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2020 New York and politics

A friend living in NYC asked to channel about what is happening in her beautiful city. Apparently there are homeless people being housed in posh hotels and so we asked for some spiritual perspective on that and the upcoming election.

"We want to address your blessed New York. We want to bring you into a higher mind perception of the situation because then you could share the energy of compassion and not judgment. It makes a difference, dear one. As you love this city so, help it heal with compassion. Remember everything is energy and as fear is sparked in one it can be doused in faith immediately or shared exponentially. It is each individual’s choice and every individual is confronted in this moment, every individual is confronted, with their own truth in this moment and truth is here to illuminate the areas of the world that need the most compassion, areas with the greatest lack of love.

You see, your city, your beautiful concrete jungle, hasn’t had a deep breath in generations – more concrete piled on more concrete, more egos losing themselves to the idea of the financial pursuit of happiness. New York is an example, California is an example, of what happens when you overindulge the material aspect of the human experience. It is brilliant energetically speaking that these homeless people are in these places. You know why?

Because, dear one, they are the true light bearers of the world. They are the old souls that couldn’t figure out how to be human in this kind of society. You know why? They couldn’t justify releasing their true sense of love for one another, compassion. So, those that dive deep into the addictions of alcohol and chemicals are devastated with the idea of being human because of their connection to the inner knowing of the relevance of the divine purpose and there is no room in that concrete jungle for divine purpose. There is no room for ease and grace of old souls. It is time to look at those that are paralyzed in this society and ask why? Why can’t we create a society that serves all, all creative energies, regardless of whether they are considered productive in the mechanism, the machine of this system? It’s the machine that needs to break down.

You know as well as anybody that whether it is Biden or Trump, Clinton or Bush, there is a greater authority. These are the figureheads, the puppets. They will push their agendas only so far. They have all reached that knowingness already and they are just willing to play the game. It really doesn’t matter what name you choose from the hat, the system in place is a sturdy mechanism. You know a good organization can change the figureheads often but the system, the machine still runs. You think, well, who are they and how do we stop them. It is the great awakening. It is the moment of truth for humanity and it is for each individual soul to recognize the choices before them – not to go back, not to go forward, to stay fully present and say right here, in this moment, how do I bring in the love? Right here, in this moment, how do I stop the judgment? Right here, in this moment, how can I just beam the energy of compassion into this world because that is what is needed – compassion for all souls shifting in directions that they are not in control of.

You see them on the surface struggling to maintain the status quo, struggling to act like everything should go back to the way that it was and it is a ridiculous notion and until they come to that realization we don’t go anywhere. That’s all it is.

*The struggle for control is real. It’s not between the left and the right, it’s between the mind and the heart in every individual on the earth. That’s the ultimate answer. The greatest effort any individual can do right now is to release the story and settle deeply in to an energy of compassion that allows there to be curiosity to see what the higher self believes our next move should be. Everybody grabbing for what was doesn’t allow yet for this shift but it is starting. People are starting to shift but the conscious effort not to fall into the blame game is powerful now.

Think about it. Left, right and center you have somebody to blame for all of the problems of the world. No matter which direction you look somebody will scream, spitting with anger, telling you who you should be angry at, who is ruining the world and where you should place your confidence. It’s all a distraction because ultimately the revolution is a soulful one and the only way one can rectify that is every individual in themselves looking at the intellectual mind as the governor of their experience and seeing how far they would allow that to go over their soulful knowingness. The bottom line is you’ve been rectifying in yourself this struggle for control for years.

You have been doing the work so that we could get to this point where people can realize what the real work is. The ego/mind is not yet ready to hear it, not of the general population. So, there must be more. There must be more conflict. There must be more convolution in regards to the old paradigm. Unless we let go, we don’t go forward. Don’t think about it. It’s not your responsibility to fix the world, to tell other people what they have to do. It literally means more for you as an individual to shift in you any desire to think you can understand it all, any desire to think you can contain it in any way.

So, here’s the way they approach it – these that know. Mr. Biden, Mr. Trump, Ms. Harris, they are all in it. They are all aware of what’s at stake here and who’s directing the entire act here and just know that it is – all of it, left, right and center. It is all coordinated, all manipulated by the same governing force. Just understand that. It is a truth that is more powerful in the creation of the governments and institutions in this reality and every other conglomeration. It is significant to understand Mr. Trump, as he is portrayed to be, is a figurehead. His ego allows this because he feels entitled and elevated in this way that he is being portrayed but as an individual he is riding the wave. He is allowing others, the ones that are creating the entire play, the entire scene here, to allow this mental manipulation to be a part of the over-institutionalization of the logical mind.

Remember the bigger picture here. You are not the only one on the earth that understands that there is a higher awareness available to all souls and those in power do know that.

So, keeping people at odds with each other, people keeping people at odds with their governments, keeping people at odds with themselves is one way to keep people from hearing their intuitive awareness.

Giving people someone to blame, giving people a hero, that’s the dualistic construct and it continues to ask people to look outside of themselves for someone to blame, someone to judge, someone to feel victimized by. That, then, takes all responsibility off of the individual for doing the work.

Bottom line, it is an inside job and you will get to the top if you start within. That’s how it works. The more you go within, the more you align with a state of surrender in this moment that says I know there is something bigger here than I can contain logically and I know that as I take each step I continue to be in wonder and awe at the creative power of the higher force of life.

That’s how you look at it. You don’t look and condemn. You don’t look and think what a shame – it used to be this and should be that. No, not as a divine being of light. You look in wonder and awe in this moment in history as being something that has never been experienced before and something that is changing the trajectory of humanity.

You look at Biden and you know he bends in the direction he is asked to bend. But this other, Ms. Harris has in her a different energy and that is something to pay attention to. Donald wants to be king of the world. His ego aspires to achieve that in his own right and it has always been his desire to be seen in that way. He has coordinated masterfully to bring himself to this position, to have this moment of realization, and yet he is in fear. He does substantiate that fear with the willingness to, as you would say, sell his soul.

There are not many politicians that wouldn’t, as you know, but there is a new generation. There is something different happening now on the earth and this energy of the future is bourn in these people that are rising up.

So, don’t condemn them. They may not understand what is occurring because it is energy. It is energy that is too much to contain. It is energy that is too much to appease logically. Do you understand that?

When you say it is illogical what they are doing, yes, it is because it needs to be, because living in the limits of logic is what got us into this mess in the first place. So, you can think of each of them as puppets for they are and they will work for whichever master seems most powerful in the moment. They are equal. Ms. Harris has a distinguishable difference in her. She has a difficult time overriding societal responsibility. She is of an ilk of a different generation so that may be the key here, for the other are equal. Mr. Pence, Mr. Trump, Mr. Biden really do all represent the same archetype of being. She brings in conflict. She confronts the old paradigm and, yes, in this moment that is the energy of purpose.

So, it will be interesting to see which direction we move in because this is a volatile moment and although there are inclinations in the energy here, it is as if it is irrelevant which face takes the stage. That’s important to hear because that foundation of the machine of the mechanism is showing its power now in a way that it has never allowed humanity to see. This projection of the offenses to humanity is an effort at absolution.

The mechanisms in place are insidiously intricate.

The minds are almost melded together.

Their energy, just as the energy of inspiration, comes from a deeper place.

So, you would say, it is truly the battle of dark and light and many have framed it that way. It’s just a matter of understanding that battle is within every individual and it is every individual’s responsibility to choose love, to see where the thoughts are taking them, and to realize they can no longer add their energy to the condemnation of others, as we are all One."

Channeled August 2020

Laura Mirante

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