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Consistency Amidst The Inconsistencies

Channeled at Namaste

December 11 2015

We come forward, as always, with the utmost gratitude for your willingness to be here, to open up and to engage the energy of the higher frequencies. We engage you all now with a sense of purpose here for we feel that this is what is needed.

We feel that there is so much intensity on the earth plane at this point in history that each of you are feeling it: each of you are recognizing in your own life, in your own ways, what it is to be a part of a collective energetic experience. If you haven’t realized it we recommend that you take this concept and begin to integrate it into your intellectual understanding of who you and who we are and what we are all doing here together.

As you see the intensity on the global platform elevated, as you see the violence and the inconsistencies of those in power continue to increase, you want to begin to realize that there is more to this than just what is going on “over there” and “with them”.

You are also experiencing, each in your own way, the intensity elevating in your life, in your own individual experiences and you are feeling pushed. You are feeling pulled. You are feeling stretched. You are feeling as if life is moving you in this direction and then stopping you and shifting you in another direction before you have even reached a point of recognition of the original direction you were going in. It feels as if this is happening in so many different ways to so many of you that you can’t configure any consistency here in your mind or your interpretation of what is going on but we really want you to open up and become of aware of the interconnected nature of all of it.

Begin to look around you and see what is going on with the individuals in your life. Begin to recognize what they are experiencing and see the kind of energy that it is creating or stirring up inside of them. Then think about what is going on in your life and what is being stirred up inside of you and ask yourself if there is any connection here? Is there anything here that I can see some thread of unity here? It is important for you all to do this because you are going to move through this shift in consciousness much easier if you can become aware that that is what is going on here. It is not just your life, it is not just you having these difficulties or moving through these challenges, but rather it is the entire human experience. It is not just them over there that are experiencing intense anger and uncertainty of who they are and where they fit in but that is a lot of what is going on with the individuals too.

So you can begin to see that there is some consistency amidst the inconsistencies of life. The consistency is that you all move through it together. On some level you are all experiencing this intensity and integrating it in your experience in your own ways through you own states of perception, through the fear or willingness that you choose to use to integrate life. So begin to see beyond you. Begin to see threads of truth that connect every experience and everyone’s experience because ultimately they are actually your threads of hope. Those are the energies that you can grab for that you can use to pull you through the fearful interpretations that keep you from moving because you are stuck intellectualizing it all because you keep trying in your mind to rationalize and figure out what it is that is going on, why it is going on, and what you can do and how you can figure your way through this. There are so many people stuck in that exact thought process.

You want to understand that. This is an irrational time. This isn’t a time to look to the rational mind for answers. This isn’t a time to try to limit your interpretation of what is going on by trying to figure it out intellectually. What you are being pushed to is to go beyond that now. The human being has been looking to the intellectual mind for too long now for the guidance and the direction it needs in this life. It is time to push yourselves beyond that because what exists beyond that is the higher awareness that is available to all human beings. Why it is getting so intense is what you have to come to realize is this idea that you can’t figure it out. There are not going to be some people telling you what to do and giving you the answer.

It is not going to come about that way. Each of you individually have to find your way to this thread of hope that you can use to pull yourself to the higher awareness that will give you the sense of purpose, the sense of direction, and the sense of self you need to go forward without the fear. That is what is being asked of you now. That is why it is getting intense. That is why the fear is getting stirred up. So you can see it for what it is. So you can see how affecting it is and you can remember that it doesn’t have to be. It is your choice to choose to look beyond the fear. It is your choice to use the fear to prompt a decision to initiate an energy of faith and to believe that that is what will bring about movement in your reality. Try it. We are certain of it so we give you this information so that you will test it out because when you test it out and it works you build strength in it.

So want to hold on to your faith, dear ones – to your faith in the idea that this is all happening for a higher purpose and each of you have an effect in creating this reality that we are moving in to. Each of you is a part of the creative process, right now, that we are using to create the future of humanity without the limiting belief systems that keep individuals feeling isolated in their experience. You are each looking for a sense of community now. You are each looking for those that feel what you feel, understand what you understand, and see beyond life the way that you can. So you open up to these energies and you allow yourself to have these experiences so that you will begin to become attracted to those that are also having these experiences. You want to understand that this is necessary now.

