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Be Peace

Gandhi through Laura Mirante

I engage this gathering as I feel that it is important and relevant that my energy be integrated into this human experience at this time in history. There is an intense sense of animosity between human beings. There are many human beings not sure exactly where to place their rage, where to direct their anger, their intensity, because of the pain they feel. Many human beings are experiencing life with much greater awareness of the distance we have created between and among human beings and it is our purpose, our natural design, to find our way back to the truth of the connection that exists between all souls. Yet somewhere along the line we have lost that focus. We have forgotten our mission here as souls and we have allowed our fear to misdirect the interpretations of life we use to affect how we are to one another.

That is how I see it. That is how I view the human experience now and as a human being myself I feel as if I have created a platform for others to build upon. I feel I can come back now. I can engage this eanergy and I can request that each one of you stand in your strength, in your power, and in your sense of unity to find and create balance in this human experience.

I come forth now because I have created an example of the power of faith in the energy of peace, in the projection of hope for that peace in this human experience. You all know you are being challenged to stand in that truth now.

You are being challenged to know the divine in you and recognize the connection of the divine in you to the divine in others. You are challenged because of the inclination of the ego to judge others, to condemn others, to project ideas that diminish the capacity for others to love and be loved. So we want to recognize that now – what it is we are doing here, what it is we are creating here, and how it is this current experience is affecting who we are which is affecting the experience itself. You see the circle I speak of? Do you see how the experience, or our perception of the experience, affects our ability to stay in peace, to stay in balance, to remain in a state of loving acceptance? What I say to you is that what we project into the world affects the creation of the reality we experience.

You are the Energy of Peace

So let’s think about this now - the intense anger and frustration of the average human being, the fear and sadness that move through so many of the cultures and countries in this world. I know you want me to stay focused here. I know you want to touch on all of the anger and all of the violence and all of the hate that is stirred up in this very country, this very community right here where you exist. I know that you want to focus on that; on you, on your life, on your country and your world as it is interpreted by you. But I must beg you to expand beyond that.

I ask you to see this world as your country, as your community, and all souls as your brothers and sisters and that your responsibility is to all souls. I beg of you to find that sense of responsibility to the soul that you are and the One we are a part of because that is what is necessary now. That is the purpose of the intensity on the earth plane right now.

I can take you there. I can take you out of your inclination to stay small and justified in your angers and your interpretations of life and in your judgments of others. I can take you from there to that place of expansive awareness of the beauty of the divine in you. I ask you to go there because that is where you will find peace. That is where you will feel comforted and that is where you will remember the hope – the hope of the truth of the divine of you. That is where we must focus now. That is where we will find peace. That is where we will create the peace that is needed in the outside, in the external environment. This is what has been spoken of for generations - that it must begin with you. That is the truth. You are the energy.

You are the energy existing in the experience in the moment and if you can be peace then you are saying in the midst of the experience, “I am the energy of peace.” And if you are in the midst of the experience then the entire experience cannot be volatile and angry because you are peace and you are grounding yourself in that peace so that you can ground the experience in the peace.

Now I understand each of you, considering your individuality and the situations at hand, think, well, that is a mighty task, isn’t it, to take on – the idea that you can counter the volatility, the anger, the resentment, and the frustration of the human beings on the planet now; that you as an individual could somehow ease that intensity by maintaining your stability in the energy of peace. Oh, it seems like too much for you –tiny little you, the insignificant, little individual that you are. Well, let me tell you something from experience.

This is an untruth that logic would like you to believe to keep you small, to keep you limited, and to allow this current creative process to continue because the ego is invested in that process. There are attachments to the direction that life is moving in now by that ego. There is a sense of control that creates the inclination to maintain the status quo because the human being now understands life. Even if it doesn’t like it, it understands it. It understands that this is the way that it is because this is the way it has been. This is what we have been taught, how we have been taught to be, how we have been taught to respond, and this is what we do.

