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Mother Mary about Faith

Everything is as it should be. There is purpose behind every experience that you engage. There is meaning for you in every interaction that you have. So be aware, dear one, of how divine it all is and of how this moment on your journey is exactly what it needs to be. There are illuminations here that need to be tended to. There is awareness here that is looking to be assimilated. There are experiences that you are having that you are not expanding in to because of a limited interpretation of what that experience is. You have been here before.

You have been in this position before where you hold yourself back from acknowledging what is really occurring and you know that it doesn’t serve. Yet there is an aspect of you that realizes this – that realizes that you are only engaging life from half of your potential or a portion of your potential. You feel that it is okay to set it aside for now. You feel that it is a part of your responsibility to set it aside for now. You feel that there is a duty that precedes the relevance of the intuitive information that you are not allowing yourself to assimilate fully.

So be open to the idea that what your life appears to be may not be the most astute position for you to be in. There may be an alignment of new energy coming into your awareness but, dear one, you must be open to receive it. You must be willing to shift your perspective of your ability to follow through in what it is you think your intuition is guiding you. It is not a matter of logically interpreting it and then creating some kind of plan to follow. It is not a matter of you trying to figure out how to get out of the situation and how to realign with the higher aspect of you. That is not for you, dear one, to configure in your mind. It is for the higher aspect of you to convey to you the awareness that is necessary to move beyond these limiting conditions and to see beyond the limited interpretation of what you are extending your energy in to. It is relevant. It is more relevant than you are giving credit for.

That is the first place we will start here. You must realize how powerful you are. You must remind yourself that you are a creator and that you do have an effect on those around you and those you engage and it has more of an effect than you let yourself believe. You say, “Well, that doesn’t serve me in this moment. It is not about how I can affect others in this moment. I am swimming in it and I am looking for a lifeline here. I am looking for something to grab ahold of to be able to pull myself out of this. I’m not asking someone else to pull me out. I just want the lifeline.” So here it is, dear one. Here is your lifeline.

I engage you now as an energy that can support you, an energy that can bring in to your awareness the kind of faith that will bring forth that lifeline. That’s what you need to know. It exists already in your field and it is looking for an opening to come in to your human experience. So I create in you a sense of the importance of reaching for that faith and realizing that regardless of what it looks like in your life in this moment there is divinity behind the creation of this moment.

I am the feminine energy of the one known as the Mother, Mary, and I adore your divine intelligence. I want you to realize that that is how we see you here in the energy – an energy of divine intelligence, one that holds a space of compassion for humanity that brings into the earth plane experience a divine healing quality. That is truly what your energy is. Don’t dismiss that. Don’t demean it because of your humanness and don’t ever think the relevance is not there for your human experience. You are on the earth now for a reason and what you represent is a willingness, in our soulfulness, to be an energy of faith in a world in a state of confusion. You know there are none more adept at this kind of assimilation of faith that I. I have had the experience where I questioned the worthiness of existing in this physical plane at all and I answered my own questions, dear one. I knew all along that there was a higher purpose. There was a nagging sense inside of me that no matter how much my humanness wanted to fall prey to the fear, the doubt, the insecurity, and the ego that I had to stand strong.

I had to be the pillar of faith. I had to be the pillar of hope. I had to sustain in order to create a foundation for humanity to believe in something divine behind each and every experience.

You know your connection to the Christ. You know that that is real and you know the kind of effect that that energy has on this earth. So realize, dear one, that you are not endowed with this energy to fall prey to the fear and to let the doubt and the insecurity take you over so that you cannot reach through in to the Christ light that can bring a sense of healing and purpose to you. I bring you that gift in this moment. I create the bridge in you through my willingness to be that bridge for humanity. I want you to know that I support you. I embrace you. I surround you in the energy of the Mother and I am here to give you a sense that there is a new birth for you. There is a time for you to find this new sense of self and to feel entitled to be it. In order to become human we had to feel entitled to have the earth plane experience and you did. You moved through that incarnation allowing yourself to find in the physical what you needed to move through in order to expand your awareness of who you are and how powerful you are.

So as you move through this most intense time in your life, and on the earth plane, please, please make the connection. Please see the relevance here. Recognize that it is not just you swimming in the darkness but the Earth itself is swimming in the darkness – looking for the light, looking for the means to elevate beyond the heaviness of the darkness. You are representative of that. See it, dear one. See it on the macro level so that you can recognize in the micro how you can have an effect on this collective experience. You say in all of your humanness, “But I’m tired. I’m tired of doing this for the Collective. I want to feel relief. I want to feel support. I want to feel a sense of relevance here in my existence.” I am here to reflect that back to you. I am here to show you how at the moments of our deepest despair that is exactly when the faith becomes most powerful, most affecting. When you think back of my existence as that one known as the Mother you know that that is what left them in a state of awe – the idea that I could sustain, that I could suspend my fear and allow myself to know that there is divinity here regardless of what it is manifesting like in the physical. Yes, I come through to you today for I feel that it is the most affecting energy that can pull you out of the doldrums of the human existence and bring you back to the divine inside.

