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A message for a group of moms from ArchAngel Michael...

“Your loved ones are guided by a higher power.

They are surrounded by angelic energy.

They are freed of their fears and their pains and exist now to offer you the wisdom of their current position and of what they are able to see about who you are, who they are and what this is all about.

Take a deep breath in, each of you.

Breathe deeply for it is in the breath that you will find the life-force energy that connects you.

When you take that breath in and you focus your mind there, give yourself permission to let go of the thoughts that distract you from the intuitive knowingness which is where the souls connect.

Realize that each and every day as you challenge yourself in so many ways to do it right – this, that and the other thing, remind yourself there’s only one thing that you can focus on that can help everything else fall into alignment and that is your breath.

It is that place of divine union within you.

That is where your power, your strength and your sense of purpose can lift and inspire you and bring you a moment of peace.”

AA Michael channeled 1/20/2020

via Laura Mirante


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