You need to come together. There is practical benefit to joining with those that are experiencing life with a state of perception that is not defined in fear. You want to be the ones that hold the space for this kind of awareness to create in this reality – while you are in this reality. You want it to be all for those that come after you. You want to have some of the fun, too, you know, and you are entitled to it. It is so intense on the earth plane now that people have forgotten that joy is part of this experience and it is something we are entitled to. People are all so worried now about what’s going on in the world and about how intense the violence is and how it is escalating and how it seems to be expanding into areas people never thought it would once reach. So they are feeling overwhelmed in it and they are feeling as though there is nothing any individual can do and people are feeling as though this is the way of the new world - that it is going to be defined in this energy.

But that simply is not true – not if you hold the space for something different. There is, of course, an inclination in some human beings to continue to expand in to the lower level frequencies that they have become accustomed to defining their realities by. There are those that exist in anger and feel entitled to it. There are those that will justify their right to be in fear and will tell you that you must join them. You know that. You are each experiencing it. You are feeling it. You are feeling the overwhelming push of the lower frequency energies asking you to engage. There are so many that are so riddled with fear that they don’t feel that they have the strength to deny that: but you do because you have awareness, because you understand the interconnected nature of all life and you realize the relevance of the thoughts that you hold and the energy that they extend into this collective experience. These are not just words. These are not just nice concepts to ponder. They are the truth of this creative process we are all a part of.

So it is time for you to begin to be proactive in this creative process. It is time for you to feel entitled to be proactive in this creative process. It is time for you to realize that to be proactive in this creative process does not mean that you have to go out and preach your truths. It does not mean that you have to go convince everybody else to believe the way you believe. That is not proactively engaging the energy. That is trying to manipulate the physical reality and there is a difference here. You want to remember that. The ultimate of creation comes from beyond logic, so you want to reach into that energy and allow that to come through you. So proactively engaging the creative process of life looks more like a state of surrender than a person in action.

How confounding for the logical mind is that concept? That is why so many don’t apply. But you all have or you won’t be here listening. You know that. You signed up for this and you have the tools. You have the awareness, you have the willingness – all that you need is the faith, unwavering certainty in the flow of divine energy through you. That’s it. You don’t have to figure it out. You don’t have to try to direct it. You don’t have to try to think about what it should like it or how it should manifest. That is you getting in the way. You want to remember you are a vehicle for the divine here in this physical experience and in order for the divine to flow through you, unedited by the ego, you must exist in a state of surrender to the divine. That means you open the door in your mind an you allow what will be to be. Then you honor how the energy manifests in your reality. You look for the signs. You look for the coincidences and you allow yourself to be prompted by that and you move in those directions. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is so simple that people can’t believe it is possible and can’t believe it will actually have the effect that we know it will have.

So we keep challenging you. We keep challenging you to try it. We keep challenging you to stand up in the face of fear and laugh at it and see it as the illusion that it is. You know you are willing if your life has been challenging you. So you have been experiencing it and if you have been experiencing it then you know that you said, “I can so this” and if you said I can do this and your soul is willing to bring you the opportunities to see how far you can take it then you know there is something happening here. Don’t take it in that human way where you think, oh, this is happening again or this fear is surfacing again so I must not have done my work right. I must not have really let it go the way I thought I let it go. You see what happens? The challenge – or rather the opportunity – to grow comes up and you take yourself down rather than lift yourself up. So now when the challenge comes you get excited and you say, “Oh yes, this must mean I’m ready for the next level!” This is a different time and we want you to hear this too.