The True Beauty of the Oneness of This Experience

Well I am here to tell you that it does take courage. It does take a tremendous sense of duty and responsibility to the divine in you to take this opportunity to prove to yourself that you can counter the intensities of many, that you can anchor peace in to this world by solidifying your commitment to being that peace - in every moment without fail. Logic is reeling, isn’t it? As I put this to you each of you - in your own way thinking of all of the intensities in your own life; the insecurities, the fears, the doubts, the uncertainties – think, well that is impossible. I hear you. I hear your minds saying, “Well, maybe some of those others can do it but I’m a little wrapped up in my own life right now. I have a lot going on.

There are a lot of things falling apart for me right now and I need to focus on me.” That is the way of the ego, isn’t it? That is the way of this experience of duality, isn’t it? Isolated and individual we feel like we are trudging along through all of these intense experiences alone; each one of us knowing that there is more to life than this but each one of us getting caught up in our own stuff, in our own insecurities, in these experiences that just seem too much to handle.

There is a lot of that on the earth right now. A lot of people in this room are experiencing things they have never experienced before. They are being challenged in ways they never thought they would. You want to come together on that. You want to recognize just how intense it is for everybody because then you can start to see that thread of creative energy that moves through each individual and connects every experience whether you can see it or not because most of the time you can’t. You can’t see that what is happening to this one over here is strung from the same thread as what is happening to that one over there. It is not that they are having the same exact experience. It is the same level of intensity in the energy that they are experiencing.

Now why would that be? It is because, dear ones, we are one united energy and when we call forth change we do so collectively - and we have. We have said, we have declared, that we are ready for change. We have, each of us individually, looked around and said, “No, this is not it. This is not how I want my life, my community, my country or my world to be.” Whatever level you are, wherever you are with it, you have said, “I am holding out for something greater, something more productive, something more positive and something more purposeful.” Many of you in this room know that you have declared that desire to live purposefully, that desire to leave the mundane rituals of the ego-driven society behind, in order to find a path of truth that leads you to an expression of you that reminds you of the divine in you. That is when you feel the true beauty in the oneness of the experience of this reality - when you find that purpose and you allow yourself to experience it.

Now that is something for each of you to consider – the idea that you would even deny yourself that experience but it is true and many of you are in that. You are in that struggle knowing that there is something greater, something more magnificent in you, something more expansive that you are here to integrate in this human experience but yet logic has not confined it literally. So you struggle with the idea of the sense of knowing of that purposeful energy when you cannot define it intellectually. How can it be that I don’t know myself? How can it be that I don’t understand my own inclinations? How can it be that I don’t know my true gift to this world?

You must laugh at yourself, dear ones, because that is the whole purpose of life, isn’t it, to come into this world with this unique gift, this unique energy of purpose, to hide it beneath all of the ritualistic routines and misinterpretations of life and belief systems that you struggle with hiding beneath all of that so that you can have the human experience: So you can feel attached to these belief systems and to these human beings that you call family and friends, so you can get attached to the routine and the mundane and then when it gets to the point that you realize it is not enough that is when you open the door in the mind. That is when you become curious about the divine in you. When you have had your fill of the material world, when you are done with the external environment, you say, “What more is there for me to experience and how can I find my way there?”

The Way to Assist Others is to Live Your Purpose

That is it. That, right there, is a step in the direction. It is then that the divine in you stands up, steps forward and says, “I will show you how.” It will come in these nonsensical ways. It will come in curious synchronicities and moments of awareness that surface from nowhere or from somewhere very important in you. It is when you begin to work with the divine in you. It is when the divine begins to work in your reality. It is when it gets your attention and shows you the way and then you are challenged. You are challenged to let go of the human in you, the attachment to the human definition of life that you have created.

Then you are challenged to know who you are as the divine over who you have allowed yourself to be as the human being and you have a choice. Do I continue to listen to this still small voice that comes from deep within me or do I override that with the noise in the intellect and in the external environment and all of the friends and family that you are so attached to that say, “No, stay small. Live in my fear with me.”? That is a very enticing prospect. We know that. How many of you feel for your friends and family so riddled in the fear that you want to save them?

