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A message from a boy in spirit to his mom about his little brother...

The power of the love conveyed to this mom had me in tears at the end. so beautiful.

A message from a boy in spirit to his mom about his little brother... "There needs to be a conversation about the energy that he feels, and what he thinks about when he feels it, and why he gets scared, and what he thinks I am now, and where he thinks I went now and what it feels like to be in spirit.

I want him to know that it feels like I just don’t have a body anymore but I’m standing right next to him. It feels like he can hear everything I’m saying but it doesn’t come across that way. I know I can feel things. I don’t hear the words all the time but I feel the messages. You know what I mean? Sometimes the words aren’t really the same as what the message is. I guess adults know that more than children do but I know it now – that people don’t really say the things they mean and sometimes they mean things very different than what they are saying.

I think what everybody should know is that what’s really communicated is what you feel, not what you’re saying. He feels a lot of things and he doesn’t understand what they mean and I think that’s what needs to be explained to him.

He wouldn’t be so scared if he knew, if he could really know, it’s just what we do now. It’s just how we’re going to go forward now. His whole life he’ll have a guardian angel. His whole life he’ll have a big brother in spirit that’s not going to let anything bad happen to him, that’s going to help him see his way through any situation he gets in to.

I want him to know that there’s more available to him now because I can see things that I couldn’t when I was there and I can show him...

...I believe both my brothers are going to be strong minded, strong willed individuals with a sense of character that comes only from working through these kinds of confrontations. They are going to be fine, mom. They are going to move past it. They’re barely going to remember the pain.

All they’ll know of me is what you keep telling them – which is that I’m their living angel and I am a part of their spirit that will never go away and that we’ll always keep them on the right path.

You tell them that their consciousness is now filled with my ideas and I’m going to keep them on track. I’m going to make sure they honor you, mom. I’m going to make sure they love you, respect you and realize how good you are to them. I know it now more than ever. I hope I showed it enough when I was there.

I want you to know you don’t ever think twice. I know you were devoted. I know you followed every path that you possibly could and there was nothing else in your power you could have done to change anything. I need you to hear that because it can’t be a thought in your mind.

I love you for all that you chose to be for me and I honor you for all that you still choose to be for me. Our love can’t die and that’s the thing you know. That’s the thing you teach the boys. That’s where I am – in the energy that connects us in our hearts. It’s where I’ll always be and I’ll always be able, in some way, to remind you that I’m here..."

channeled 1/6/2020

via Laura Mirante

Photo credit

Photo by Brennan Wolf on Unsplash


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