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A Message for Moms with children in spirit from Mary


I stand with each one of you in Faith

I offer you each a sense of purpose beyond any logical idea or concept that can be conceived of

You are in your own right orchestrating a way of exploring a divine dynamic that challenges every expectation and assumption of what should be

And we are, as One intention,

an Energy of Fatih,

'A Field of coherent responsibility' to one another

I am the Divine Mother, I am Mary

I have offered myself in many ways to those that walk this path

I have created a foundation of Faith for those to build upon that choose to look in my direction

I impose nothing on anyone

I only extend an experience of Faith that allows an intellect to perceive of possibilities beyond it’s concept

I know with great Faith comes great responsibility and great achievements

And the energy of purpose will not limit itself to anyone’s fear

So you are each within your own capabilities here

Knowing full well what you are as souls

What this love is and how important it is to pursue

that sense of purpose

There need not be any rational justification, just a sense of self-importance

In recognizing that, you give the power of Faith to the energy of Purpose

And then in that intention is 'cohesive co-creation'

You are the most magnificent specimens of human;

willing to Love beyond one’s self,

beyond ones sense of capacity

to be a bridge of Faith for your children to walk easily into this world as who they are now and inspire an experience of being beyond any concept of themselves

We have an enormous capacity to change humanity and as women we fear that role

For that role to change the world has been defined with such brute force and chosen ignorance

Believing in the power of embodying selfless-compassion is difficult for an intellect oriented in this brutally ego-oriented manor

So you stand apart from those that condemn life

You stand away from those that deny the continued existence of our soul

In that separation from chosen ignorance your divine truth expands in this world and creates a field of possibility

With great reverence, respect, humility and gratitude I extend to you the Divine embrace of Faith, Unconditional Love and True appreciation

Let that be the foundation for every step you take in this world

For you,

You are a Gift from God

channeled May 7, 2023 for a group of moms with children in spirit

by Laura Mirante


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