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Parmahansa Yogananda

Parmahansa Yogananda

I Am creative energy. I Am love. I Am depth of wisdom. I Am emotion. I Am truth. I Am love. I Am you. Fear nothing, my dear. There is nothing in this world but love. There is nothing in this creative process other than light. That is where you wish to focus. That is where you wish to hold your focus. That is what will move you through the darkness of the fears and insecurities of humanity.

It is when you hold tight to the light that you are the light, that you allow the light to become you and to be moved through you in order to assist others on their journey. You know that is the path you are on. You know that is the way for you to overcome the illness in the mind that distracts you from your truth. That is what you want to know in this moment – that there is a sense of something occurring now much grander than anything you can put your finger on, than anything you can interpret logically. What you are experiencing is a momentary lapse of connectedness and you know exactly how to move beyond this.

All you need to do is remind yourself of the deep spiritual connection that owns every aspect of who you are. That is where your truth is. That is where the love is. That is where the strength comes from. You will be challenged. You will be questioned. You will be provoked. It is a part of the journey of the master. It is a part of the journey of the seeker. It is a part of the journey of the pioneer of wisdom and truth. It make the path clearer. It makes the intent stronger. It fortifies that sense of purpose, dear one. So honor each and every individual that brings you to that challenge: that asks you to know more fully your truth, to be more complete in your sense of purpose.

Ah, dear one, it is when you lose sight of what it is you are here for that you get lost in the mundane interpretations of life. You are much grander than this. You cannot confine your ability to intuit the grander purpose of an experience because of your inability to maneuver through the inconsistencies of the mind. You must identify when you get lost there. You must identify where it is you are creating your interpretations of the moment from. You know where you come from. You know who it is that feeds you in the divine. You know that it is all that you can do for yourself to give yourself that kind of purposefulness in the movements of the mind. That is the way you want to see this – how important it is for you to master the inclinations of the thought processes that dictate how you experience this life.

Dear one that is where mastery comes from. It is a matter of conditioning the intellectual mind to support the inclinations of the intuition, to support the divine inspirations that come to honor the soul’s journey and the purpose behind every experience being part of the divine confluence of events to create a mastery in the unique position that you are in.

This is what you must honor about each and every experience that you have. You must remember they are all divinely coming together to bring you into an expression of love that is limited by nothing in the physical, nothing in the intellect, and nothing in the body/mind/ego aspect of who you are. It is then that you will feel free. It is then that you will find your ability to move through life’s challenges as if they were monumental waves lifting you above the mundane and the darkness of what it is most people experience in this lifetime.

You must be the one that shifts the configuration in the mind as to what a challenge is in this life and what an opportunity it is. You are creating new pathways in the patterns of the consciousness of the human being and that is what you are here for. You are here in this time to create the new patterns, dear one, so you will be challenged with the old patterns so you can see them for what they are and you can identify their lack of integrity and the low frequency energy they create in your field. That is your purpose. Your purpose is to overcome the inclinations of the limited interpretation of life. Your purpose is to create new patterns, to create new pathways for the information, the inspiration, and the wisdom to flow through you. You are not to keep any of it. You are not looking to accumulate any of it. What you want to be is an open portal for truth and in that light you must know that there is nothing, nothing, nothing – NOTHING – intellectually interpreted in this world that can be seen as our truth interpreted intellectually. If it is an intellectual interpretation it is coming from a linear aspect of who we are. Even though you are tapping into a divine interpretation of who we are you are doing it in a linear way because you are in an intellectual mind.

So you are using that intellectual mind in the linear process that it works with to create this book that you are creating. You are putting it in a way where people who come from a linear mind can understand it. Do not dismiss or demean this process that you are doing. There is relevance here. You must take the expansive and bring it into a funnel, bring it into this world in way that the consciousness where it is at now can absorb it, can assimilate it, can integrate it. The only way that is going to happen is if human beings can understand it in the way that they can understand it. That is what you are doing. Know that what you are doing is limited to your intellect. Know that what you are doing is incomplete because there is no complete interpretation of who we are that can be funneled into that intellectual linearly inclined model of wisdom that you use in the physical as human beings. Just go with it for now and do not attach to the validity of the information you are giving. Do not attach to it as certainty, as truth, or as immutable. Most importantly you must reflect on this idea that as the Collective Consciousness continues to expand so will the information brought forth. It is a step process that we are working with here. Because of the linear configuration of the human intellect you must understand that it will be in steps.

