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The Integration of the Multi-dimensional Experience of Individuality

Buddha Channeled Through Laura Mirante

Here and there you find life bringing you little gifts, little gems that flow through the experiences that you are having. In these moments there is an opening, a wide open space created in the mind where the higher awareness can begin to seed itself into the human experience. That is what is occurring now.

That is what this is all about. That is the relevance of the timing of the divine synchronicities that are getting people’s attention and it appears to be becoming more and more apparent. The evidentiary existential experiences that are allowing human beings to recognize the divine in the physical world is what we are stepping into now - this all-encompassing energy that says you are divine. You are guided by a divine force of life that is instilling in you the education that you came to work with as the human being that you have developed. You are recognizing that there is more to each individual moment than what you have been programmed to look for. That is what is occurring in the human experience itself – a reprogramming of the inclination of the human mind.

That’s the thing. The human being itself is not complete in its capacity to engage this redefinition of awareness. It is the higher aspect of self that is reworking the fields, that is using these divine moments of awareness to expand the literal, logical functioning of the human aspect of the mind. This is what we are doing. We are creating an interwoven flow of higher awareness in the literal, logical interpretation of life that the human beings uses to define itself and its experience here.

So now it won’t be so easy to adapt to the ignorance that is overwhelming the human mind and keeping the individual separate from the whole. There is most definitely a desire for this coming of age and there is most definitely an awareness in the human experience that there is something different occurring now than ever before. Now that is an interesting thought because as we see it here in spirit in every moment there is something different happening because every moment is unique – uniquely defined and uniquely experienced by each individual.

So this is no different than any other time because we are an ever-evolving energy of love, light and creativity and in our ever-flowing essence is the ever-changing ideas of existence. This is how we evolve in this physical world as human beings. We move through our experiences taking in what we are meant to and leaving behind what does not fill us with the sense of connectedness. Now this may be occurring beneath the surface of every human experience without individuals being consciously aware of it. It is what we feel to be the blocks of life – that intuitive sense of knowing that says this is the direction you are moving in. Many people do not recognize that this is what they are listening to but when they are given opposite choices, when they are given different directions in the availability of a decision to be made, they use this subconscious sense of intuitive awareness to check in and see which direction feels aligned with who they are meant to be in the moment.

Now that is the thing. Human beings in their mind want to believe that they are looking to align with the most divine choice in every moment and the human being thinks it can define what is divine but it has certain conditions that it places on these terms of right and wrong and then tries to funnel the most divine and astute inclination into the right and wrong of the mind and the energy of the One does not fit in to that categorical system. It is much too expansive and much more all- encompassing to confine itself literally. So it institutes the inclination in the human being and even if that inclination appears to be, to other human beings, the wrong decision, the less astute choice, the less ethical behavior, well, it does not mean that that is not divine and is not what is called for in the moment. We are here to experience life – the good, the bad, the up, the down, the back, the forth, the in, the out of it all.

We want to experience every aspect of being physical and in moments where we are looking to overwhelm and override the inclination of the density of the human experience there must be someone there to project the image of choosing that density. So we have our fellow soul mates, our warriors of light, who come into this world and say, “I will be that for you. I will show you what it looks like to exist in ignorance, to continue to excuse my sense of entitlement, to continue to develop the idea of duality through division.” There are many on the earth today that play that part, that play that role, that give human beings the opportunity to choose - to choose what they know to be who they are in the midst of the uncertainty of the intensity of duality.

It is our opportunity to see through the ego and to righteously move in a direction of spirit. It is our opportunity to engage the higher awareness available beyond the fear and inclination for retribution.

There is too much of this anxiety overwhelming the earth plane experience in this moment and we are looking for gratification of the ego rather than unity consciousness. That is where we fall prey to the inclination of those that are demonstrating the expression of individuality through ignorance. We use that term ignorance to express the inclination of the human being to deny its moral reality that exists within the compassionate heart of recognition of oneness. It exists in all human beings and it develops along the lines of the human experience itself - each individual knowing who they are here to be in the moment according to the shifts in tides of the human experience collectively. So as we continue to see and experience this increase in intensity on the earth plane you must recognize that it is you individually that is calling this forth. It is you creating ISIS, Donald Trump and the like. It is you, the individual, that is saying, “I want to know my truth. I want to see my goodness. I want to experience oneness.”

