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The Divine Freedom of Truth

“…It is there that we must go, deep into the darkness of the uncertainty of the mind.

It is that that we become a part of with all of the knowingness that defines us.

*The ultimate in the experience of duality to is to watch the mind take you into the fear and know it’s not true and let yourself go, to know that it is your duty to bring the Divine Freedom of Truth into those places.

You have to go; we have to be a part of it, we have to lose ourselves to it.

It is where I found my true Faith, my true knowing and my true sense of purpose.

It is where I realized Oneness was my power, was my birthright and my purpose.

As I begged for freedom, as my mind asked to be released, it was Laura it was.

It was only my mind that could not bear my experience and so I was released from it. I was given the Grace to know my Truth, to be my Truth and to allow my Truth to ring true in all souls.”

…Continue to play in the lower frequencies dear one, continue to allow the energy of the human resistance to be an overwhelming part of your field of consciousness because you are diving deep dear, diving deep into it to fully immerse yourself in it so you can grab a hold of it and allow that innate divinity to come through.

Once you are engorged, once you are fully engaged, once you have lost yourself to the fears the doubts and the insecurities you can then transmute them.”

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