So here is the first step for this, what you call the western, world to understand what it is we are. This is the first step. This will get them to the first level and then at that point, dear one, you will be given the next step and that’s what you know. There is no need to configure it in your mind. There is no need to plan on the timing of it. You know it is irrelevant what you think. It is all going to be about the way the higher selves come together in this collective experience and define the next movement and they define that by their willingness to take in what you bring now and absorb that. You know, as you do this, there are many others and many aspects of the One that are waking up and recirculating this kind of information in many different areas of the world. It is all coming together for those that need it.

That is what is happening and that is what you want to know. It has nothing to do with what you think you need to do right now. It has nothing to do with what we think you should do right now. What it is is a request from the collective experience, dear one. That is what we work with. The collective energy sets off the tone that is a request and then that frequency moves through the collective experience and finds those it resonates with and brings that information through. That is the way it is working now.

You know there was, at different points on this earth plane experience, different avatars that were able to reach in to the higher frequencies and bring that inspirational wisdom in and then disseminate it as information - but no longer is there one. No longer will there ever be one.

There will never be one, not again. It is not that we are the One and that is what we are coming to recognize. The more that we wake up individually, the more we recognize our Oneness and the more individuals can bring in this same inspiration and wisdom – in their own way, in their unique interpretations - and that is what is going to define the flow of events going forward. When humanity begins to bring this in and they all begin to realize that they are tapping in to the same energy, yet they are having different configurations of interpretations in their mind, they are going to realize that it is an individual experience that cannot be defined. One cannot define what life is for another because it is an individual experience in that light. So you must stick with that. You must honor that. You must recognize that there is no right and wrong here.

They are different interpretations, different perceptions of life according to the frequencies, the experiences, the levels of consciousness that these human beings are experiencing. Create the openings in them to integrate this information. So hold on to nothing other than the idea that everything will change. That is the consistency in this earth – that there is no consistency. There is no logical progression of the way we will shift, change, and elevate in this human experience. That will come moment by moment according to the will and inclinations of the human beings. They really do dictate this experience. That innate energy of free will is what creates this experience moment by moment.

That is where you want to focus your interpretation of life – always on the bigger picture, always on the higher frequency interpretation of what is occurring, always with the understanding that there is purpose here; there is love here; there is divine wisdom creating this experience for me. No matter what experience it is – even if it is one where you find yourself observing another’s experience – you understand that that position of observer serves you in a way that you don’t logically understand. That is what will bring you through most of the inconsistencies in the world – the ability to admit that you don’t understand it. That is the most divine realization a human can have and the most freeing one at that. It brings great awareness when the human being can let go of the certainty of interpretation and experience that they are having and say, “Well, I have no idea, no idea why it is I’m experiencing this magnificence in my life” regardless of what it looks like to the human being.

Once you do that, once you say, “I don’t understand. I am open to interpretation” the divine is given creative freedom to create and explore and express itself through your external environment in ways that will give you insights, inspirations, and a sense of direction. It may not give you the exact interpretation you are looking for but ultimately you understand that you get what you can. You get what you need. You get what you are ready to receive in the moment.

There is no judgment. It is never about being the good human or the right human or acting in the right way that a human seeking the soulful awareness should be. There is none of that here in spirit. There is no judgment. This is an experience for the soul, an expression of the One that you are allowing through this human vehicle and that is all it is. The purpose of life is knowing oneself. The purpose of life is self-discovery. Ultimately that is all we are here to experience. The details, the logistics, the minutia of the human experience is all created by the mind. The energy itself says one thing – “In the midst of this confusion and darkness of this reality, find me – the light that I am.” Ah, dear one, let your light shine. That certainly is a catchy phrase. That certainly is an all-encompassing definition of life. That is the truth of who we are and you know that is the journey. That is what we are looking to do – uncover that light in the darkness that we have covered up to have this experience to believe that we are separate, to experience duality. It is exactly what this human experience was created for and there you are, allowing others to realize that it is all there, all within their own beingness.