Let Go of Judgments

Now isn’t that interesting. As we desire to be unified energetically, that we be collectively uniting in a desire to express oneness, that our most dualistic expressions of individuality come forth and the ego aspect of the human experience itself marks its territory at this time in history and says, “Here is the choice. Here is the most extreme expression of individuality in a dualistic manner in this human experience.” so that individuals can say, “Yes, I want to continue down that road. I want to continue to fight my brothers and sisters. I want to continue to try to feel superior in my individuality. I want to feel as if I am somehow enlightened above the rest and entitled to more than most.” This is what is coming forth now. This is what we are seeing on the grand stage of the human experience and you know, as with all experience, it is an opportunity for self-awareness. It is an opportunity to dive into the unity consciousness that is available to each individual to say, “This is what I am holding on to.

This is what I am looking forward to. This is what I am engaging and looking to create from.” It is where we are now. This is what we must decide to direct our energy toward but it is not a right or wrong decision here. It is a matter of recognizing that each of us must play our roles and must allow the energy of the experience to define what that role is. We can only do that if we allow ourselves to feel free to let go of the judgments - the inner judgments and the outer judgments. They go hand-in-hand. You must be willing to accept your own internal inclinations and allow those experiences to unfold because of your willingness to follow them without judgment and then, rightly so, you must end all desires of the ego to judge others because you cannot know in any moment what that soul is being called to be for others.

That is what you want to follow – that idea that we are all here to experience life the way life unfolds in the moment and we do not have the precursors to follow intellectually. We must allow the divine to show us the way internally, intuitively. This is where we make the connections.

This is where we rise above the intent of the individual to remain separate and distinct in this reality. We, as human beings, don’t want to lose our individuality. We have worked so hard to create these individual personas because it is that. It is work when you are one united energy to find and follow a distinct thread, an individual expression of that divine unified intention but we are there now. We are at that place where our individual experiences have served us in many ways and we have accumulated a depth of knowledge because of our inclination to follow those individual expressions of the One and allow the light to redefine the expression of energy that human beings define as darkness.

We are there now looking to unify through what appears to be intense experiences designed to separate. We must see it as such. We must recognize it as such. It is just an opportunity. “An opportunity for what” you say, “to shift in a direction that pulls people apart even more?” Yes, of course, that is an option but we here in spirit say, “No, that is not the creative intention of this experience, just an egoic interpretation that comes from fear, an alignment with the inclination of the individual to feel superior, to feel unique in its potential and to feel entitled because of that.”

Now that’s the thing. We are all unique in our pretention and all entitled to the integration of that potential in this human experience. It is just the inclination of logic to judge the expressions of those unique potentials. But it is at this time, now, where we must embrace this opportunity to come together in oneness to rise above the illusion that fear is creating to say, “We can shift this reality. We can extend our individual sense of oneness in to this dualistic expression of individuality. We can create a new and more meaningful expression of oneness in an energy of compassion for the future of the human experience.”

Follow Each Thread with Discretion

Compassion, dear one, is exactly where you need to focus now. It is the only place you will find the availability of the love you look for to assist you in healing the sense of separation that has infiltrated your logical mind. That is how it is in this human experience. The identity we create as the human being brings with it the integration of the multi-dimensional experience of individuality.

So with all of this effort that we have put forth to create this unique experience we are most definitely seeing how intricately intertwined each and every individual strand of love that we are is. We are recognizing that to unwind it all, to undo this human experience in the way that it is currently defined, it will take a complete reckoning of truth where each individual needs to follow that strand of light moving them through this moment of uncertainty in the human field so that they can find their exact position - the exact expression of duality that they are here to experience to be able to see and work with and rework with and redefine through the energy of compassion that will bring us into oneness.

So you look to your individual experience and you see where it is that the inclination to overly identify with your individuality comes in to play. You see how it exemplifies in your field the areas of attachment to the dualistic identity that exists within you. You look to work within this field of awareness and you look to recognize the intention of the higher self to move through each experience with an astute awareness of oneness and compassion for all because this now is the way through the maze of logic that has created the attachment to the individual definition of you.