This is a different time. We are in a real expansive energy of creation now. These last few years have been about clearing. These last few years have been about settling unresolved issues in our intellectual interpretation of who we are but we are coming in to a real sense of who we are as souls now – at least those that are willing to walk this path. So it is not so much about the clearing anymore. It is not so much about the digging deep into the past, into the history of your childhood and your previous incarnations to figure out why you are so stuck. It is not about that anymore. We are moving beyond that now. We are in the creative process now. So, you see, when life gives you these opportunities you want to engage them with hope, with faith and certainty in the divine flow of life. Do you see the energy then that you are using to create with? You will feel it. You will feel the difference in the moment if you are willing to believe it.

It is all about the belief because everything that you put all of yourself in to is what you are going to bring forward now. You know when the opportunities come and the fear surfaces it is hard not to put all of yourself behind that fear because it is so familiar. It is comfortable. It is almost, sometimes, recognized as a part of your identity but no longer can you do that. No longer can you cozy up to the fear even though everyone around you is telling you why you should – especially now. These are times of great opportunity, great opportunity to overwhelm the fear in hope. Hope leaves the door open for something different. If you look around at the world and see all the violence and are sure that it can’t get better, are sure that it is going to escalate, then you know what you are adding to the collective. You can see how that has been working because it has. It has really been working and it is escalating because every time it happens more and more people dump more and more fear in the certainty of the continuation of that kind of an experience. So no matter how daunting of a task it may seem to be it is up to you who are there, who are in the physical. You are the only ones that can change it. You are the only ones that can say, “I am an energy of hope and I will not falter because the balance of this reality is riddled with fear because I recognize the power in the energy of hope and I am willing to hold it for all.”

That is a mighty task that we bring to you but it is one you have asked for and one that you are capable of working with here. So detach from the balance of society that is riddled with fear. Let them sit in it if they must but do not engage it. Do not try to talk them out of it because then you are engaging, you see. You must accept that that is where they are and that you have a job to do for them. It is your willingness to detach, your willingness to isolate yourself if that is what you need to do, to be able to maintain a frequency that can elevate to the point of hope and faith in a future that is free of the violence, free of the pain, free of the anger.

Ah, when we talk in these words you think, oh, that is just too surreal. That is Nirvana and who are we but mere mortals to think we can expect that? But you must. It is the way we are going to get through this and if you really think big-picture why else would we create this? Why else would we create such a volatile situation – to let it take us down? No, that’s not what we came for. That’s not what this is for. This is to prompt us to know how powerful we are as individuals and to give us the opportunity to prove it. You can do this: you who know the love of the One, you who recognize the One in your own experience on a daily basis – the connection to all living things. Keep doing that. It will remind you. Keep seeing yourself in others. Keep talking to the animals. Keep loving the trees. Keep recognizing the divine everywhere you can.

Then remember the divine doesn’t always look pretty. It is not always peaceful and calm. It manifests in any way that humanity needs it to. So love those that are overwrought with the violence. Love them! Love them for giving you the opportunity to love in such an intense space to prove to humanity the power of love. That is what they are doing for you. They are giving you the opportunity to show ourselves just what we are really made of – which is love. All the rest is the illusion. If we could all just focus in on the love that’s what will come forward but we have to believe that. We have to believe that enough of us sitting in unconditional love for this world, in this moment the way it is defined, will create the shift.

The beautiful thing is we don’t have to do it. We don’t have to do whatever it is we think needs to be done in the external environment to create the shift. Our sitting in the energy of love and bringing it into this level of consciousness will shift the creative forces of life which will manifest the experiences necessary to shift the reality. It is your belief in that process that will create the change in this world that we are all calling for. You know we are all calling for it or it wouldn’t be this intense. We are on the precipice. That’s why it feels like this. Just like all major change it has got to get intense. People don’t like change. They want everything to stay the same because they think they can control it or understand it. But souls want change and now even human beings want change so we are in alignment with our intention which is why it is really coming to the surface of the collective awareness.

So watch those that are spouting the fear and the anger because they are asking for everything to remain the same. They are asking to continue to manifest this physical world reality from that level of consciousness. Send them the most love. Find the connection in your heart to their heart. There you go. That’s how we get there – heart to heart. We don’t need the words. We don’t need to convince the minds. We need to remind the souls.

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