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A Message from the Angels for Parents with Children in Spirit - part 1

“Embrace this moment as one where you can open up your mind beyond the limits of the fear and allow yourselves to experience the true divine nature of your dearly departed, where you can open your mind to the idea that they haven’t departed but merely transformed themselves from physical to spiritual.

They have merely elevated the frequency of their energy of "being" to a place beyond the limits of logic to an experience of "being" beyond the construct of "being physical."

You’re here to confirm that for yourselves;

to know that what you know is real,

to know that what you feel deep down on the soul level is your truth,

that there is a continued recognition of a living energy,

a recognition of a continued connection,

a recognition of a continued commitment to one another as souls;

as souls born into each other’s experience, to enhance one another’s experience, to inspire each other to be real and

to see beyond this veil of illusion where the mind doubts the eternal existence of the soul.

*You are here to believe what you already know – that the essence of your child, the energy of their consciousness continues.*

You feel it as a living part of your existence and you are frustrated with your mind’s continual challenge of that knowingness,

where you find yourself frustrated with your inability to touch what you know you feel, to gaze upon what you know exists right in front of you. You are frustrated with the limits of the physical nature of being you in this moment.*

So, here is the gift of awareness. Here is the gift of knowing your truth. You have the ability to override that frustration with truth by creating a pattern of logic that knows.

You see, there are

many patterns that question,

many patterns that doubt and

many patterns that fear.

These patterns of thinking have been handed down to you, patterned into your mind according to the previous generations inconsistencies with their ideas of their divinity and of the limitless nature of the divine aspect of self.

Once humanity lost itself to its intellectual identity it created a divide within its own self, between its idea of self and the true divine nature of self.

So, most human beings move through this ordinary civilization in the ordinary ways they’ve been taught to, according to the ordinary thought patterns that confine them there.

Then it’s difficult in complacency to feel inspired to challenge the norms of society.

So, in moments like these, where humanity is begging for freedom from its own self-imposed fear-based limits, brilliant souls step forward and offer humanity another way.

That’s who you are and that’s why you are here and this is what you’re experiencing – a desire on a deep soul level to bridge the gap, to close the divide, to release yourself from the limits of logic so you can explore this divine connection, so you can feel the relevant energetic messages from your children in your field in your life immediately.

Channeled for a small group of parents February 24, 2020 Laura Mirante Photo Crédits : Platon Yurich


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