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Begin Within

Begin within. It all begins within the energy. It all is created within. Everything you experience, everything you acknowledge as truth, everything you define as life as you know it begins within. So it is our intention here tonight to bring you back to this space within where everything is, where everything resides, where everything exists, where everything is given dimension as you allow this concept to flow through your awareness and instill in you a sense of this interconnected nature, this energetic force that moves through all life, that invites in all experience that defines every individual and every aspect of the One.

As you instill in your hearts the fluid movements of the Divine and you encapsulate it in your beingness you allow it to fill you and give you a sense of this Oneness that is within, that exists already in your knowing . This is always there for you if only you would step away from where it is you place your focus and allow it to take you. It is yours, dear friends. It is all as it should be. It is all establishing a sense of this moment as a true moment of self-awareness. It is a moment where as human beings, as individual expressions of the One, you allow your truth to come to the surface of your consciousness and begin to create for you a sense of this moment as the moment - the moment where everything comes together, where everything is creatively intertwined in a never-ending cycle of artistry.

It is as Laura has defined it to be – a life that is for the uncovering of truth. As light we allow this darkness to take over and establish for our consciousness a sense of separation, an illusion of individuality and a creative environment where all of this can inspire us to seek our truth - to find the light and to allow it to illuminate a love that exists within all beings.

As you call in to your experience this expansive state of awareness - as you ask it to move through your consciousness to open up the doorways that have yet to be discovered - as you invite in your truth as if it were another - remember that you are one with this truth, that you exist within it because of it, for it, that you are of it and there is nothing other than it. Dear, sweet, individual aspects of the One, feel inspired to delve even deeper into the knowingness, even further into the longing for truth.

Delve deep, my friends, deep into all that you are and begin to see your definition coming at you from every direction, through every person you meet and every interaction and exchange you are a part of. Let it all come together now in your sense of self, in your understanding of who you are as the soul that you are, as the aspect of the One that you are. Beginning with yourself, uncover this energy of truth that exists within all life and see how it gives you a sense of direction once you find it. How it shows you how it moves through others. How it shows you how it moves through every experience and creates with every movement it makes.

Creative thinking, my dears, it is the way of the future, for it is an expansive mind that will allow in the truth unencumbered with no inhibitions, no restrictions or limitations. As you begin to find your way out of the fog, as life begins to become clearer, as the definition begins to become more certain, as you begin to feel more complete, laugh, dear friends, at how ridiculous it all was; at how hard you tried to hold on to all that really didn’t even serve you. Laugh at it all, for it all had purpose and if it’s only purpose was to make you laugh in this moment then it had value and it was worth it. Mastery, dear friends, is knowing that you are here to establish for yourself the ridiculousness of this human experience in the way it is put forth in this present time in history. Laugh, dear friends, at the limitation of these humans that feel as though they have to define certain guidelines to live by – that they have to share these rules and governances and that they have to convert others to their way of thinking.

Laugh. Laugh. Laugh. For it is all an illusion. It all comes from the mind and none of it – none of it – comes from the heart. None of the religious doctrine comes from the pure heart that is allowing the truth to flow unfettered through the heart. It all begins there, of course you know this but it is the inclination of the ego to take it from there and move it into the mind and compare and contrast with what is already known in the mind. You cannot blame the human being for it is only following what it has been taught to be. It is only following what has been defined already. No one is out there saying as you come into this experience, “Do not forget. Do not forget who you are. Do not forget how it feels to be aligned with the One, with the Source of Creation.” No one says, “Do not limit your self with logic.”

No one defines another route that is comparable to what is possible when one follows their own heart, their own instincts, their own sense of self. It is as though this life has been created as a means to build strength to find faith, to inspire by challenging the system, by questioning authority, and by allowing your own sense of knowing to define your actions regardless of what it is life says it should be.

