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A Message of Healing from a Son in Spirit to his Mom

We want to tell him Happy Birthday. I want to know if he was scared that day when all that was happening to him. Did he want to go?

I feel like there’s so much confusion in your mind about things and I want to make them clear. I don’t want you to live in confusion. I know it makes it worse. I can see that. I know that what happened to me was a lot for anybody to take. There’s, of course, the ideas of the situation that I was in and the amount of adrenaline that was running through me. You know what that’s like, where you can’t even really feel anything. It just rushes through you and you’re almost running on the adrenaline. It just lifts you right up out of your body. There’s not even the thought of a fear. I’m not sure it felt like fear. It felt like necessity. It felt like I kick in to high gear and I have to respond and I had to react and I had to do what I had to do. That’s what it felt like. It felt like everything was already planned and yet I didn’t know what the plan was but the plan came to me every step of the way. It was like, all of a sudden, I knew this was my response. I knew that’s where I had to go. I can say that to you now but I would say in the moment I didn’t think I knew. Yet as I look back, I knew everything fell into place the way that it was supposed to. So, what do you say about that? Was it fear that kicked in? adrenaline? like science wants to tell you or was it my soul giving me the strength to find my way through my experience in the way that I needed to?

That’s something to ponder, mom. Nothing here makes sense that way that you would think it would, like you want to think. It wasn’t about being scared. It wasn’t about feeling defensive. I think now, when I look at it from this point of view, it’s like my soul was appreciating the opportunity to serve. I was trying. I was trying to reach through to somebody and say, hey, we’re One love. We're meant to be love and, you know, however that expression of me came out, well, it came out. Whatever way I was confronting their self-denial, their fear, their attachment to their angers and their disloyalty to our love for one another, that’s what it did. It’s like the rage became something more, as if it was a superpower. There was something taking all of us over playing that out and all of it was defined each moment by the choices. By the choices that were made in fear, by the choices that were made in love, by the response from the higher self to those choices in the mind.

I felt that my courage and my strong desire to be of light came through. I was playing in fields I shouldn’t have been playing in as a human being. I’m going to say that as straight as I can. I see that now but there were no choices. This is the experience, this was the environment, these were the people and the souls that I came to play with in this field. I get that now. That’s how life is. But I will tell you adrenaline was everything. That idea of adrenaline, I see it as our superpower. I see it as the moments where our soul comes in and says, alright, we need superhuman power here. Let’s do something beyond our limits.

So, when you think about me in that moment of fear, imagine me feeling my soul stepping up inside of me and showing me who I really am and who I really came to be because that’s the way I experience it now. I don’t look back on it in pain like you do and I wish there were some way I can take that away from you because if it was my experience and I’m not seeing it in pain anymore, then why should you?

Why should you create more pain in your mind in your idea of my experience than my experience really caused me?

That’s the best way I can say it to you to help you let go of it, mom, and I need you to do that. I need you to do it for you and for everybody else here because once you let go of that, then when that feeling comes up and your mind tries to go to that same rationalization or justification of you staying in pain, well, it can’t stick now, can it?

Then what you are going to see is your mind going to search for something else. It’s going to look for something else to say, I feel bad about this or I feel bad about that and you have a lot of things that your mind can attach to.

But as long as you keep getting lost in those thoughts, mom, we’re not going to heal the pain. I’m going to pull you out of it and say don’t listen to any of those thoughts. Don’t worry about any of that nonsense.

The most important thing is for you to heal your heart. The most important thing is for you to let go of all those things you think you need to think about and just be here with me, where we can pay attention to what really matters which is how to heal your heart, mom. How to heal your heart. And the way you are going to heal your heart is by knowing that this is where I am and this is where I’ll always be and this is where you can connect with me.

Note: Every light in Laura’s house went off and just as he finished speaking. Like he was blowing out his birthday candles.

Channeled by Laura Mirante


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