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Self Love

We bring forth the energy of gratitude as always. We fill you with that sense of appreciation for your willingness to be here to open up your minds, your hearts, and your bodies to receive this high frequency energy and to allow yourselves to expand beyond the limitations of logic that have defined this physical world reality. That’s what you do here. You come here with a willingness to not only open up to the soul that you are but to extend your human experience to that divine aspect of you.

Recognize that – that is what you do. Recognize that is what we do when we are here. We commune as energy. We allow the expansive, organic nature of this human experience to be seen for what it is; to be recognized by the human for all of the ways that it brings awareness, growth, and expansion to the individuals that work together in this co-creative process.

We are here to engage you with a sense of the support that exists in the energy for you. We are here to ask you to move beyond the limitations of logic. We are here to bring you in to the deeper sense of knowing that exists within you. That is what all of this is about. The more we assist you in aligning your intellectual interpretation of you with the truth of who you are the more the oneness moves in to your beingness; the more you remember it was always there; the more you allow yourself to recognize yourself in all that you experience. Isn’t that something to think about – that you are in every human being that you experience and that every human experience has an effect on you because we are all one energy?

Now you can sit here in your individual chairs and you can sit here in your individual bodies and you can pretend that there is a difference. You can pretend that you are not that other sitting over there or maybe you are a little like this one over here but nothing like that one over there. You can play all those games in your mind that you want but you cannot fall into it. You cannot, as the soul that you are, let yourself believe it fully. There is always something that triggers something in you. In the experiences that create the most intensity inside of you that is when you know there is a part of you being triggered by this other in this experience for a reason.

Now how often do you do that? When you are in the midst of a challenging situation how often do you think that’s me? That one that I am raising my fist at, that one that is creating such angst and anxiety in me, there is a part of me in that other prompting and promoting the actions being taken or the words being spoken for the way they affect me. You think about it and you think but I don’t like this feeling. I don’t like the way I respond to this other or this situation.

You think there is something wrong with this situation or this other that needs to be fixed because it doesn’t feel right in me. We want you to shift that. We want you to turn it around because when you are in these situations you don’t want to be stuck in these situations. You don’t want to feel lost in these situations and you don’t to lose yourself in these situations and the way to not is to remind yourself that we are all one and I use these situations to confront the aspects of me that I would not go looking for if this other didn’t trigger it.

It is important that you hear it that way because it is when these angers, these fears, these doubts and these insecurities are triggered in you, that the human aspect of you would like to not own those expressions of you, deny that they are yours, deny that there is no one outside of you to blame for it. It is a powerful, transitional potential that you own that is available to you if you use it, if you are willing to go the distance with the resistance in your mind to that thought that has called this in – that I am looking to experience this anxiety so that I realize it exists in me.

This other didn’t put it in you. The situation didn’t put it in you. It prompted you to realize it was there to recognize that there was a part of you that is uncertain of the divinity behind every experience. That’s what the fear tries to tell you, not to run from the experience - which is the egoic interpretation of fear – but to recognize what the experience has brought up in you so that you can see where the faith needs to work its magic and you can direct it that way.

That’s what you do. That is the power of faith. It is yours – again, yours – to touch in on any time you want to, just like the fear is. They are all aspects of you with purpose. So in the midst of these challenging situations, in the midst of the opportunities of growth, do you choose to maintain the identification with the fear or can you realign yourself in an energy of faith to see if it is really possible to shift your experience because of your willingness to deny the fear the right to own your energy in that moment?

It is a big shift but, you see, the thing is can you do it without conditions? Can you believe that it will all be perfect and divine without defining what perfect and divine looks like from your human point of view? Those are the conditions you put on it. When you are in a situation with another and this other isn’t being who you think they should be and you want the situation to look like this – this perfect, harmonious relationship – you project all your expectations of what this other needs to be to create that harmonious relationship. You then play this game of faith and say, “Alright, we are going through this situation for a reason and I will have faith that there is a divine purpose behind this situation we are experiencing. We’ll have faith in that as long as when we get through it it looks like this and we are all good and happy and harmonious and in the relationship that I think we should be in.”

Do you see that? Do you feel that? Do you recognize that – how easy it is to pretend to yourself what you think being in faith is? Faith is complete surrender and complete detachment from an expected outcome. Complete surrender is knowing that your soul knows the outcome that serves the soul and all souls involved in the situation. That state of surrender is what the ego resists because of its inclination to feel in control.