This is what we strive for, the Christ and I, the One that we are. We look to awaken that inside of you so that you do not get lost; so that you do not feel so alone; so you recognize that in these moments we are with you and we are looking to sustain you. We look to elevate you beyond this inclination to feel obligated to be in this situation. That is it. It is the sense of obligation. It is the sense of irrelevance in all other matters of this human experience where you put first what it is you think logically and doubt what it is you know intuitively. Dear one, there is a strong sense of urgency in you now to shift the way you are experiencing life and, yes, dear one, to shift the environment that you are existing in. There is a strong sense that you recognize this but you can’t fathom it intellectually. You cannot contrive in your mind the means to that end and yet you feel the intensity of it and you feel the integrity of it. Yet you question the integrity of it intellectually.

That is the tug of war you have created inside of yourself, dear one - the relevance of the human condition and the intellectual interpretation of life as opposed to the relevance of the soulful awareness and the intuitive aspirations of the soul. Join together within yourself, dear one. Find the bridge in you that can manifest in your reality a way through this moment of disappointment and then recognize it as such, dear one. Disappointment only serves expectation so we must find where it is we have placed these heavy energies of expectation in our lives and we must free ourselves from that – for we know better. We understand that life has a divine flow that we cannot possibly fathom in our human intellect. Although we try and we get little glimpses of truth here and there we really have no way of expanding the mind to the point of recognition of divine truth. So we must give in. This is where our surrender comes in, dear one, to the idea that there is purpose here beyond my intellect. There is purposeful energy here manifesting this experience for a purpose beyond my human recognition. This is where you want to find your solace, dear one – in that state of complete surrender that you visit often, that you mirror to yourself on a regular basis.

Yet, dear one, it is not sinking in, is it? The understanding is there. The inclination to be it is there but the resistance is intense. The resistance in you is now beginning to be the wall. The wall that you think you have created has now become a wall within your own self, to your own self. So you must dismantle it. You must dismantle it. By thinking you need to build a wall to protect yourself from your environment that, dear one, is a signal that the environment is not serving. Your soul, with divine awareness of purpose and faith in that, is what can manifest in your reality the way through this moment of disconnect. It is a matter of realignment with self. It is a matter of re-evaluation of the purposefulness of the expression and extension of your energy in the way that you do in this human experience. Let the guards down, dear one. Let yourself feel entitled to be lifted above the mundane. Give yourself the image that there are legions of angels waiting to elevate you above the frequency of the manifestation of these self-imposed limitations.

You know this journey. You know it well. You have been here before. You have done this before. You know your way through the inconsistency. You are just experiencing it once again to realize the irrelevance of it now in your beingness. This is a new time. This is a new energy and you are feeling the push and pull between the new and the old. That is the inconsistency you are experiencing. For as this new energy comes into this human experience it comes with great intensity and it pushes the open soul forward but the energy of the old resists and pulls the human back into the old experiences, back into the old interpretations of life, only to be given the choice once again to go forward, to let go of the limited intellectual interpretation of what we think has to be according to our human interpretation.

You have moved well beyond this, dear one. This is only a mirror representation of what you once were. Do not own it. Do not own that reflection. Be what you feel - not what you see, not what you think. It is there that you are challenged to move away from. That is what this entire experience is about for you. You have guidance moving into your awareness on a regular basis yet you cannot hear it because it doesn’t fit in to what you think you need to be in this moment. Can you feel that resistance inside of you and can you let yourself be free of it? Can you let yourself believe that if I just let go of all that I think I need to do or be or act or engage that I can just find my way intuitively in life? Yes, you have done this. Yes, you have had moments of complete oneness. Yes, you have felt often that it didn’t fulfill you completely, it didn’t serve your humanness in the way you thought surrendering your life should but that does not mean you give up, dear one. That is when you strengthen the faith.

That is when you come at the resistance even stronger with your sense of purpose. You cannot deny that, dear one. You cannot deny what you know exists inside of you which is a tremendous expansive energy of purpose.

You know it was not meant to be dumbed down in this human experience to the level of consciousness of those existing around you. That was never the point. That was never the purpose. It was meant to be shared. It was meant to be expressed in a way that shows the truth of the power in our choice, in the power to choose to be free, the power in the choice to choose to be authentic. Regardless of how it looks to the human beings in our lives, regardless of how selfish it may appear, the truth is we serve no one until we serve ourselves and we serve ourselves by aligning with the higher aspect of who we are, not the human aspect of who we are. So once again you stand here at this crossroads wondering how to go forward, how to free yourself, how to let yourself believe you are entitled to be free, and how to feel entitled to let go of others who do not feel entitled to be free.

