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A Higher purpose behind the unbreakable bond between Moms and their old soul children in spirit.

You’ve got to give us credit. We’ve done the unimaginable. We’ve bridged the realm and lit the light – a spark of Hope that will never go out in you. We didn’t do it for you, mom, even though I love you and would do anything for you. We did it for everyone that you are going to help going forward.

We did it because we know they need you.

We did it because we know how powerful you are and that when you let your light shine on this world a lot of people do have to hide their eyes because it’s so bright and far from the darkness they’ve been living in.

Listen to me, mom.

You are the light. You’ve always been the light.

It’s not me. Our lights combined reminded each one of us how profoundly purposeful it is to love each other unconditionally.

That’s what I taught you in this lifetime.

That’s what you gave me in this lifetime.

It’s with you.

It hasn’t gone with me.

That’s what I need you to hear.

I didn’t take it with me.

I brought the awareness to you that it already existed in you and when I did we opened the door and we allowed the world to receive all of that goodness.

You'll see how it comes back. It really does come back, I promise you.

You’ll have moments of sadness but I think we’re going to overwhelm them now with the random synchronicities that make you laugh out loud with the kind of chemistry you can’t deny.

I mean that because we’re the same, you and I. It isn’t about science. DNA starts in the energetic structure of our 'essence of being' and that’s where you and I are connected. That’s where we speak the same language. That’s where we reflect back to each other the same frequency of light.

*...we’re just on different sides of the veil and you’ve learned to peak around the curtain, to lift the veil. You have realized I’m right here and you've realized that when you look you find me.

But when you expect me to come on that side of the veil you get frustrated because my body doesn’t work that way anymore. But what you are doing is every time you do that you challenge yourself – not me. You challenge yourself to know me as the new me or do I say as the old original me?

We’re doing this together and over time you’ll realize that in our past lives I’ve been the elder. You’ve been the challenger to my stability. You’ve been the instigator of my spiritual growth. We do this, mom, back and forth. We join together as souls. We use our human experience to challenge our connection and, in effect, solidify it as you know we are doing now. The best I can do here in this venue is be the old soul that I Am.

Joshua Channeled June 22, 2020 Laura Mirante


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