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Oneness with Animals

Why is it easier to feel the oneness with the animals and with nature than with human beings?

This is a divine question and it inspires so much realization that you want to hold on to this answer. You want to recognize what exists here in this reality and you want to see that what you already know is nature is pure divine energy in its most authentic expression. Animals are pure divine energy in their most authentic expression. Human beings are pure divine energy in duality, existing from a back and forth interplay between a soul that knows and an ego that questions and doubts.

So, you see, the innate sense of knowing the truth of the divine of you is inherently attracted to that divine authentic nature that you can find in this reality but it is also offended by the duality of others. Now take it in and really hear what we are saying here because you live in duality. You, yourself, find it offensive to have to exist so far from your truth but the ego won’t interpret it that way. So it will look at others and judge why you feel this resistance from them. It is because they are not living their truth. But remember we are all one so what we find offensive in others is what we feel our own self offended by in our self.

This is why we have to be the love - because you can take that moment where you feel offended by that human being that is coming from such an egoic state, such a fear based interpretation, and projecting all of that fear at you. If you get angry with them – which, of course, is an ingrained pattern, the familiar way to react saying “I’ll get angry at them” - what did you do? You’ve just brought your energy to that frequency. So you’ve just matched them. You’ve just created that energy of more of that in our reality. Or you take our advice and say, “Now wait a minute. I’m going to pause before I react from my normal patterns and I’m going to find the love.

Where is the love in a situation like that? This person is angry and fearful and projecting that energy at me and wanting me to be angry and fearful and I almost fell for it. I want to be love but I can’t look at this person and love that person. I just can’t find my way there right now.” So what do we do? Find love. Do you have to love that person? Is that what we are saying here? No. We have to ask the love inside of ourselves to overwhelm us to the point where we can disconnect from the pattern asking us to go to the anger. A lot of people and a lot of teachers are saying, “Well, you have to find love for that person” and that would be nice if you can do that. But can you really do that or are you just pretending to yourself, are you just telling yourself that?

You see, this is where it is about beingness. We want to be the energy of love, not try to pretend we are being it. So if we can’t love that person, well, let’s admit that. I want to be the love so I am going to love me enough to detach from the negative thoughts I have of that person. That person is being who I need them to be right now because they are teaching me how to rise above the anger and the fear. Judging is going to keep me right there with them. I need to love them for being what I need to help me stay in my truth, to challenge me to stay in my truth and if I meet that challenge you know what I am going to find? I’ll be able to do it again. I’ll be able to remember how I got there and the more I do that what am I doing? I’m creating a new pattern. Remember the pattern? Remember how easy it was to go to the anger? But if I keep doing this, if I keep pulling myself to the love, I am creating the pattern and then ultimately my goal is I don’t have to try so hard. It becomes my natural reactionary pattern.

We can do this people. We just needed to know how. We need to be willing to see who we are being, who we are allowing ourselves to be, what energy we are allowing to define our field. All we have to add to this collective experience is our individual field. I want my field to be love. I want to know that I did what I came to do. So I have to be willing to look at myself without judgment, with just awareness that this is a grand opportunity to see my true power, to find my true strength and to hold myself accountable to the love that I am and only the love that I am – nobody else’s interpretation of what is supposed to be right, supposed to be wrong.

So do look at nature. There is no judgment. There is no one plant trying to be another plant. There is no one animal trying to be another animal. Look at those beautiful turtles – how they just know from the minute they are born what they have to do. No, not intellectually. They don’t say, well, I have to go travel this path. Let me get the map and then I have to find my way back here next year to lay my eggs. No, they wake up and they feel the pull and they go with it. They don’t question it. They don’t doubt it. They just go. They find their way around the world – without a map – because they are willing to just be who they are guided to be by that inner voice in every moment. Pay attention to them and their willingness to be just who they are here to be. Learn from them. Honor them and embrace the energy they bring to this reality.

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