You must follow each thread of uncertainty with discretion, with a certain sense of entitlement to discern between what you believe to be the soulfully driven, internally inspired movements in this human experience and what you see to be the more ignorant choices of the individual inclinations of the human being. You must be willing to step aside from the intense moment in the situation to be able to observe the inclination of you in the moment.

What you are finding, dear one, is that your awareness is available to you. You are finding that there is a moment, there is an opportunity, there is awareness in you, to step aside to allow the experience to redefine itself without invading the creative process intellectually. That is where you are now and what you are looking to expand upon – this availability of creativity. It is what the intellectually driven current definition of being human has dismissed. There is no room for creative expression. There is the need to think, the need to own and control intellectually. At least that is what we have been taught and what we are unlearning as a result of our innate desire to expand beyond our limits.

So you see here, in this moment, how profoundly affecting this collective desire is individually because you cannot deny to yourself the increase in intensity of your individual experience and the increase in self-awareness that these intense experiences are bringing to you. It is most relevant in your field, most relevant in your intellectual awareness, and that is a beautiful thing because you are beginning to make the connections here. The integration of the experiential process of life is the key to freedom, dear one. It is everything. It is all.

It is all knowingnesss and all beingness available to you in any given moment. This is what you are uncovering through this most intense moment in history. The energies of the physical world have expeditiously increased in frequency in order to elevate the intensity of the human experience itself, for as this elevated frequency affects the projection of the creative energy in the physical the veils lift.

The awareness of the absolute divinity of the experience is available now in a palpable way to the ego through the intellect which then gives food for contemplation to the ego itself which once felt so certain in its identity.

Now even the ego says, “Am I to maintain this position of ignorance that I have created from? Am I to continue to look to feed our anger, angst, and anxiety to define my reactionary process? Or is there something more here I can work with?” Imagine that, dear one - that we have moved in to a position in humanity where the ego itself is saying, “Maybe, just maybe, there is something more here for me to engage and be a part of.” Now that is saying something regarding the efforts of those in your position that have the awareness to work within the intellectual aspect of the human experience. It is as if we have integrated enough educated, expansive, divine awareness into the intellectual aspect of the human experience to begin to expand beyond the limits that have been previously placed on our ability to logically integrate the experiential process of life.

The Beauty is in the Simplicity

The beauty is in the simplicity, isn’t it? The way the human mind can be so enamored with the divine in its most authentic expressions, where the moment you think of what it is you need the way there appears. It leaves your mouth agape. It leaves your mind in wonder. It leaves the human being itself curious – curious as to how far we can take this. How many divine synchronicities can we integrate in one human experience – in one day, in one week, in one month, in one lifetime?

The more we do the more connected we are or we become because each divine synchronistic intention to assist a human being from the divine that is recognized by the human being becomes a strand of hope, a thread of light weaving its way into the fabric of humanity. This, dear ones, is what this time in history is for. This is why you feel the intensity so individually. It is because you are saying, “I am here and I am open to allowing my life to be a thread of hope, an energy of love, a committed expression of oneness in an ocean of duality.”

So you ask, “Why is my life becoming so intense? Why is everything getting so intense? Why can’t I feel comfortable in any given moment?” It is because you said, upon your intention to incarnate, “I will be the thread of hope. I will fear, I will love, I will lose myself in despair. I will find myself in hope and I will do it all for the betterment of the human experience. I will engage life as a physical being knowing all along somewhere beneath the surface of the experience I AM the light. I AM the love. I AM the creative force of all life and I AM here to create a sense of oneness within my beingness that will ripple for the duration of the human experience.” Each individual experience that says there is something divine here in this human experience that I cannot confine intellectually is an opportunity to assist in the creation of this new reality.

So you continue to move through each situation that challenges you knowing there is something much more expansive here at work. There is something prodding me along in this direction for some purpose I cannot know intellectually but that I honor intuitively, that I own energetically.

Remain focused beyond the individual experience and you will always find the awareness you seek. I am most humbly, genuinely and gratefully engaging this opportunity to share in the wisdom of the One that we are for I feel the authentic inclination here to adjust the state of perception that you use to engage and integrate the experiential process of life. I am your most humble and grateful of partners. – The Buddha.

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