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Wayne Dyer Shifting into New Reality

I can’t explain the excitement that I feel. There are no words. There is no way in your mind that you could possibly understand the joy, the grace and the divine wisdom I am experiencing here. It is so much more than I ever thought it could be and that’s a lot. That’s saying a lot for I had no fear of death. I even embraced the opportunity. I understood that there is so much more to us and I looked forward to recognizing my divinity and realizing just how connected we are. But it is so fascinating to me to see it this way and to know what it was I was and what it was I was speaking and what it was I was telling people about and educating people with.

I find it so interesting to think now that I could have thought I could have understood it all, that I could have had some way of conveying intellectually what it is we are as energy and where it is we are moving to. The coolest part of this whole experience is I get that. I get to see that. I get to know that. I get to experience it now. You know I would love to put it in to words and give it to you that way. You know I want to write a book about it. You know I want to bring it to everyone in the best ways that I know I can but I’m not that anymore and I see the unfathomable detail that is impossible to understand intellectually. Oh and how that frustrates me to no end for how I want to illuminate for all of you what it is we are and what it is we are doing here and where it is we are going. Oh how I’d love to just be the one to bring all the answers to this uncertain reality that so many are existing in.

But, you see, that would take all the fun out of the journey and I wouldn’t do that to any of you. I would never take the joy of realization away from you. That’s what this is about. That’s what it is all about.

That’s what it has always been about. It is a journey and the journey is the whole point of it. I know that from my own experience because every time I got, what I would say, closer to the truth I would feel more aligned; I would feel more alive; I would feel more recognized, more seen. I would feel the oneness or what I thought in my little mind was the oneness and it is nothing compared to what I am experiencing now. I felt bits and pieces of it as many of you have in your metaphysical journeys and all the ways that you engaged the divine. I know what that’s like and I know we have those moments where we are able to detach completely from logic and from our human identity and we are able in those deep states of meditation to go to that place of connecting with the higher aspect of who we are and realizing that oneness in that moment.

So where are we going? Where are we looking to go? What direction are we heading in? It is that direction. That’s really the direction that we are moving in, where we take all of those moments that we are each individually having where we connect on that higher level and start to bring them together because we can, because we are one in the energy. As I have my experience and you all have your individual experiences on the higher levels of self all those moments are coming together and they are creating an abundance of availability of those moments.

Can you see that? You don’t take that moment and keep it to yourself – none of it. None of it is for you. It is for all. So when you have those moments that joy that you feel, that peace and that release and that freedom in those moments, you share that energetically. You say to the rest of the world, “Here it is - the grace and the beauty and the freedom of connecting with the divine while I’m in the physical.” That’s what your soul says – “Look, I’m brighter and I’m sharing that light with all of you.” Then others feel inspired in their own lives, in their own ways. All of a sudden they get an inkling, an inclination to move in some direction that takes them to some kind of meditative practice or situation or modality that gets them there. Then they add that joyous moment of realization that I’m more than the body, I am more than the mind, I am more than the fear allows me to know.

That’s what we live for. That’s what we do it all for.

So think about what it is going to be like when all of those moments come together in a big wave of realization we all are a part of. You are all swimming in that ocean and that ocean just lifts you right up out of the fears, right up out of the false belief systems that we have become so attached to. That’s what you are all waiting for. You are waiting for it. You are begging for it. You are calling it in with your efforts to know yourself on a deeper level, to reach out to the loved ones in spirit, to try to connect inward. Those are all the ways that you are saying we want it. We are ready for it and we are willing to bring it in. So you are doing it.

Each of you need to know that you are doing it, that you are a part of it and your part is so important and it has nothing to do with what you do for a living. Even if you are the most spiritual guru, it is not about that. It is about your moments of realization, not about what you can teach and what you can tell everybody else and what you can show everybody else. You even think, well, if I can help people get there then I am really helping. You can think that all you want, because you are human and you will, but you are only facilitating a process that is designed in the energy for the individual.

So you just want to know that. Focusing on your energy, focusing on your efforts at clearing the field of all the nonsense and all that we get lost in in the physical, that’s when you can know I’m doing God’s work.

I’m doing the work of the soul. I’m here to assist in the collective evolutionary process of letting go of our limitations so that we can realize our freedoms. Isn’t it cool how it is manifesting in the physical – how all these people and all these countries are fighting for their freedoms? It is just a suggestion that can be taken in on an intellectual level but it is a representation of the energy of the souls that are fighting for the freedom for the individuals, the freedom from their own incessant fear-based belief systems. That is all we need freedom from. All the rest of it would fall into place if we could each individually detach from the fears or, even better, embrace the fears – embrace them as the opportunities and the instigators for a deeper sense of faith, for a deeper sense of knowing because that’s all it does. It gives you an option to focus here in the fear and feel into the duality, recognize your physicality, or embrace it for the opportunity it is giving you to rise above it and realign in the faith.