You want to help them find their way out of the fear but you know what happens when you, the individual human being that you are, think you can save another? You end up getting caught up in their image and taking it on and becoming a part of their experience and their experience becomes your experience and you put your experience to the side because you, on some egoic level, think you are superior in your ability to live your purpose so then you feel that you can show others.

I am here to tell you that is not the way. The way to assist others is to live your purpose; to stay focused on what you are here to be, to follow the signs and signals of the divine in you, to see who you are here to connect with. That comes in a most authentic and divine unfolding of experience, not one that can be planned. It is a magnificent culmination of energies that creates every moment and every experience in every moment. Your ability to surrender to that concept gives you freedom – the freedom you are all asking for. All you really want is to feel entitled to be you, just you, just whatever you feel you need to be in the moment.

That is what all souls look for and yet we get so distracted by the intellectual interpretation of life, the belief systems we have begun to create our identity around, that we forget that there is a divine truth within our beingness that knows the best use of our energy in every moment because that aspect of you, that soul that you are, is in constant communion with all souls and the creative force of life. It is the truth of who you are beyond this physical body. It is what you each want to master, that belief system, because life will continue to bring you challenging situations and in every moment you will have the opportunity to question it all, to doubt it all, to fear it all, or to step away from that and hold the space of love – love for one’s self and love for the divine experience that you are a part of.

You Hold the Space of Love for Humanity

We cannot have this anywhere else. This is an opportunity for a soul like no other. You want to remember that. You want to find peace in that. You want to remind yourself that this intensity that is happening in my life, or this intensity that is happening in my country, or this intensity that is happening in this world, is all a part of a master plan that is created and experienced moment by moment. Yes, you heard that correctly. It is an experience created in every moment. What does that mean – that there is no certainty to the future, to the path of humanity?

Well, I would say that with the hope that I feel for humanity itself there is certainty and the certainty is in the inevitability of the evolution of humanity. We are taking mighty steps in the direction of unity and, as I say that, I feel the friction. I feel the resistance and the frustration of logic that says, “But this world is falling apart. There is violence and anger and fighting everywhere. How can that be an evolutionary step on this journey?” I would say to you it is the greatest of moments of evolution on the Earth and you are a part of it. Each of you is adding your energy to this moment, each of you are here at this time in history to hold the space of love for humanity.

Think of that. When it has gotten so ugly that you don’t even want to look outside your door anymore, this is the moment that you must love humanity – each and every individual culture and country in an embrace of unconditional acceptance. Can you do that? Can you remove all logic and say I’m just going to love everybody? I am going to believe in the souls that we are and the ability that we have to create in this world and I am going to add my energy of hope by maintaining my inner sense of peace because I know that is a frequency necessary now to create the opportunity for the change we are all looking to anchor into this reality.

Pay Attention to Where You Let Your Energy Go

So I come forth as a seed of hope in this world to remind you all of the power of one individual, the power of commitment to the souls that we are and to the peace we are capable of creating here. I am one that used my devotion to humanity and my stubbornness in a way that was positive and all-affecting. I held my ground. I knew, without knowing, that there was some relevance to my life that couldn’t be explained earlier, yet I had always known there was a profound potential inside of me. I always knew that at some point it would be called forth through me. So I moved through my life with this knowingness - always trying to rationalize it, always trying to intellectualize it, always trying to create something that I could say, “Ah yes, this is it” but it doesn’t happen that way. I will tell you that.

Life takes you on a journey that you would never think it is what it is and then all of a sudden there you are – purposefully living the truth of who you are and at some point you recognize, ah yes, this is what I was created for. This is why I had to hold on to my sense of divinity because deep down inside I knew I was going to get a call to action. That’s where you are now, isn’t it, each of you feeling that call to action, each of you feeling that there is something needed on the Earth and that you have got it. You are feeling that but not understanding it intellectually.

