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A message from a daughter in spirit to her mom about getting people's attention with signs

The more you love you, the more everybody around you feels better about you and who they are around you. That’s how powerful your love is.

You can’t fix anybody but you can give them a safe place to be who they are.

You can’t change the rest of the world and everybody is going to experience what they are going to experience in it, whatever place they came to explore in the human mind.

How do you like that?

It’s a concept, right?

Because really what was the worst part about it? was what I thought

what I thought other people thought and

what I thought I had to be.

It was all in my mind.

So, what if you look at everybody’s life and think,

"Wow, that’s the part of logic that soul is exploring?

That's the misconception in the intellect that people get lost in.

I wonder if they’re strong enough to find their way out of it."

That’s what it’s like, mom.

That’s what it’s like for people.

You want to know what I’m doing now?

You want to know why I’m so busy now?

I want to give people the carrot.

I want to be that dancing light that they have to follow to find their way out of it.

So, I’m just out of reach but they know it’s me. They can’t grab me. They can’t really see me but they see me for an instant and then run in that direction so I can show them the way out of it.

It’s just one way that I can explain to you what’s it like to be me now.

Everything is about light.

So, if negative or self-abusive thinking takes you into darker places in the mind, when I bring you my love it’s not received just as love. There are all these reasons why you don’t deserve to feel it as love. You know.

You watch other people do it – the guilt, the shame, the unrealized intentions that people think they should have said or done before I left.

I don’t feel anything unresolved. I don’t feel like I died and realized all these things that people were that I should have realized when I was alive.

I know that where people are stuck in their minds is the challenge for me now.

To help people get past that, that’s my joy.

Yeah, I probably was doing it in my own way as a kid – helping lighten the load in their minds.

It’s still my goal, mom, and it’s good for you to know that that’s what’s going on.

I want to show them where I am, what I feel like and I want them to see the fears that keep them from just lovingly embracing me, like I would for them if they showed up in my life.

I wouldn’t be worried or defensive.

I really don’t think I would be.

I think I would be laughing my ass off!

I think I would be challenging them to prove it to me in a million different ways – like you.

I know you get it and I know you can’t speak this directly to them but I really would want you to tell them that if it was them, they’d be doing everything to get my attention and I would be laughing with them.

I would be exploring what we could do together.

I would be challenging them to teach me more about what I could do and be. That to me feels purposeful. That seems like a reason to be alive. That seems like a reason to continue life together, just like you and me, just like we’re doing.

You’re showing yourself the effect of your efforts at healing you by seeing it in others.

Everybody is ready for more, mom.

Everybody’s ready for more.

I can feel it.

You can feel it.

They can feel it.

They just don’t know what they want.

They just don’t know what they need.

I don’t want to say that I know what they need but I know what they need!

I know they need more of this. I don’t care how, in what way but they need more of this to be real because then there is no fear of it and when there’s no fear of it, that’s when it gets good.

Doesn’t it, mom?


Mom asks – Am I helping people by just shifting or am I helping telling them about my experiences?

If you start preaching because you think you should, you will shut them down. If you allow them to ask questions and you answer honestly, then you know their soul is pulling on the threads that they need to pull on, not what you think will help them because it helped you.

That’s what I get – everybody is different and you see that. You can’t say the same thing to each one because you see it affects everybody differently. So, then you know you don’t know. You can’t have a stock answer. All you can do is be ready

Channeled 11/23/22

Laura Mirante


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