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Channeling about Matthew (An Iraq Vet who committed suicide)

Joe (Matthew’s father) is such a decent guy and I feel for him. I really feel for him. I have seen Matt. I know his energy now. I understand his experience now. I have to say that not many would have been able to stay. What he experienced no man should ever; no boy should ever. I can’t image that we keep doing this to our children. I don’t understand it now that I am here. I wish I had shifted everything about my view and I hate the idea of war. I believe it is never going to get anybody anywhere. I see it now – what we are doing to our children - and it is terrible.

I’d say that Matt is a special kind of guy though. He really is something here in the energy because you know what he has done since he passed? I have to tell it to you so you can tell it to Joe. He gives every bit of his energy over to those guys. Everything he is he extends to each and every one of them that are there right now. He goes right back to where he felt the most intense moments of separation from his soul and he keeps trying to give these kids the insight. You know what he does? He tells them to walk away. He tells them to go back. He tells them to leave. He tries, with all that he is, to tell them to stop. He tells them it is not worth it. That’s what he does. He spends his time trying to convince them to know who we are as souls; to know that we are hurting ourselves when we hurt these others. It is intense and it is impactful and he is offering himself in the most amazing ways. He is trying to give them strength and he is trying to show them what true integrity is and it is not just following a law that makes no sense. I have to say he is quite a powerful energy and he is having an effect. He is getting through to those that he can.

I know it sounds so farfetched but I have to tell you we never stop. We never give up on those souls that we love in the physical. He has a lot of connections with these kids. He sees them as his own now. He feels like he is the father of these young ones that are getting into it now and he is holding the energy for them to come to their senses. I know, as well as you do, that they don’t have that choice. They can’t just get up and go. They can’t just deny what it is they are already invested in. I know by the time they come to the realizations that he is bringing to them it is already too far passed. He is a beautiful soul, just as he was a good kid. He has a lot of integrity and he has a lot of strength and he is trying to figure out a way to help these kids not have to go through what he has gone through. He knows what it is like. He knows that it is irreversible, the damage. I don’t care what anybody says. They never come back and they never will. Once they go, they go. I have to say that clearly. I know what they felt about it all but I have to bring it to you the way that I see it now.

I wish none of it was the way that it is but I can tell you this. He is a strong soul. He left nothing behind. He is complete in who he is now and he is determined to make every effort he can to stop any kind of warful acts or criminal acts of war. He saw a lot of that and he says that there is more to it than what he could ever convey or communicate. There is so much that he kept inside and he has been processing that and as he processes it he heals it and as he heals it he wants to heal those who are still there that are going through it now.

I don’t blame him. I wish I could give you some magical potion to give him to make it all alright. But you know, as well as I do, that it is not alright. It will never be alright. He didn’t die in vain. He died for a cause. He died to be seen, to be heard, to be recognized. He died to add his life as a part of a revolt against the system. He has tried to make the point in the way that he could, in the only way he could figure out how, and I don’t see any other way for him. I couldn’t. So I understand Joe and I understand where he is at and I can only say that maybe the idea that he is at peace now can bring Joe some comfort and that he finds peace in his efforts to try to keep these other kids from losing themselves to something they should never have been engaged in. I feel that he is a strong soul and if that can bring Joe comfort then let it.

I’m here. He has many familiars around him. There are many that strengthen him and support him in what he is doing. It is not in vain. He is having an impact, I will tell you that. It is the subtle ways that people shift their thinking that we affect and that is what he is doing. He is reaching a lot of them and there are others like him. It is almost as if they have a complete force going on here where they are trying with all that they are to reach those like them. You see, there was a contingency for a while where it seemed like so many of them were trying to reach the ones in charge but it seemed that effort wasn’t being received. This, what they are doing now, is different. They are trying to trigger something in the boys that are going off in to these war torn areas. They are trying to trigger a sense that it is not for the good of humanity what they are doing – because it is not. I can see it clearly. They can see it clearly and they are trying to convey it to those that are there being forced to give their lives over to this push in the direction of separation and self-denial.

I can say that to you. You understand it. We are all one – one energy of love. That’s what we have always known about who we are. We are each other’s keepers. We are each other’s brothers and sisters. We are meant to take care of each other and it has nothing to do with what country or religion we are born in to. It has to do that we are all one, divine creation of life. That is who we are. We are all part of the Creator and the Creator exists in each and every one of us. So when we kill any one of us we are killing a part of ourselves. That is what he knows now. That is what he knew then. That is what he came to realize in those moments where he was faced with his worse fears. He knew what his soul was saying inside and he knew what his mind was telling him and he felt that he had to make a choice. That’s what happens to these soldiers. They have to make a choice to listen to the love that they are that they feel in their soul or to deny it and exist in a place of anger and fear. They have to choose anger and fear. They are forced to choose anger and fear in the situations that they are in. So they take a complete step away from the souls that they are and that is why they all look so blank when they come back.

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