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A brother in spirit speaks to his sister about his connection to her and her son and so much more...

Heaven, my sister. Heaven is what it’s all about now.

I’m here. I’m there.

I’m in your thoughts and in your feelings.

I’m in your outer world.

I’m in everything that you do, feel, know, think, see and even assume.

There’s so much more to what we are to each other than we ever dreamed possible and here I go with it, showing you on every level what we are to each other, where we are with each other and what we can do to each other.

I mean it the best way, you know that. I mean in all the ways that we would want to be for each other, we want to be for each other.

We want to be love for each other.

We want to be strong for each other.

We want to be supportive.

We want to be caring.

We want to be compassionate.

We want to be strongminded, strong-willed, strong souls convicted in our sense of purpose.

That’s what it’s all about.


Later in the channel he speaks about his connection to his young nephew:

...He and I, we’ve got our thing going on. We know we are. We know where we connect.

He knows who I am.

He knows what I feel like.

You make it clear to him that we do have communications.

We talk a lot, he and I.

He sees me in his dreams.

He feels me.

He feels me in his sleep as if I’m laying next to him.

He knows I am.

He knows I ride that journey with him every night and even during the day when he’s dreaming.

He dreams a lot, you know. He dreams in his waking state. You know why? Because he knows – he knows there’s more out there to pay attention to and I’m going to teach him that. I’m going to keep him there. You’ve got to learn from me.

He knows who you are. He knows who you came to be. You’re not here to figure him out. He’s here to show you who you are.

There’s a lot we need to know. It is all the things that people yearn for, you know, those things that we think we are missing.

We’re not doing anything wrong.

We’re just not living to our fullest potential and that’s what we know.

That’s the energy that nags us.

It plagues us in our minds because we can’t figure it out. It seems like that is the problem.

We’ve got this thing inside us, this strong sense of purpose, this strong sense of importance like we’re here for a reason.

Then you go through life giving yourself over to this and to that. You have some good times, you have some bad times, but most of all you are looking for IT.

What’s the thing I’m here to do?

What’s the thing I’m here to be?

Who is it that I’m here to connect with?

Where is Prince Charming, right?

Where’s my knight in shining armor, right?

Those stories we were told to believe. All the fantasies that kept us dreaming, that kept us distracted.


...I love you and I’m going to bring you all kinds of messages, all kinds of signs, all kinds of silly things throughout the day for you to laugh at.

You don’t have to be sitting in meditation or dreaming to see and know it’s me.

I’m going to do things through other people.

I’m going to make things fall in front of you and, yes, sometimes they’ll trip you up.

You know it’s never to hurt you.

It’s always to stop you from walking into a wall or something that might be more damaging. I’m going to give you that.

Life is life.

If I could say I’m going to pave a road of nothing but cotton candy and silk for you and your boy I’d do it. You know I would but I’m not able to change life.

I can only help shift your perspective, give you a different point of view and maybe light a different path if one looks darker than the other.

We’ve got to take those steps one day at a time, one step at a time, one breath at a time.

Channeled March 2020

via Laura Mirante


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