continue; clearly I’ve made myself known and, yeah, people question and doubt it but it’s me. So, I guess, if anything, I’m incredibly excited about this because now I feel like it’s going to be different between us. I feel like you can hear me clearer. I feel like you’ll know it’s me and you won’t question it anymore because what’s the point of that.

This is incredible and I’ve got to give it to you. My last breath was my first moment of realization. It was like you breathe it in and all of a sudden you really breathe it in – all of it, every bit of it, every bit of you, every bit of this life. Here’s my image. It’s like a balloon. When I took that last breath in it started expanding in me and it expanded beyond that balloon and I just blew up right out of it – in a most amazing way. It was like feeling like air. That’s what it is like. There’s no density. There’s no heaviness. There’s no uncertainty. That’s the most incredible thing. You feel like you know everything, right there and then. Not that you need to but you feel like you do. You feel like I know exactly where I am. I know exactly what I have to do and yet you’re so curious because it’s all new and yet it feels so familiar.”

Channeled February 2020

via Laura Mirante




That was the minute where I saw through fear, where I realized that it was an illusion - that all it was was a communication of something coming not that I needed to resist it. That was it. That was the instant my mind felt the energy of something so big my life was going to change. What my mind did was say, oh no, I fear it. Then I was washed over and my soul said I love it. I’m it. I’m everything. I’m the water. I’m the sea. I’m the air. I’m the energy. I’m the light. I’m the love. It’s like your whole body disintegrates and you become who you truly are. It’s like you get set free where you realize I never had to stay confined in that. There was more to me and now I can communicate with the dolphins. I can fly with the eagles.

Channeled March 2020

Laura Mirante




A message for a mom from a boy that passed at 2 years old from cancer...

“I’m right here. I’ve never left your side. I’ve never looked beyond this connection that we have. I’ve only ever looked to be closer to you; to let you know I’m right here, to make it real, to make you understand.

I just want you to feel me. I just want you to know I’m okay. I just want you to know I feel no pain. I’m fine.

I’m healed. I’m free.

I’m clear and I know who I am.

I’m not scared.

I’m not scared of anything anymore.

I realize there is never anything to be scared of.

I felt so many people so scared and I wanted them to not be scared. I felt inside that we didn’t have to be scared but I felt outside - everybody’s scared – always. I just want to not be scared. I didn’t want to have to be scared when I didn’t feel scared, when I felt that there was something always protecting me. I always felt something warm and confident and supportive.

I see now there are angels everywhere.

I see them now.

I knew them then but now I see them.

I see that that they really were always around us all.

They were really always making me feel confident in what I was supposed to be. There were some times when my mind told me I should be scared. There were some times my mind told me I should fear and in those moment these angels would tell me I didn’t have to and I wanted so much to believe them.

And they let me.

They would take me in my dreams to places that were magical, to places where I didn’t feel anything, to places that I didn’t feel like I had to be scared.

They took me to places where I could play, where I could run and be free and in my dreams I did.

Maybe they were dreams but to me now they seem more real than everything else that was going on. I think maybe they were there to remind me what was really real so I could find peace in it.

I just want you to know that these angels are there for me. They are in your field. They are in your life. My angels are your angels – your angels are my angels. When you feel them surrounding and protecting you it brings me peace. I want you to know that. I want you to know that our angels connect us. Our angels bring us closer.”

I know there’s a lot of questions and a lot of doubt but I also know that you feel something very important between us.

The idea of angels is something people don’t really believe in all the time but everybody knows they are real.

I feel like everyone is protected and they don’t know it.

I feel like our guardian angels are always giving us the ideas that can help us and when we listen it does.

I want you to know that they were there with me all the time and when it was my time to leave for good I wasn’t afraid because they had already shown me the way in my dreams. When I wasn’t present or available in my mind I’d be off exploring my divinity with my angels.

So, when it was time they took me to the same place but it was just different.

It was bigger and it was everywhere.

It was like an ocean and when I jumped in I became the water and it was fun. It is fun.

It’s everywhere and everything and I’m it. I guess it’s the energy of spirit and the angels remind us how to get there.

I feel a constant stream of love filling me up, every minute of every day.

They are always here to remind me how loved I am.

How protected I am.

How safe I am.

And I keep telling them to bring it to my mom. She needs to know. She needs to feel the same thing I do. I hope they do. I hope they bring it to you because I keep telling them I want you to feel as safe and peaceful as I feel."

Channeled 12.23.19




This is the story of our existence now, isn’t it, and it is the challenge we’ve come to overcome.

I’m an old soul, mom. I’m an old soul that knows better and so are you. That’s where we’ve got to find our focus – where we know each other as souls, where we remember our past lives together, where we know life is never-ending. We can explore this journey from many angles, mama.

You are an old soul that knows who we are and I believe that you and I came to challenge what our minds think is supposed to be. I know you know our love was never containable. You couldn’t even fathom the ability to sustain such a love.

Well, me to. We know that it is all a part of who we came to be as souls and I don’t want in any way to dismiss all that you’ve gone through and all that you feel each and every day. I want to honor that and I expect you to honor it to.

But I also know that life is life and as we move through it we grow through it as well. What you are doing is exploring as the soul that you are the deeper moments of separation from our truth.

There is no real rectifying it intellectually.

I can give you all of the verbiage that fits but none of it changes the feeling of it.

It is a matter of understanding who we really are to each other and recognizing that love - that profound, deep soul commitment to one another – is real. That is what your mind feels is missing but that’s where we’ve got to create the healing.

But if that’s the journey, mama – what if your purpose is to override it all with truth?

What if your purpose is to find my love deep in your heart, in your soul, and to bring it forward in such a palpable way that the mind can’t even believe anymore that I’m gone?

What if my existence is this now – not that I’m gone but that I’m here as a spirit, I’m here as a soul, I’m here as energy that is a part of your field?

What if I am a part of you still and we’re meant to express it in a different way?

Just because everybody else can’t see me and feel me the way that you do doesn’t mean I’m not real and I’m not relevant.

You know in your core, in your deepest parts of self, that I’m relevant and you also know that I’m still alive.

That’s what the ache is.

You feel my living spirit but you can’t see my brilliant body and my human personality but I’m still the same essence of purpose that came in to this world to inspire you to grow.

I know that what I’ve done is challenge you beyond most human limitations but you have to think about it, mama. If you weren’t capable of it you wouldn’t be going through it. If we didn’t have what it takes to bridge the gap we wouldn’t be in this situation.

I believe that my existence was for reasons other than the practical nature of being a boy or a man in this world. I think there are enough of those that have lost themselves to that and I’ve stayed true to myself.

I’ve stayed in integrity and I’ve lived a life of love and truth.

You know what happens when men get older. They lose themselves. They try to create identities around their fears and their ego aspirations.

I never had to feel that conflict.

I never had to confront that challenge to self. I never had to give myself up.

I loved freely and I received love in the most authentic way. I still do and I want you to feel that as purpose. I want you to believe I’m not gone. I am your living purpose and that means believing so wholeheartedly in our connection that it is real and your mind can’t tell you otherwise.




You’ve got to keep reminding yourself that only you can know what’s right for you, what’s working for you, what you’re ready for.

I need you to believe that - that we need to take this experience one step at a time.

Each day just try to fight the fear with faith in our connection - each day looking for someplace where we can connect, some sign I can get through, some way that you can have a moment where you smile because you know I’m right there and we’re doing this thing. That’s all we need right now – one minute of connecting in the present moment, knowing I’m here. We can expand on that, mom.

You can embrace the grief process as long as you also give me moments in your mind where I’m still a living presence in your experience.


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