That is wonderful. It is wonderful that you don’t turn away from the feeling because there is not a thought that can attach to it. Don’t lose yourself in that desire to understand it all and wrap it all up in some nice, neat, intellectual box. Go with the flow with this life changing in every moment. You want to be ready to change with it because you all know you have been through it enough to see when you are not and you are trying to resist it and you are trying to keep going in the direction that you think you should be going because that is the direction you were going in yesterday. Well, no, it is not going to work today and it is not going to work tomorrow.

Let yesterday go. It is not going to be the same. We are in the midst of change. Life is changing. Our reality is changing and that is why it is so intense. That is why everybody is being challenged in the ways that they are. Each of you must pay attention to where you let your energy go. You must remember who you are – the lighthouses in the world who must maintain their balance and their stability in order to light the way. You do not need to know where everyone is going. You just need to know your position and your position is one of willingness, of openness, and of devotion to being the peace that this world needs.

Pray for Peace to Overwhelm Your Soul to the Point it Overwhelms Your Humanness

That is the challenge I bring to you, each of you. How can you make peace with you because that is where it begins. Each of you want to look out there and say, “I need to go help them. I need to send them peace over there in that area of the world.” No, stop it. You are distracting yourself from the true work that needs to be done here. You cannot offer peace to others when you do not have peace within yourself. Who are you fooling? You think you can say the word peace and project an energy out there and that is going to be peace when you are not peace?

You must be peace. How do you be peace? You make peace with you. How do you do that? You sit in the energy of peace. You meditate on peace. You hold that thought always. You try to and when you try to everything that needs to be dealt with will come up. Do the work. Don’t fear what comes up and don’t think you have failed because you are not peace because I remind you to look around this world, at the energy of the collective experience that you are swimming in right now. It is a rocky, rough terrain and you are each being affected by that.

S0 you must play the game. You must find your moments of stillness and project the idea and energy of peace around you in your space and your field. See yourself emitting the energy and sitting in the energy and then see what distracts you. Notice what wants your attention. That is when you learn what is keeping you out of balance and away from peace. You can pray for the others but more importantly pray for yourself. Pray for peace to overwhelm your soul to the point that it overwhelms your humanness to the point that you have a peaceful effect on humanity.

Imagine it. Imagine yourself sitting in the energy of peace, emitting that pure peace and potential. Then look around you and imagine each one of you doing that. It is a tremendous ripple that you can make and I say from my own experience that this is the way of change and that you cannot fall prey to the intellectual distractions that are out there that ask you to go to the fear, that ask you to dismiss the potential for change here. It is so easy to say it could never happen and then own that but it must be you that says it could and I hope it will so I will commit and dedicate myself to that purpose.

I am one that used this practice to change the world and I ask you to join me on this same journey, for each of you to feel equally endowed with the peace that I am. I ask you to find your way to that peace by loving yourself, by letting yourself be free of all the judgments and expectations that you have of yourself, to fully open up to who you are in the moment. Embrace yourself and say, “This is it. I don’t need to get better at this or at that. I don’t need to do more of this or that. I just need to love me for then I will find my way to peace. Then I will be the energy of peace in this world and I will add my energy to others like myself who are looking to create the kind of change that this world is begging for.”

I hold you all in the highest of hope, love, and commitment and I ask each of you to call on me individually for there is not one soul in this room that I would not approach directly. I want you to use this time, this most magnificent and wide open time, to connect with souls on the Otherside that are looking to assist in this transitional moment.

I am Gandhi. I am one that existed on the earth in an energy of peace and allowed humanity to see the effect that my ability to sustain my belief could have on the world. I ask you each to recognize that that imprinting remains. Who I was, what I created, exists in this field of awareness of the earth plane and it is available to each of you just as the energies of Jesus, just as the energy of Buddha, just as the energy of all the great ones that have ever walked on this earth. We are all here now, sitting with baited breath, waiting for the call to action, waiting for the soul that says, “I need you to work through me.”

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