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A Message for Sally's long time student Kim the day after her son Nicholas passed unexpectedly @17.

Channeling with Kim, Sally and Nicholas

March 21, 2022


Oh, Kim, how I feel the depth of the pain and the crazy, cool way that you still honor me and my life’s work. That’s what you do. Yes, you want to hold on to it for yourself for your healing but, Kim, you said,

“I have to hold this door open. Sally taught me there is something more.”

I feel you holding the space for your son in awe and wonder on one level and a grief and sadness and devastation on another.

I feel every bit of it and I want you to know that.

I want you to know you’re not crazy.

You are astutely moving through this experience with awareness, with awareness of it all - all that you are as a human being, of all that Nicholas is a divine energy of light and love and curiosity and the way he extends it to you.

I see it.

You are all tied together on earth.

You were always so certain about you wanting to make sure he knew he was a soul.

Think about that, Kim.

Not everybody is raised that way.

Not everybody knows the divine the way Nicholas did, does and will now reflect back to you. It’s like he’s the one now, reminding you of the two of you and the way you play this for each other. I know you know.

I know you feel it – all of it - and I am saying that to you so clearly because you need to know it. It’s all a part of the experience.

It’s not wrong to grieve because you know he’s still expressing himself to you now, in the here and now and will continue. It’s not wrong to grieve. It’s wrong to dismiss the grief as wrong and I wanted to say that to you because you are in a human experience and you are experiencing a devastating loss in physicality.


Be present in your heart.

You see the benefit of that.

You feel it. It speaks to you, that heart.

He speaks to you, each one of you in the heart. Don’t take that love and bring it into ideas.

Let it guide you, as Nicholas always has and always will – each one of you, one step at a time, one breath at a time - with a focused effort at staying in your heart and not in your mind, not in the place that keeps him only as a memory.

We’ll get through this together and we will educate people on how to operate on a different level and how that creates a different experience that honors all that you are - body, mind and soul.

That’s what you feel.

You’re not dismissing Nicholas’ eternal life when you sit in grief, only when you stay there, only when you don’t allow there to be another experience of him but you never dismiss your experience for his, just as you won’t dismiss his for yours.

You see, the balance is the tricky part, isn’t it? How do you find balance in it?

Well, you don’t, literally, logically, do you?

You honor the moment. You honor that the energy guides you of what needs your attention and when you are love and committed to honor the soul experience here as much as the human experience here, you start to merge the two together.

Then the soul experience can expand the human experience, as it is right now, right now in this very moment where you have taken time to step away from the darker thoughts of grief in to the lighter thoughts, ideas and inspirations and aspirations of your son’s eternal existence, of our committed relationship.

My friend, there is no doubt now about the relevance of that spark that we felt when we met. Did we need to know that this was what it was all about? Heck no. You know it would have influenced everything, would have changed everything.

There is a brilliant energy of purpose in the mysteries of life, Kim.

The most frustrating experiences that won’t fit in to logic challenge us to seek out awareness beyond those limits. Right?

There is no doubt you are committed to keeping a conversation with Nicholas open, ongoing, and inspired by it. I know you and he’s equally committed and excited to share the journey.

So, you see, Kim, you’ve changed the world. We’ve changed the world, right here, right now.

You are changing the dynamic of being human, of being a mother in grief.

You are taking it a step further than what has always been accepted, allowed and expected of a mother who loses a child.

Your love for me, my friend, is a part of the strength you are tapping into to get here.

I am so grateful for knowing you, for loving you and for being loved by you, and I want you to know that.

We’re going to take this one step at a time and I will always remind you that you are not alone in this, that you prepared for this your whole life.

That that energy of purpose that was always out of reach, Kim, it wasn’t out of reach.

You were expanding into it.

You were growing into it.

You were creating all the bonds of love necessary that you can now pull on to guide you.

There is not much preparing your mind needs, my friend. All of the words, all of the ideas, all of the concepts have been embedded in your mind on a human, conscious level for years.

The thousands of channels you’ve listened to, over and over and over again, have seeded the soil. You know that.

That’s the strength you have that this awareness has been growing in your mind for years.

That’s a strong bridge to walk across and that’s what you’ve been doing – knowing that that’s there for a reason.

I know that for a reason.

I don’t need to understand it all now and you can’t.

You’re human. You can’t carry all of it. Right now, you carry the weight of the experience of grieving as a mother but with awareness of the soul connection between you and the inevitable continued experience.

That’s what you know that others don’t.

There is no doubt in your mind.

He’s quite clear in his communications, Kim, and if he’s clear in the midst of the deep grief, imagine what he’s going to do when we get beyond this most intense redefinition.

That’s it, you know.

It’s the redefining of the fields – your field, his field, his father’s field, all the fields that made him Nicholas as Nicholas the human. It’s all being redefined now.

So, the essence of his higher beingness, so to speak, is thread by thread being rewoven in to his experience of himself and, therefore, into your experience of him and Mario’s experience of him and then, to some extent, everybody’s.

Everybody that knew him is now going to reexperience him in a new way and that’s where all those tendrils get intertwined, you see. This is why THIS is so important.

It is because as you are redefining it, you are here, not just with your own ideas – not even with your advanced ideas but with the actual essence of his energy and my energy connecting the fields becoming a new experience of being for all of us.

How do you put that in to human terms, I want to know? Do they come through okay? Do you get it? Can you see it?

We are redefining the experience of re-experiencing one another in the midst of transition.

Forget all the grief, loss, death and dying words.

Let’s put some good words to use now.

You’re transitioning.

Oh boy, are we all transitioning into a new way of being because I am absolutely in it with you – fantastically a part of this experience, constantly lifting the frequency. It’s my duty, my responsibility, my commitment to you as undying love, to be the one to always remind you, Kim, there’s something more.

It doesn’t make the pain less worthy of your awareness of the experience and that’s how you do it.

Be aware of it.

You came to be human too, you know, and you will feel all the human stuff. Embrace it.

Be kind to yourself.

Be kind in a way where you don’t sit in the thoughts too long - not that you are denying, not that you are running and hiding, but that you know that there’s something more.

That’s all.

Have them all. Explore them all.

Give them their respect they deserve because they offer you a human experience and that’s what we came for, a human experience but as enlightened beings.

That’s right. That’s what this life is all about, right, having the enlightened perspective.

My dear, sweet friend, if anybody is proving that to be true it is you, right now in this moment.

You’re taking on the big stuff, Kim, but you don’t do it small and just because your mind couldn’t conceive of it, didn’t mean that there wasn’t a bigger purpose than you are living in the moment.

You just never gave yourself credit that that was all a part of this purpose.

You are always living your purpose and part of your purpose was preparing for this unfolding of this point of your purpose. There’s more to come.

Nicholas will lead the way, as you know, as he always has. So, from this moment forward, no matter what, you are always enough. Let yourself believe that, Kim. You are more than most and you are never alone.

I’m a conversation away, ALWAYS. Any question you have, I will fill your field with the answers.

You have no attachments to your humanness anymore and that’s why this channel is going to be blown wide open, my friend.

I love you with all that I Am and I’m with you with every breath that you take.

So, keep breathing, okay, so we can have this experience as one.

Sally Baldwin channeled 3/21/22

via Laura Mirante


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