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A daughter speaks to her mom about what she does now in Spirit...

A daughter speaks to her mom about what she does in Spirit... "I don’t know if you know that but I have things to do here. I have people to inspire here. I have to help other kids, mom. I have to help other kids feel better about who they choose to be. I get to be the voice of reason. I get to speak into kid’s minds thoughts that counter the negative because somebody has to and I know I can. I know what they need to hear and I know the best ways to get to them.

I feel like it’s important, like I did learn things in life that I can use to help others with and I think that’s the greatest gift of me. Isn’t it something?

To finally figure out how I can help and that’s exactly the best use of me and I feel it. It’s like knowing in every moment exactly who needs you and knowing you have what they need.

I love that feeling, mom. I wish it would bring you the same comfort it brings me and I hope someday you see the results of my efforts in those around you.

I keep trying and people keep hearing me. I’m getting better and better at this and you’ll see it.

I know you will and I know you’ll know it’s me because who else could make you feel like this. You’ll feel it. You’ll know it and that’s where you’ll realize I’m right here with you. We’re doing it together. I love you, mom. I appreciate all of the ways you gave and all of the things you did for me.

Now I get to spend my existence trying to show you the same kind of support, the same unconditional love and the same commitment to each other as souls."


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