So that’s what I see here. I see you each as individual, brilliant, illuminating lights because you are here, because you are willing to be a part of this, because you are willing to say, “I don’t care if my friends and family think I’m crazy. I’m going to hear what spirit has to say and I may even integrate it in my life somehow.

I may even redefine who I am as a human being because of what spirit says if it feels right.” I suggest you do – if it feels right. If it feels right for you. You really want to hear that too because there are so many different interpretations now, so many brilliant teachers willing to speak their truth, willing to share their interpretation of our connection to the divine. You have so many choices and they are all right but they may not feel right to you. The whole interesting part of the journey is to not judge the ones that don’t feel right to you, to honor that they have a place here, they have a purpose here, and they have affiliations here and those connections will be made. But the longer you stand there judging how they don’t feel right to you, the longer you keep yourself from finding your truth. You waste your time there. There is no positive experience there.

So let it go. Move on. This particular religion doesn’t agree with me. I don’t need to judge it. I don’t need to condemn it. I embrace the fact that it assists others in getting closer to their understanding of the divine and bless them. I send them peace and love and I move on in my journey. I check this synagogue and this synagogue and this mosque and this temple and this spiritual gathering. You just keep going until you find that connection and make that connection. When you do, that’s when life gets interesting. That’s when you begin to feel the divine moving in to your experience, through your willingness to keep that door open – whatever door it may be. There is no right door. There is no wrong door. There are alternate experiences, many different paths up the mountain, isn’t that what they say. Well, it is true and the mountain is you and you are the path up the mountain too. How cool is that? How can you possibly intellectualize that and understand it completely? So don’t try.

As a matter of fact, leave that side of you behind. Go up the mountain in blind faith, feeling your way the whole time because those are the most amazing life-affirming realizations. When you move forward in blind faith, when you take a step in a direction that makes no sense to your logical mind and your practical reality, then you are saying, “Alright soul, show me the way. I’m ready. Scared to death but moving in faith.” It is okay to be scared as long as you keep going, as long as you know that the fear is just tempting you to move in a different direction and you are not going to. That’s fine. You are human. Allow yourself to be human.

Allow yourself to recognize all the neat ways we have created this dualistic reality and then just embrace the idea that they all came from somewhere inside of you because that will really make the healing process much more expeditious and that’s what you all want, right? You don’t want this long drawn out process where you have to figure it all about – where did this start, where did that start, and who do I have to condemn because of my misbeliefs? No, it’s not about that.

Now you just want to move through every experience knowing that it is bringing you to another experience that is allowing you to move through this mountain of experience that you put in place for your own journey of self-realization. Take responsibility. It will help you move quicker. The minute you start placing blame outside of yourself, well, you are going to sit in it and none of us want to sit in that energy. So let’s leave that behind. Let’s leave that in the past. You know I have.

You know I did long ago. I felt the purposefulness in that – in letting people just experience life the way they want to and never feeling that they had to do it my way. It is a freeing concept. That’s what you want to look for – all of the freeing concepts, all of the freeing belief systems. Yes, there is a part of your mind that will find them by recognizing the limiting belief systems. Just like the fear, they are there to prompt you to look in a different direction, to reconfigure your mind in a more positive, divinely inspired definition. So it is so cool to see how we can do this, how we can do this ourselves. You know what the issue is with people. You don’t believe it. You don’t believe what you know.

It is so frustrating when it is all right there inside of you and it is just a matter of letting go of those fearful distractions in the mind and letting this surface – this truth is always there looking to break through and show you your brilliance.

It is a most wondrous experience, this shifting into new reality. Let’s just call it that. Even the term new reality – new? Nah, I don’t think it is new. It is certainly different from what I left behind. It is expansive, more than you can know and there just aren’t words. There aren’t words to tell you what it is like, how magnificent it is, how illuminating the process of reintegration is and the awarenesses that just keep coming! I know. I made a step up by surrendering my life over to my divine calling. I’ll tell you – I’ll tell each one of you – that that is the way. That is the way to true freedom. Forget what they tell you to do. Forget what they want you to do. Just be you – the most you you can be: the most divine expression of your truth you can be. It gives you a step up. It gives you a sense of self, a sense of purpose which is so empowering.