So where does it all begin, dear friends? Does it begin with the external environment that is challenging you to seek within? Or does it begin within? And does this external environment come from within our own being? As you ponder this know that there is no answer to it, know that there is no direct reflection of truth here in this question – for there is no beginning as there is no end. So we are – and that is all. It begins and ends within; within the energy of our truth.

As you each individually explore your individual identities what you are truly doing is recognizing an aspect of yourself, recognizing a divine expression of a much grander expression of truth. As you let this life and all its definitions in - as you accept it as it is and take on certain traits, certain personas, certain limiting definition - as you take it in and take it on you begin to feel the restrictions. You begin to recognize an area of stagnation where previously there was fluidity and then you have the opportunity, dear friends, to choose -- to choose to follow that flow and find the source of the restriction, find the illusion of limitation, and the perfect opposing thought or action that can shift the inclination to remain in the stagnation. As you do this you find your way to an energy of truth that is already bringing in to your awareness the perfect thought or inclination to act. But, as you know, it always comes down to you. It is always your choice. You are always given the opportunity.

If you choose to step further into the stagnation this is your choice. It will be honored and you will be given more opportunities in the future to shift once again. So see life as this and let it be this. Let it be only this. Do not feel that need to find some significant, purposeful action to take that would have others in your experience saying, “Oh, look what this one has done! Look how brilliantly they have done it and look at what position they have achieved as a result of it. Look what they have accumulated because of it.” It is not this that we seek. It is not this that will give anyone a sense of fulfillment, a sense of completeness.

You consider then, well, what is this life for? Why are we here if not to achieve anything, if not to accomplish anything, if not to continue to progress and expand our understanding of the mechanisms of this physical experience? This is all just fodder for the mind – all of it. All of those ideas have been created from man, handed down from generation to generation and given weight. Somehow we think if a notion is handed down generation after generation then there must be truth to it. Isn’t that ridiculous? Because of this willingness to just give in to what our forefathers have said we are deeper in a state of separation than we lovingly intend to be. There is a dynamic occurring here that is so instrumentally (permanental?) that it appears as if it has taken on a definition of its own – as if being separate, being detached, being individual means more to us than truly seeking our truth. It is as if people would prefer to remain separate, to remain detached and individually defined, for they fear losing this individual definition. They fear that if they invite in this expansive concept then they, themselves, will get lost in it. They will no longer know who they are and how to be because so much of this life is defined by who they think they are and what they think they should be doing. In truth, the only way to find truth is to step away from all that defines you in the physical. It is to leave behind any inkling of recognition of who you thought you were.

As you become more amenable to this concept – that you must step away from all that you were in order to find that all that you are – you will realize that it truly was always there. Always beneath the surface of your understanding of who you are, you were there. You-were-there, beneath the illusion. You-were-there, begging yourself to see yourself. You were there. You can invite in this kind of self-realization. You can bring it in to your consciousness by knowing it is in the subconscious already. It is in the superconscious. It is in the collective consciousness. It is in your truth – and your truth is in you. You can know this by knowing it. You can be it by being it. But you must be willing to let go all that you think in order for you to know all that you know.

As we move more fully into the knowingness, as we embrace our beingness, as we engage the divine in a matter-of-fact way, we engage our truth. We allow it to be here – free. We allow this knowingness to begin to move us through this experience and in to the dimensions of knowingness that go so far beyond this reality it is almost inconceivable to try to categorize it logically. So as you enter this spaciousness you let go of this humanness and you begin to see how restricting it was. How limiting it was for you, the energy of truth.

Call your truth forward, dear friends. Call it forward. Call it in to your experience with purpose, with persistence, from a state of devotion defined in integrity.