This is a challenge of the human condition that all soul-seekers must face. They must be willing to move beyond the fears that have been endowed in their fields from birth. You are existing in an energy now that is here to support you in that. You must find your match. You must find what feels consistent in you and move in that direction. Regardless of the ramifications in your physical world reality that is existing in true faith. You know that what it is you do when you do from the human aspect of you serves no one. That is what you are realizing. It does not serve you or those you think you came to serve. Only when you honor your truth, only when you allow yourself to be free can you serve yourself and the Collective. You are going to want to open up to these ideas. You are going to want to take in what I am saying here and let it settle in to you and fell the authentic nature of how I share this energy with you. You are being pushed forward. You are being asked to release all that does not serve you. You are being asked to make that choice for you and for all you came to serve. You cannot say, “But I’ve done this before and it doesn’t work.”

You cannot allow your mind to trick you in this way. You cannot dismiss the moments of oneness and the connectedness and the inspiration you felt in those moments because they didn’t fit in to your human interpretation of what should have been. You must realign with that truth and know that this is the moment for that inspirational energy to push you to a self-realization that allows you to align with your truth in this physical condition. It is the faith that you look to realign with – that there is a purpose and you are the purposeful energy that can bring that purpose in to this human experience. No one else can bring it in for you better than you or more affecting than you. You cannot look at what has been and let that dictate how you go forward. You must see this as a moment of rebirth where you are soulfully reconfiguring your life according to the new energy.

There is a truth to this – this new energy, this new definition, this new human, this new reality that we are creating together in this moment. There is more relevance to your existence now than ever.

So see yourself fitting into an old model but see that energy as so expansive that it will not fit and that you cannot keep trying. There is a part of you that doubts your true power. There is a part of you that has dismissed so many moments of true oneness, not as irrelevant but as inconsistent and therefore unreliable. But if you take yourself out of that human interpretation of that you can see that the only thing unreliable in this human experience is the human ego, is the human interpretation of life, is that aspect of us that has allowed ourselves to be governed by the human interpretation. Soulful energy moves, flows, back and forth never sitting still, never staying stagnant, always looking for change, always looking for expansion, always looking for new experiences. So, yes, the energy is inconsistent and the only thing you have power over is the ability that you hold to be consistent in your faith. Remain consistent in the faith and the energy will remain consistent in your life. You know the power of fear, the power of doubt, the power of uncertainty has been amplified by the exponential awareness that is assimilating in this human condition through the integration of this energy of new. Everything you think is now exponentially creative so any moment of doubt is amplified, any moment of faith is expanded.

So this is it. This is the moment where you are sitting in it – in the darkness with the key to open the door to the light in the energy of faith, being pushed each and every day, being pushed away from the faith and challenged to hold on to it. This is the moment where you solidify in your humanness your desire to be defined in faith. That is why it is so intense for you. That is why this life has created itself in the way it has in this moment. You, dear one, want to see the true power of faith. Only when we get to this point can we truly see the dichotomy in our human experience - when faith is injected in an area where fear has dwelled. Do not dismiss the little experiences. Do not dismiss the subtle synchronicities. That is what we have to work with until you open that door wide once again and expose yourself once again to the divine presence of the Source in your life. Do not dismiss the subtle awareness. It is how we make the connection. It is how we build on faith. It is where you must find your solace – in your peaceful moments. There is no one here in spirit that has given up.

There is always a constant assimilation of inspirational energy available to you with your willingness to let go of the certainty of how things have to be in this moment according to your human interpretation. You know there is no one here in spirit that is going to give you a set, detailed plan that does not serve faith, that does not create a sense of oneness, that keeps you in a state of detachment in an energy of duality. You, dear one, are looking to transcend that.

There is only one energy that can transcend the isolation of duality and that is the energy of faith. So in your moments of doubt, in your moments of darkness, it is I that I ask that you call for. It the Mother Energy that is here to nurture you, that is here to solidify in you the ever loving presence of the Divine, the energy of support and sustenance. It is what I offer you and I ask that you take yourself back into that time when I was on the earth plane as the Mother Mary and I ask you to jump in to my energy, to feel my feeling to know who I was to know how I maneuvered through what I maneuvered through, always sustaining the faith in the Divine, always recognizing the energy of a much bigger picture than what I could possibly fathom.