Even on your exit out of the physical world it empowers you to not only not fear but to embrace graciously the process with joy and excitement. That’s how I felt. That’s how I still feel. I think I’m more excited than I ever could have imagined possible for now I see the connections I made and the limitless possibilities. I can say quite clearly that I am going to have a profound effect on many now that I’m gone. I’m laughing. I’m laughing at the gone part because I’m more present now in each of your realities than I ever, ever was. That’s the thing. Now we can get to know each other intimately. Oh, how many of you adored me from afar and I love all of you.

I am so grateful for that but now I get to show you that I am a part of you. I get to nudge you here and there. I get to drop that wisdom into your mind and you’ll hear my voice because you’ve heard it so many times. It is so familiar to you. Won’t that be cool! Won’t that be exciting! So utilize that connection. Tap in to my energy. There is enough available information out there for you to tap in to my energy, to sit in stillness and just be with me. I will make every effort to show you just how real this oneness is and just how available every one of us here in spirit are to you. I’m good at this now because of my willingness when I was there to not buy in to the fear, to not let it limit my ability to know my truth or to share my truth.

I was given many, many opportunities to go that direction. I wasn’t always embraced, you know. I wasn’t always loved and praised for what it was I was putting out there. There was a lot of resistance.

I want you to know that. You all embraced me and I believe energetically because you did you gave me that support that I needed. You see? On the higher levels of self every time you read my books, every time you watched my videos, every time you listened to my meditations, every time you tapped in to my life with joy and grace and gratitude, soulfully you were saying, “Keep going. We need more of this.” Soulfully you were saying we support you here. As the rocks were being thrown at me, hurled at me, I felt you – all of you. I felt your souls saying, “We need you to bring this truth in.” I thank you so much for there were times when I wasn’t sure I was going to go on. Early on I thought maybe this is too much.

Maybe this is too out there and maybe I’m not up for the resistance because I got it from every angle – inside and outside of that circle we think is the inner circle. I got it as many of you probably experience yourself when you take yourself down these paths. It was there. Oh so challenging. Who knew? I didn’t. I didn’t know it was you all giving me the energy, giving me the strength. Did you see my conviction there? You did. I know you did at the end. It was so present in everything I did, everything I said, everything I did. It was just so certain that this is what I was here to do, this is who I was here to be, and this is what I was here to bring forth whether you believed it, bought into it, or not. You could feel it. You could see it in my passion.

Now you can know that was you. That was your energy coming through me because we are one and we created all of that together. I see that now. None of that came from me. It came through me – for you from you. So that is my gift. That was my gift, my physical world gift from my physical human vehicle. Now, the gifts are limitless. You have no idea how far we are going to take this but I’ll tell you I’ll take it as far as you all let me. Each of you individually in your own way, wherever you are in this world, I’ll find you. I’m already there with you. Just tap in to my energy. Project a request and let’s see what we can do with this. I am so excited to try. I know there are enough of you holding that space right now. So let’s get busy. Let’s break down these barriers of fear that keep our truth from our conscious understanding. Let’s realize oneness right here, right now, this moment in time.

You chose to cross over the night of the blood moon, the Pisces moon, 41 years after you visited your father and made peace with your father. Why?

Why not? How could I not take that invitation seriously? You have to see it that way. It wasn’t me logically. It wasn’t ever me logically. I think that’s what my message here is today. It was from that higher aspect of me. There was that part of me that said, “Oh, here’s a fun wave to ride” and I did! I jumped on that energy and I rode it right out of here and you know my father was right there with me. It was a wonderful reunion, I’ll tell you – a reunion like nothing you could imagine because it is so much more than just those loved ones that you knew in that lifetime. That fades into the background when you really see the enormity of the kind of extension of energy that exists. That’s what I realized and it was a wonderful way to do it. It is a wonderful energy to be in right now. So each of you, in your own way, ride this wave because you are still in it.

There are some profound energies bombarding the earth plane now and you all know about that. So what are you going to do? Are you going to fear it? Are you going to add fear to that? Seriously people, aren’t we over that? Can we just say enough of that? There is no more Armageddon. There is no more end of the world. You know, every couple of years there is another end due date, isn’t there? Well, free will – you want to create those projections go right ahead but I’m saying to all of you that you know better. You have this opportunity.

This wave is coming – how do you want to ride it? Kicking and screaming and wondering if it is going to knock you over in fear or get up on that board, put your hands in the air and say, “Take me. Show me what I’m capable of doing. How high can I go? How far can I ride this wave?” That’s really what we want to know now. That’s really how you want to experience it. This is your opportunity. We are in such a major state of creation right now. We really are. You’ve heard people talk about this before but it is nothing like this. This is creative energy personified – right here in your lives. Take it and do something great with it – like deny the fear the right to dictate your future.