You can give them the tools. You can assist them on their journey and you know that your way is not the only way. It is so important for you to understand. It is so important for humility to be a part of your definition. No matter what you know, no matter what you think you know, no matter what you think you understand about who we are as souls, as human beings, as the One that we are, you cannot confine it logically. You will never, ever, be able to comprehend in your physicality our true totality. That alone is humbling. That alone keeps us in alignment with the energy of the seeker of truth. That dictates the human experience and the journey of self-exploration that allows people to uncover a glimpse of the light that they are and that’s what you want you know. In your most profound moments of Oneness all you have known is a glimpse of the magnificence of you.

That is what you want to keep people aware of – that there is always more. There is always more, for what we see on this earth plane today is people beginning to wake up, people beginning to get a glimpse of their life and people beginning to think, “Ah, this is me. I am the One. Because I know this tiny, little bit of me I believe that I am all-knowing.” And there is truth in that and there is a self-deceptive quality to understanding that interpretation intellectually because the intellect wants to believe it is all-knowing. The all-knowing part of us is the wise energy of truth that we are that the intellect very rarely incorporates in its completeness.

So what you want to know is that what you experience is the ego amplified because of spiritual understanding. It is not just the one. She is a reflection of many; many who have tapped in to spiritual energy that take it to an egoic level of understanding that gives it some sense of importance that makes them believe they have some sense of superiority to others because of an understanding that they have created in their mind. She is a wonderful example for you, dear one, a wonderful expression of what can be when a self-deceiving mind falls prey to the egoic inclination to feel superior in our individuality. Don’t think this is the only one, dear one. This is a rampant energy of the earth plane right now - because so many people are waking up they are feeling their divinity and that is a wondrous thing except when they take it to the ego and it is so hard in the human condition to not go there. It is a practice of self-discipline to not go there. It is a practice in self-reverence not to go there.

The shaman, the yogi, the gurus of the ancient times spent lifetimes acquiring the wisdom and awareness to be called such. In this fast paced, egoically inclined society humanity has taken that reverent energy and created a definition much less of integrity than initially intended. So you see them popping up all over – those expressing themselves as the ones that understand, those creating a definition that there is some way that they can give people a sense of their divinity. No one can. You can assist people in finding their divinity. You can assist people in touching in with their truth. But only the individual can find their way to their truth with their own will, their own intentions, and their own devotion to this spiritual journey. You feel in to their lack of integrity and you find it in your heart to pray for them to move beyond the ego. You do not confront. You do not engage. You do not assimilate any of what it is they are expressing. You engage them as an educational teacher for you. You engage them as an example of what it is an egoic mind can do even with the most astute inspirational awareness. You recognize the intense energy of the ego and how powerful it truly is and you use that to assist you in engaging your ego in an effort to create in the ego a sense of the importance of supporting the soulful journey.

You can do this, you know. The ego is not of free-will itself. It is a manipulated aspect of your totality and in that light it has been manipulated by the imprinting of the previous generations, by the imprinting of the societies you have existed in, by the imprinting of experiences in previous incarnations. All of that can be redefined intentionally. It takes effort. It takes humility. It takes awareness. It takes a devotion to not allowing the imprinting to affect who you know yourself to be and how you know you came to be. Awareness, dear one. Each and every individual expressing a sense of inauthenticity shows you what is available to you, just as those existing in an astute energy of integrity shows you what is available to you. That is the way you want to view life. They are just giving you options – where do you want to be in you? What energy do you want defining your field in the moment?

My dear, when you are engaged with such hostility you must ask yourself, “What am I expressing in this moment? How does that feel to me? How does that affect my ability to maintain detachment, to maintain a state of awareness that comes from the higher frequency?” You must push yourself. You must be your own teacher. You must be your own guide. You must be the one that questions the integrity of the moment that you are allowing to be. It is you that is responsible for your field. It is you that is responsible for the frequency of your energy. You have everything you need to sustain the higher frequencies and when you do those living in the lower frequencies can’t touch you. Most often they won’t want to be near you. But when you slip, when you let yourself slip, that is an opening in the energy that shows your higher self where you need reinforcing. So you want to see that and, once again, you want to be grateful for that one that illuminated that weakness in your field, that weakness in your human interpretation of your power, your importance, and your mission.