As you begin to experience this state of spaciousness you realize that this mind that you have relied so heavily on throughout this existence is nothing but a washboard for the thoughts that are being shared in this world. Once you can go there in your own mind about your own mind you have overcome the mind: when you can see that this is all it was meant to be – a filter – a filter for truth, dear friends. When you bring yourself to that state of knowing you will know that you do not need it to be any certain way. You do not need to be taught how to think, dear friends. Establishing how you communicate is a wondrous part of this journey that we have given over to the previous generations. Establishing how you maneuver this world, how you create through shifts in intensity, that, my dears is the true human experience we came for. So it is time to give over to that and let go of these limiting systems that we continue to give over to, to hand our power over to. When someone says, “You must be or do this” and you feel it within you, you feel the uncomfortableness within you, you feel a sense of impending restrictiveness, a sense of limitation - when you can feel your soul reeling, pulling you in a different direction, begging you to not hand over to your power – dear friends, trust that. Trust that is your truth.

Trust that there is a part of you saying, “No, do not give over any further. Do not give in anymore to what it is these others say you must do or be in order to feel as though you fit in to this experience.” It is those moments that challenge you to know that you are the experience and the experience would not be without you.

We can no longer look to another to find our way. It will not work. No longer can we look to a system, look to an institution to define how we are to move about this experience. As it comes to this - as you watch this shift, as you see how these institutions fall, how this limiting system begins to crumble – as you see it all around you begin to embrace the joy. Begin to experience the fundamental love that is being expressed and always, dear friends, always laugh. Always laugh at how your fears come to the surface in these moments and say, “But you know me. You recognize me but you have become comfortable with me. How can you say you are going to walk away now?”

Laugh, dear friends. Laugh – for the laughter will diminish the fear’s power and it will give you a true sense of the level of consciousness that will feed you the love, that will bring you the peace, that will allow you to find a sense of balance regardless of the environment you are existing in. Do not define yourself by your environment. Do not give in to what it is that defines this current collective consciousness. Be at peace within. Be peace within and know that You Are, and that All Is, and love defines.

Who is this? It isn’t Buddha.

I am one that does have that similar quality to my feel but as you know this other in such an intimate manner you have yet to experience his energy in this way – his energy as heightened as I bring forward to you today.

This, my friends, is a level of consciousness that is beginning to exist in this spaciousness that you have created. It is as though we have begun to come together and so there is little room here for definition. There is little indication here that there is a need for any room, a need for any distance, a need for any kind of sense of separation. You are here in this moment feeling this energy, this inspirational communication. You are, in your own ways, allowing my beingness to be present there on the Earth as if I were sitting there at that table with you. For this, as with all exchanges of integrity, I am eternally grateful and hopeful for an expansion of this understanding and the sharing of this information. As you keep to your testament of hope and continue to explore further the depths of your beingness call into your awareness my energies and give this inspiration interpretation of this moment a true, clear window of receptivity.

Master Inca Descendant – a level of consciousness brought into this world at a time period in history where it was necessary to know more than those that came after you and those that came before you. This was what was brought into this world through these loving beings of light that held frequency for quite some time and allowed others to begin to engage it so that it could then expand into the more magnanimous energies of consciousness. But as has been seen in history it did not remain intact. The knowingness was deceived by fear. The knowingness was disseminated through vehicles distorted by the fearful perception and so the lineage was broken and this information was lost. Now it is beginning to be uncovered and so, as those that live in those distant and distinct areas of the globe that have begun to realign themselves with this truth - with this knowingness, with this energy of integrity that flows through the beingness of al - as those indigenous cultures begin to reshape how they view their position in this world, begin to take note.

Begin to hold them at a high level of gratitude. Begin to see how it can begin to flourish again, how this individualism can shift into community as a well of misfortune overflows on this Earth and brings to the conscious understanding of all our interconnected nature and our sense of responsibility to one another. Yes, dear friends, it may not have come in the time period that has been prophesized and it may not have come in the manner in which it had been defined but, dear friends, it still is moving into this experience and it still will create the kind of force and magnitude that will allow people to see beyond their fears, to see beyond their limiting definitions, and to see beyond their individuality. Be in an energy of integrity so that you, yourself, can hold a space within of truth and love.

Channeled by Laura Mirante with Dodi Mitchell

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