That is a huge part of being human. Many human beings feel that illusion of control gives them a sense of security and stability and certainty in who they are and how they are and why they are and where they are but ultimately you know there is nothing, action, human being in this world that you can control outside of you. If this is the truth then isn’t it worth the effort in learning to control what you can control – which is the way you take it all in, the way you experience life and that is all a matter of perspective, of what position you look to take when interpreting your experience? It is that opportunity to play victim or responsible creator and as you take on that position you take on the definition of that energy. You know that when you play victim you are a victim. When you take responsibility you begin to align with the creative energy that can shift your reality but it takes a devoted sense of purpose and a persistent effort at denying the logical inclination to try to control, to try to intellectually define what is right, what is wrong, and what should be.

We will tell you that once you make this effort on a consistent basis you begin to get in to that flow. You begin to see the way life serves you. You begin to see how it could be different than what you thought it should be and in your acceptance you bring in more and you do get to have those experiences, those moments of divine awareness that surface through the challenging situations that you have transformed intellectually as opportunities. You get to see right in front of you a manifestation of the shift in your reality and the purposefulness of the effort you have made.

Hold the space, dear ones. This is your time to redefine how to move through this situation. We have been at it for some time, haven’t we? Many of us here in this room have been working toward this sense of self control, self-mastery. That is what we are talking about here. If you are the only energy in this experience that you can affect wholeheartedly with everything that you are and by that effort you affect others, isn’t it worth the effort?

So many of you here who live to give, live to serve others, are looking for some way to express this expansive energy that you have inside, this love for humanity, this compassion for those existing limited in their ability to understand who they are. So many of you that have touched in on the energy of truth, the energy of love, feel how it affects you, how affecting it can be, how awake you feel, how aware you have become and when you do this you want to share it. You want others to know who they are, how brilliant they can be, how divine everything is. You want to share that. Yet it seems to be that when you go around spouting your truth, you are rejected almost to the point of humiliation at times because of how far this awareness is from the mainstream interpretation of our potential.

Then you wonder, well, what am I to do with all of this? I have all of this awareness. I have all of this energy, all of this love, all of this inspiration. You turn it around back on you. You love you. You, the givers - the ones that want to help everybody, the ones that want to serve everybody, you in this room here today – must recognize when it is time to just love yourself, to just feel entitled to all of the love that you have to give, to think could it be me that I am here to love?

Could loving myself be the answer to all of these questions that I am constantly trying to figure out the answer to? In the most amazing ways you will find out that that is it. It is not about searching for someone outside of you to love as so many of you do. You feel that you have all of this love to share and want to give it, want to extend it. But someone complete in their love of self is not looking to give it. They are looking to be it, to just exemplify true self love because that truly is the greatest gift you can give to humanity, for not many people truly appreciate who they are as the brilliant souls that they are because of this society that defines worth in a much different way than the energy.

So bring yourself to that state of self-awareness that can recognize every aspect of you and love it. Love every little bit of who you are and how you maneuver this earth plane. Try it. We challenge you to try it because we understand the workings of the mind and the ways the mind will try to restrict your ability to do this. How it compares our experience to another’s. How there are all these intellectual parameters placed on your ability to see your own beauty. All the judgments, all the heaviness of that, is nothing – nothing any of you would put on another and yet you carry it around, so many of you.

We see your brilliance and we see that heaviness and we just want to take it off of you. We want to lift you right out of that density so that light can shine and love can reverberate throughout the collective – but it is not for us to do this for you, for the journey is truly an individual one of self-exploration. You, the individual aspect of the One, journey through you to find that divine in you because that journey creates the opening for that light to then shine through. So it does not matter how much we flood you with all of the light that we are. If you don’t create the opening in you it will not come through. It will not go from outside of you in.

That is what we are trying to say here. It will come from inside of you when you are willing to go inside and bring it out with the love that you are. Loving yourself is the way to do it, for love is the key to open that door, to open those portals. When you love yourself you do love life. You can’t help but love life because when you love yourself wholly, completely, without condition, you are love and you emit love and that love moves through the collective experience and reminds people that it is available to them. You know the love we are speaking of. It is you. It is the love you know exists in you. It is a love that is triggered by those special sparks that come in to your life at certain points in your experience. When you meet another and you feel that divine recognition and it feels so different than the status quo, it feels so different than the mundane, daily routine, something wakes up inside of you – something special, something unique, something familiar and foreign.

So let’s use this time to remind ourselves that we are the love and it is our willingness to detach from the fearful thoughts and conditions of the intellect that will allow that love to come forward, to come through and to have an effect on our experience. Let’s be the love, for we know that in that effort we can only bring forth more love. Take the challenge. When it comes to you take it and run with it in a direction towards the love. Don’t run from the fear.

