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30 Day Gratitude Challenge Entity Michael

We engage this energy with a tremendous sense of gratitude for all of your willingness to be here, to allow this energy to come forward and be part of this human experience. We bring forth the energy of gratitude and thank you for recognizing that that is the direction we are taking this energy here tonight. We want you each to realize the powerful energy of gratitude and the benefit it can have in your experience. There are so many that are looking for a way out - a way out of their limited experience, a way out of what they see as stagnation in their life, a way out of the situations that they are in that they feel imprisoned by.

There are so many different ways people are looking to move and shift their human, physical reality. We say to each of you that it is gratitude; that finding your way to an energy of gratitude when you are uncomfortable in your experience will shift your experience. It may sound too simple to be true but we tell you this. If you are capable of anchoring in into that energy of gratitude there is no way that you will not shift your reality. You see, the thing is you hear about this and you try this and you sustain that thought for a few hours - maybe a day, maybe even a week - but if something doesn’t change right there in that moment, in that day or that week, the human mind gets frustrated. The impatience of the physical reality that you are living in starts to sink in and tempts you to let go of that energy of gratitude.

It is almost as if it challenges you to see how far you can take it, how long you can hold on to it when the external environment around you isn’t supporting it. You see, that’s the thing. It is up to you to find your focus. It is up to you to fill your heart and your mind with all of the good in your life because what you are doing then is filling yourself up with this goodness, this good energy, and that good energy starts to overflow out into your external environment. Then it starts to weave its way in to those situations that are frustrating or stagnating you and once that gets in there, well then that’s how it shifts. But you have to be the one that can hold that focus.

You have to be the one that knows that if I can hold it long enough it will eventually infiltrate all of this which I feel so unsatisfied by.

It is difficult, isn’t it, when you are not seeing a physical world manifestation of your hard work and effort? It is difficult to maintain the energy of gratitude. But we are telling you this – that’s the game of life. That’s a part of this game that you came as the souls that you are to conquer, to say, “I know the power of gratitude and I know life is going to challenge me to work to feel grateful but I know if I do that work and sustain that belief that I will be creating the life that will fill me with that sense of gratitude on a daily basis.” This is how you work with the energy. This is how you begin to take charge of your reality – by dismissing the negative talk, by not letting all of those practical rationalizations disturb your focus. It seems so simple but you know when you give it a try it’s not that easy. It’s not that easy when the world around you is giving you so many reasons to gripe, so many things to complain about, so many issues to blame for all that is wrong in this world and in your individual lives, but how else are we going to pull ourselves out of this? It has to come from within each and every individual that is in it.

You’ve got to be the ones that are willing to remind yourselves that you are the creators of this reality and that it is up to you. If you want to create a life that you will be grateful for start with the energy of gratitude and then work up from there. It is as easy as this. That’s the thing. The human mind makes it much more complicated than it has to be and when you can learn to simplify in your mind what you think this reality is all about that’s when you begin to master the art of co-creation. So imagine if all of you who are sitting here in this room tonight join together with that intention! Think of how powerful that would be. If you all leave this room saying, “From this moment until this time next month I will exist in an energy of unfaltering gratitude.”

There is your challenge. We are asking you to do this. Are you up for the task? Can you do that? Can you use this as an opportunity to understand yourself better, to understand who you are and how you interact with others and how you engage this society because the opportunity will be there for you? If you take on this challenge and you attempt to hold that focus in the energy of gratitude for one month – for one whole month – you will see many different situations in your life coming forward and challenging you there. You are thinking well why would I want to stir all that up? Why would I want to put myself in that situation? It is because if you do it, and if you do stir it up and if you do sustain the energy of gratitude while it is all stirred up, you will see exactly the power that we are talking about. You will see your own ability to shift your reality because something has got to give and it is either going to be you or the situation you are in so if it is not you, well then you know you can shift this reality.

So we will follow you in your daily lives and we’ll bring you a sense that we are right there nudging you on, cheering you on, giving you something in the energy to hold on to if you are willing to look away from the people or situations that are asking you to let go of that high frequency energy of gratitude and to join in on that low frequency of uncertainty and fear. See it that way. See it all as defined in the energy and ask yourself, “Where do I feel most comfortable?

Swimming in what energy makes me feel the lightest, the freest and the most supported?” It is gratitude. You will come up with that answer every time. Of course you will say joy and peace, love and hope. They will all sustain you but they will also all bring you to the energy of gratitude. They all funnel into that same energy of gratitude because when you are in this world in a state of peace you can’t help but be grateful for that. When you are feeling overwhelmed in joy there is also the energy of gratitude there that you are able to experience that joy.

