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A message from AA Michael for moms about connecting with their children in Spirit.

Your profound energy of love will be your guiding force.

In all human experiences it is always a matter of choice, a conscious choice in every single moment to focus on the love and to fight the fear, to dismiss the energy of uncertainty as a distraction from the love that knows.

...always choose love - love of self, dears – where you honor every minute of the experience, where you feel into every moment of sadness with an awareness that there is something more, that there are many experiences to explore here, many emotions to honor here.

But most importantly, many souls working with you in every moment to illuminate the everlasting nature of the soul and to reach through this veil and allow you to feel the essence of the living spirit, the energy of the soul you know and love.

It is not in your imagination.

It is in your field of awareness that they try diligently,

each one of them,

to make themselves known,

to get your attention,

to give you a sense of their presence.

It is not your desire.

It is your connection.

It is your awareness of their presence.

Honor that.

That’s what love would do.

Create moments where you allow yourself to be still enough to feel it, to feel the movement of their energy as they move through your field.

It takes just a breath, just a deep soulful moment of disconnect from all of the doubts, the fears, and the thoughts.

Just believe that in those moments their energy comes forward.

It may not be in words.

It many not be in an image.

It may only rise in the essence of the feeling of a sense of knowing, of a memory of a coincidental exchange.

Be willing to accept any and all ways that the energy in your awareness shifts in their direction.

It is difficult in the overwhelm of the grief to pay attention, so choose your moments.

Choose your moments to grieve and choose your moments to explore the everlasting nature of this living energy in your field.

Take each day one step at a time.

Take each minute one breath at a time.

Take each thought and wrap it in unconditional love that doesn’t need an answer.

Then set it free so that you can be free to hear, to feel and to know the new mode of communication, the new ways your children will inspire you.

Everything is energy.

Everything, everyone, every thought, every experience is a part of the universal field of energy that we are.

Explore that field and find these souls available to you there.

AA Michael Channeled 1/27/2020

Laura Mirante


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