Run into it with all the love that you are knowing that is the way to alleviate the intensity and bring yourself back home to your truth where you will feel the divine support of all of us here in spirit cheering you on. You know we are. You know there is nothing more we want than to set each one of you free from your own ineffectual inconsistencies. Now we do not want, in any way, to hamper your ability to grow in to your own love. We just want to support you on your journey. That is why we are so evasive. So many of you want the signs to be so dramatic and big and direct and specific and it is frustrating when we work with spirit, isn’t it? How illusive it can be. How vague and subtle the signs can be but that makes you stretch. It makes you reach into areas that, again we remind you, you would not endeavor into if you were not challenged to.

So recognize the beauty in this process, this dynamic human experience that we are engaging. At each turn on your path look for the love, no matter how hard it is or hard it appears to be. Remind yourself that somewhere in the midst of this experience there is a love that is asking you to find it. It is a wonderful state of perception that will most certainly bring you into alignment with that energy and then how it manifests and how you take that in. That is all a part of the mystery of life. That is the glory of the experience. It is dictated so much by the inclination of you – to need more fear or to surrender to the faith. So it is you, dear ones, that you look to have faith in. You have in the divine. You have faith in the Great Creator of Life. But do you have faith that your connection is real?

Do you have faith that that connection will always be there, that it is always working, that there is never a time you have to say, “Is this thing on?” That is faith. You know it. Even if you can’t see it in front of your face you know this experience is of love. Now, if you don’t have a challenge in your life and you want to see how this works watch the news. Tell yourself with every story that has you wondering what’s going on in society that this is of love, that somewhere in this experience is a loving energy trying to affect humanity. You focus there and you hold your focus there knowing it is having an effect even if you can’t see it. That is faith.

Now we bring you all to an awareness that this is occurring in a grand scale now. There are people that are recognizing the effect of pure positive intention and they are coming together in a grand effort at uniting humanity in bringing peace to this world. This is what we have been speaking of for quite some time.

We can, with all that we are, continue to flood this earth plane with peace and love, with light and inspiration, but if unless somebody there takes it in and says, “I’ll be a vehicle for that” it is going to have no effect. So we say it now. We see groups and gatherings of human beings that are willing to believe that there is something they can do with the energy that they are. It is happening in many different countries all across this world at this time. Does that surprise you? No, it doesn’t, because you have been feeling this coming for quite some time. We have building up to this as a community because we realize that individually and collectively we need more love.

There is enough fear and everybody is spreading it and enough of us have gotten sick and tired of that, to the point where we said, “Wait a minute. There is more to this human experience than the exchange of fear.” We felt it. We felt it! Each one of you in your life has felt it or you wouldn’t be here. You have felt the need to resist the inclination to follow the status quo and exist in fear. However it was your life pushed you to that point of recognition you got there.

Whatever it was your experience brought you that you couldn’t just give in to, or that you won’t now just continue in from that point of view of fear and uncertainty, you are a part of it. So as we have been prompted individually to move more fully in to the love that we are, and as enough have, we are now feeling prompted to come together in groups and gatherings to join together that intention and to spread more of that love for others to begin to wake up to. Remember that we are all connected energetically.

We gave you the visual of how when we send that loving energy to the earth plane you have to accept it from within and allow it to come through you. Remember that when you are dealing with other people. It is not going to be so much about the words you throw at them from outside of them to into them. No! It is the love you send energetically from you to them that wakes them up from the inside. Use the imagery that we are giving you because it works. Are you having difficulty with someone in your life? Try it. Let’s play this game the way it was meant to be played – heart to heart, soul to soul – with a real sense that this is the most profound effort I can make to bring loving awareness into this situation. It is not to fix this other. No, that’s not what this is about. If there is discord we cannot project the blame solely to the other.

You must find the love in you for the love in them. Focus there and remind yourself that is the pure exchange that is happening here. Focus there and hold that space and then see if the intensity based on the details of the manifestation in the physical world reality doesn’t shift it. If you can hold the frequency long enough something has got to give! That is what you can know about love – about the love that you are, the love that we are all looking to focus on and bring forward now.

Thank you for this opportunity to instigate the sense of purpose in you in the sharing of the love that you are. We ask you to go forward with that definition of you. You are the love that you came to share in this world. You don’t have to figure it out logically and you don’t have to speak about it intellectually. Your job here is clear. It is to be the love.

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