So let’s go straight to the core of all of the good stuff and let’s work with that energy. Let’s hold that focus and let’s do it together. Let’s remind ourselves that we are not alone in this, that there a couple of dozen other human beings walking around this area with that same focus and that same intent to take the 30 day challenge and to allow themselves to realize just how powerful they are. We are hoping that this idea gets your attention and we are hoping that many of you sitting here tonight will take this seriously and will engage it. Think about one of you jumping in a pool and the waves that will come as your body hits the ocean.

Think of each of you holding hands, everyone here tonight, and jumping in all at the same time. Think of the tremendous wave that you will create in that ocean of human consciousness. That’s what we want to see and that’s what we want you all to see. So join us in this energy of gratitude and take this challenge as seriously as a child takes the invitation to go swimming in the middle of summer with that sense of levity, that innocent sense of curiosity, that excitement. That’s where you want to start from – that inner child inside of you that knows that this life is just one big playground for the soul and that all experience is just that – an adventure for the inner child.

This is what we really wanted to bring forth here tonight. We feel that each of you can benefit most by allowing yourselves to experience this energy and integrating it in your daily experience. We don’t want to weigh you down with any heaviness. We don’t want to convolute the intensity of this message. We want to leave it short and simple and we want you to hold focus. So we extend our gratitude to you, the ones that give us this opportunity to step forward. We feel a connection to you powerful souls that were willing to be physical, that were willing to take this expansive, brilliant energy of you and bring it into this physical reality at this time in history in order to assist the transition of the collective human experience because that is what you are doing. That’s why it is so important now to hold yourselves accountable, to be aware of the frequency of the vibration of the energy of you.

It is not just for you. Yes, of course, we want to assist each and every one of you individually on your journeys here but we are much more selfish than that. We want to do it for us too. We want to do it for all of us as a collective energy and we know as you shift individually we shift collectively. So we will assist you in any way we can and we mean this by showing up in your life, not just tonight here in this energy that you have created for us.

We have ways of slipping in and out of your physical world reality and we intend to. For those that are here tonight and those that are willing to make this commitment we are going to help you with that by allowing you to realize that when you focus on the energy and you focus on you being energy and you focus on sustaining a frequency that is far beyond what the average human being is living at then you are supported. We want to give you those dynamic, synchronistic experiences that leave you smiling and wondering just who was that that made that happen? Just how did I get exactly where I needed to be without knowing it? Those are the kinds of feelings we want to leave you with because what will that do? That will intensify the gratitude that you are focusing on holding and it will lift you and make it easier for you to sustain that gratitude.

You see, we are all one and we are all in this for the same reason and we want to help you. So let us. By you focusing on the energy of you you give us permission. When you focus on the energy the energy can be a part of your life. When you are working with the energy the energy is working with you. If you do it for a day or two and then something happens in your life and drags you down, instead of getting back up and saying, “Well, that’s a challenge but I’m choosing to focus on the gratitude” you have the option to go spiraling into the old way of thinking and blaming and feeling victimized by life. It is all your choice and you have to know.

You have to see how powerful it is in that moment to let yourself be taken down in the negativity by the interpretation of life that your mind, which is so inundated with memes and old belief systems, can do. If you can choose to say, “I’m going to try something different. I’m not going to follow suit with how everybody else process life. I’m going to lift myself right out of the doldrums by focusing on something on my life I am grateful for. Maybe I’m not grateful for this experience and maybe I can’t find gratitude for this that is challenging me but if I stop and turn away from it for a minute I can see so many things to be grateful for and I know that that’s where my focus will best serve me.”

It is a difficult choice in the moment in the beginning, and we want to say it like that, but once you keep doing it you begin to create a new pattern in you that says, “Yes, life challenges me and when life challenges me I may dip a little but I’ve created a new program in me that says, oh, when I dip down here I know I have to go up here.” You create the rebound. You create it. Instead of dipping and staying there you create the rebound and then eventually it becomes a part of your process.

You don’t have to work so hard at it because it is already there, almost like a springboard, where you dip until you fall on the springboard and it lifts you up and you remember who you really are. You remember that this is really an illusion and that you are creating it and that you want to sustain an energy of gratitude to have that experience that blows you away in a good way.

We are so excited about this challenge for we feel the intention in many of you to do this – to take the challenge and to move through life with this sense of gratitude and nothing else. Nothing else – do you hear us? – will shift that, nothing below the frequency of peace, love and joy; nothing below accepting life as a game for the soul. We are the energy of the Entity Michael and we engage you for we feel that we have the most interactive kind of energy for human beings to experience and we have practiced for quite some time reaching those in the physical that are willing. So call on us. We will be there for you. There are many that will validate that for you.

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