As someone who works in the healing arts how do we how much to add, when to step back, when to go forward? How to really serve somebody?

Well, that’s the thing. This is a part of it. This is really what we are learning here. This is what you really all want to get. This is so important. There is a knowingness. There is an energetic conversation going on outside of your logical mind all the time. 24/7 you are communing on the higher aspects of self with all these people. Even the ones that are coming to you that haven’t found you yet, you are already conversing. You are already talking about, hey, I need this.

You are up there in the ethers saying, “I need this. Who has this for me?” and then somebody comes running forward or you come running forward and say, “Well, I’ve got that for you.” That’s happening soul to soul. Keeping that in your mind is the most important thing - getting out of the way and realizing. If you think it is you doing the work you are already blocking the process. If you think you are the one healing another you are in the way. It is a matter of recognizing I’m here as a vehicle for healing. I’m here to be a portal for the healing energy to come through me and assist this other in aligning with their truth. That’s the focus you have in your mind and, yes, if you facilitate a healing it is going to prompt you to think how powerful you are. That ego is going to say, “Well, look what I did. Look what I can do.”

Those are your opportunities to remind yourself that you are just the vehicle and bring yourself back to that humble position of servant because that’s who we are. We are all servants – servants of our divine unified intention. So that’s what you want to remember. That’s what you are tapping in to. You are deliberately holding the space for that soul to bring in what that human being needs. You are just a bridge. You are a pathway. You are saying, “I can hold this space. I can hold this door open for you to come right in.” Isn’t that what true healing is – aligning with the higher self? We are always talking about that – talking about the energy and how healing is within each individual. People forget that. People don’t believe that.

People are scared of that. Your holding the space is helping them alleviate the fear or detach from the uncertainty of it all. You are helping them quiet the mind, more than anything else, to create the space for the energy to come in. So, you see, you serve best – humbly – when you remind yourself that you are just the vehicle and that the higher aspects of you and this other have it. They have it all under control. We just need to keep trusting what we know intuitively because intuitively you are going to get pushed forward or you are going to feel a little push back.

In this physical world we are used to (Laura hits table) that kind of a push. We are used to the physical, the concrete. Now we are looking to attune to the subtler awarenesses. So that’s the challenge to the healer. You are there to facilitate a process for somebody else but you know that process is facilitating something in you as well. The more you do it, the more attuned to the subtle shifts in energy you become. As a collective it doesn’t matter what position or role you are playing in this lifetime. That’s where we want to get – where we can read the energy.

There it is because everything we need to know is in the energy. We don’t know the language anymore. You see, that’s what happened. We created this language and now we think that’s how we speak. We think that is real communication, putting concepts into words. There is more. There is more to every bit – every concept, every word, energetically there is more. It doesn’t fit. So what do we have to do? We have to learn another language. We have to learn to translate the energy. Subtle shifts in awareness is where you want to focus. Where you want to place your bet is on what you know subtly, not what is so in your face intellectually. It is a distraction. Don’t get lost in the distraction.

My son passed over four months ago and he is in touch with me about every couple of days. I feel like he is maneuvering me around. My friend has witnessed some of his signs.

This is exactly what I’m speaking of. All of you, all of you, have this available to you because all of you know someone out here, someone in the ethers. All of you, whether it is somebody from this lifetime or a past lifetime, you want to know that. It does help to have that connection, that physical person you can think of and hold that space for – which is why I offer you all myself. But you don’t have to use me. You know I have that ability and I’m good at this. Look, I just got here and I already know I’m good at this. That has to tell you something.

Just know it is available and it doesn’t matter who. It doesn’t matter who. If you have that relation use that relation and keep using and keep realizing the more you use it the stronger it gets – the more empowered you are, the more empowered they are. It really works, back and forth. I need your energy to stay here. You want to know that, right, and, no, I’m not trapped here. No, I’m not stuck here. I won’t fall into any of that. I don’t care what people say. This is a choice and it’s my choice. I have free will. I can be here, there, and everywhere. Yes, the Cat in the Hat knew something we all did.

So, yes, that’s what I want you to do. Keep focusing on that and remember sometimes it is subtle, sometimes it’s not so obvious, so you really want to pay attention now. Wonderful! I thank you all for this opportunity and I want you to know that there is much more to come. I, in no way, intend to remain silent.

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