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A Message for a Mom from her brilliant child in spirit about their new experience together.

There are all these different layers, mom, layers to everybody and when you start to move through them you start to feel like you’re a part of them because you can understand them now from the inside out.

That’s what I’ve been exploring – where do we exist in it All and where does All exist in us?

It’s amazing to think of it like that and it’s true. So, I try to find it all in you.

I try to invest my energy in recapturing what I’m experiencing in the vastness of our quantum field and bring it back in to some idea that pops into your brain or some sense of knowing that shows up in your gut.

It’s there you ponder it and you let it swish around for awhile and then you go about your business knowing that something happened but you don’t know exactly what but you feel different. Something shifted. It keeps happening to you, mom. You see it.

It’s like you get it but you don’t know if you really are sure that what you got is what you got.

But it is and I want to tell you that.

If everything is light, imagine you are light and everything around you is light.

Everything is different shades of light because everything is at a different frequency.

You’re at one frequency, they’re at different frequencies and then when you connect it’s all a new frequency of light that is created.

So, if you’re in your own space and doing your own thing, mom, your light shines and there are moments where when you are shining so bright, we make a connection.

When that connection is made it is almost like we can burn off any attachment to an idea that says,

"I’m gone."

Those moments of realization,

that minute that you get it,

it’s like another thread in the veil that exists between us pops. So, the rip in between gets bigger and you can peek through it now. I can peek through it easier. That’s what is happening between us and it gets easier when you get the energy thing and you really get that Everything is Energy and you look at me as energy because that’s how I look at you. Then we can meet there in the same idea of each other.

Get it? If your idea of me is human and my idea of life is light, then we’re still going to squabble about who’s right, who’s wrong and who’s seeing it the correct way. You know the first thing we have to do is get on the same page. We have to figure out what’s the foundation?

The foundation is energy.

When we’re both working on the same foundation, we can create something here – something new, something that will distract you from the old patterns of grieving and something that will help you ignite something more passionate and purposeful.

Channeled April 20, 2020

by Laura Mirante


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