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A message for a mom from her daughter in spirit about; Fearing signs from our loved ones.

“ I think you get it more than most people do and I’m glad. I’m grateful.

What you’ve taught me, in life and after, is incredible.

The gift you’ve given me - just acknowledging me, mom, just knowing I’m still growing, still going, still listening, still learning.

It’s just freedom.

You think it is cool when you get a sign from me but you don’t know what it’s like(for me) when I’m recognized.

We give signs all day, every day.

When people actually say, ‘yea, I get it’ it’s like you reach right through the veil and you give me a hug.

I know you feel it too. Look what we’re doing.

It makes a difference, mom.

People don’t understand 'it.'

People fear 'it.'

Think about what I just said.

When you think about 'it,' 'it' would be fearing me.

I get we don’t understand 'it' but maybe that’s because nobody is really exploring 'it' the way that 'it' can be explored.

Maybe that’s what we can be doing.

Maybe part of our connection is to open up that conversation.

It’s easy for us.

We know who we are.

It feels natural.

People don’t all feel that way.

It freaks people out.

People get scared of their own children.

People get scared of their own loved ones.

You know what that feels like from the Otherside? Crazy.

You’re sitting there going how?

How could you not know it’s me?

Don’t you feel me? I feel you.

Everything feels the same as I would feel if I was sitting in your lap.

You get it.

You’ve always let me be more.

That’s what people need to know.

All they need to know is that’s what keeps the door open and that’s what keeps the energy flowing because we are all energy."

Channeled August 21, 2020

Laura Mirante


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