My life was a wonderful example of what can be because of the willingness to sustain a faith in times of trouble. So I implore you to work with my energy now in a profound committed expression of devotion to the One that we are. See me in you, dear one. Find me in you, for we are one and all you need do is reach in to the depths of your beingness to the energy of the Mother to feel that support, to feel that certainty in faith and the relevance of all life experience is purposeful.

Now, more than ever, there needs to be a sense of certainty in the energy in the human being that is willing to be open - open to creating in this world that which has yet to be created. That is what is available to you. You cannot know it until you allow yourself to believe it. You must not confine it by trying to define it. It is an expansive energy of creativity looking for a portal in to this physical world reality and the portal is an energy of faith. There you are, dear one, with the key to that doorway that will open that portal in you but it must be consistent in you. So you, of course, would bring these challenges in to your experience to give you the opportunity to reaffirm on a daily basis the divinity behind this human experience and the purposefulness of moving beyond what no longer serves. Admitting to yourself that there is a part of your humanness that has trouble conceptualizing this is a first step but it creates a willing, an openness, for understanding to surface from within.

So by saying, “But I don’t know how” you are not dismissing the relevance of the information. You are opening a door for inspiration if it is said with a willingness to learn. If it is said with great certainty – that here is no way you could possibly understand – then you know you are choosing to keep the door closed but that is not you.

That is not who you are. That is not who you’ve come to be and that is not what you will accept from yourself in this lifetime. You know, as the soul that you are, you will not just lay down and kowtow to the average human way of being. It is not what you came for. You have had to revisit this. You have had to have this experience. You have had to feel it all over again in order to see where it fits in you and when you find that it doesn’t fit honor that allow and yourself to be healed because of your willingness to challenge the human inclination because of the soulful awareness. Of course it is heavy. Of course it is dense. It is the human experience in full form. The idea here that we are moving into a new energy or that a new energy has moved into this human experience is a reality that you will come to see manifesting in many different ways. So of course you can recognize the intensity of the resistance.

At first light it is like when you just open your eyes in the morning and that first light is so bright you have to close them again, open and close before your eyes adjust to the intensity of the illumination of that first light. That is what it feels like on the earth plane today. This is what this new energy is creating in this human experience. So see it as this – the opening and closing of the eyes is only temporary, for we will become accustomed to this new expansive brilliance and we will flourish and fly and feel our way through this life because of our willingness to keep our eyes open, because of our willingness to trust that we are equipped to assimilate this light.

You are a brilliant manifestor, dear one. Don’t dismiss this truth. Do not ever think in terms of human limitations – not when it comes to you. Don’t bring yourself to that level of understanding of who you are. You are so much more powerful than the average human being. Do not ever put yourself in that box and limit yourself with those condition. Remind yourself daily how powerful you are. Regardless of what it looks like in your human experience do not interpret your value and your worth and your power by what it is you are engaging in the moment. See beyond it in to the light that is available to you through the experience. Remember that, dear one, always. There is always light if you are willing to open your eyes and see it. So I engage you now for I have the energy that can balance in you this sense of uncertainty. I Am the Mother and I bring to you your roots, your truth, and the unconditional love the Mother that knows who you are, loves who you allow yourself to be, and supports every movement you make in this human experience without judgment.

Dear one, do not judge oneself. Let yourself be human. Let yourself make mistakes and then find your way back to your truth. Let yourself be open to the Divine that is looking to come through you. You do have what it takes and you are going to affect many people’s lives. Don’t ever dismiss this interpretation of you because of a situation you are in in a moment. Hold the space, dear one, for you, for you will surprise you.

J - I feel like a whinny little kid that is mad because it feels like he keeps making the same mistakes over and over – the judge.

Ah yes, the judge is the one that holds us back. The judge is the one that thinks – and I’d like to stop there but I am going to continue – that thinks he knows how he should be. The judge is the harshest critic and you want to know where the judge is born from? The judge is born from the magnificent expansive energy that you are. You see, this is what happens when you take this expansive, divine, inspirational energy and put it in to a dense form! There is a sense of the divinity and of the expansive nature of who you are. There is a sense of the purposefulness of your existence. When you feel that sense of expansiveness and purposefulness of your existence and you look at your life and what you are doing and engaging and interacting with you think. And then you think this couldn’t possibly be the purpose for this expansive energy that I am and you judge according to some human interpretation of what you think what would be expansive enough to honor who you are. That is why I come forward today – to show you the relevance, dear one.

Think of who I was. Think of what I experienced. Think of the depths of the darkness I engaged. And think of how powerful it was for me to sustain the faith. It does not matter what your darkness looks like. It does not matter how it manifests in the physical. The relevance of the experience is in the energy – the energy that you choose to hold, the energy that you choose to sustain, the energy that you choose to define you.

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