It is always you. You bring it back to you. It is always you. You are the magnetic field in this unconscious human experience that draws in to your experience exact energies that can help you refine yours. So always, dear one, bring it back to the idea that you are the one creating the experience. You are the one manifesting this reality. You are the one that can shift it by owning your vibrational definition. There is no greater service to the collective experience than taking responsibility for the frequency that you add to the collective experience. It cannot be that you add it at this frequency in one moment and that frequency in another and this frequency in another. That is not what the Collective is looking for. We are looking for the mean – where is your mean? Where is it that people find and feel you? The more you maintain elevated frequencies the higher your mean expression of you.

It is not about you, the individual, assisting the individuals on the earth plane that come in contact with you. You must remember your part in all of this is to maintain an energy of integrity so others can find their way there so the collective energy can begin to sustain that frequency which will then manifest this new reality that will support the intuitive sense of knowing being what defines our human experience. Reflect on this often. You are not here to serve humanity. You are here to serve the soul which creates the human experience. It is a different way of coming at the energy. It is a different way of approaching what you do for human beings. What you want to know is your portion of the effort being made now is to assist people in holding and maintaining the higher frequency. Their lives will fall into place because of it. So, of course, their egos can get onboard with that interpretation of it but ultimately you know that your efforts mean more energetically and soulfully than they do physically.

It is nice to have the physical world validation. It is nice for people to say, “Yes, because of you my life has changed in this way.” That is a wonderful validation for the ego and that is what it is for. That is why the more you assist people and the more you are recognized in what you are doing the more you will be challenged to maintain humility in the ego. The validation is given to you so that you can strengthen your faith in your truth. It is not to create an overinflated sense of purpose in you. Always be a humble servant and your life will fall involuntarily into place. There is nothing you need to plan. There is nothing you need to create intellectually. You will be provided all that you need in every moment and that is the faith that you must live with. There is a sense here that you are willing, that you are capable of allowing life to show you the way. It is moving you in many different directions and you want to know that this is astute. You do not have to confine yourself to any one expression of you.

Do not limit yourself. Continually remind yourself that there is always more. There are always different directions and always new interpersonal relationships that can expand the quality and validity of the truth that you bring forth. The unions, the joining, this will define this year. The coming together of so many of you with the astute intention is truly what is creating the waves in this world.

So continue to be open to collaborate with other inspirational seekers of truth. Continue to support one another in that and do not lose yourself when one loses themselves in their ego. You simply detach and move away. You do not hold them accountable to what they set out to be for you. You remember that people shift because of the shift in the collective energy, not because of a personality issue. You must take yourself out of that small minded interpretation of life and realize it is all divine and that when two people come together with an intense sense of knowing on an energetic level that is divine and should not be dismissed but that does not mean that they must maintain that intensity throughout the balance and remainder of this experience. That is where human beings get lost. In these creations of the mind that say we must be committed to each other for the balance of this human experience we lose so much in that limited interpretation of that connection. We demean the integrity of that connection by trying to hold it to something we created in our mind.

Follow the energy, dear one, for it truly knows and that is all you need to know. That is all you need to move forward in this life with a sense of freedom from the fear, a sense of freedom from the uncertainty that humans are plagued with. Oh, dear one, why fear uncertainty when you can embrace the spontaneous unknown process of life? Keep awake. Be aware of the inclination of the human being to fall prey to the human condition. You are not of that world. You are only in that world. Do not let it take you in. Do not let it redefine who you know yourself to be. Do not lose yourself in the interpretations of life that so many lose themselves in even at this stage in your journey. You must know the intensity is coming and with that the intensity is coming. It is great. It is a part of the process. You must know only great things can come with great intensity and great intensity must find balance in this human condition. That is what will define for you the way to move through the intense experiences to know this that feels so challenging to my humanness is about to introduce me to a greatness in me I have not yet discovered.

That is what you want to know about this year – each and every challenge will be that for you, the beginning of something magnificent. That awareness will take you through any interpretation of life that is less than love. Expand, dear one. Expand your interpretations of life. Expand your ability to rise above the emotion. Remind yourself emotions are just energies that you came to experience, not to lose yourself in, not to be defined by, not to cloud your vision of your truth. They are merely different levels of consciousness you wanted to experience, that you wanted to learn from, that you wanted to delve deep in to but not attach to. It is important for you to realize this for the energetic use of emotions is going to intensify in this year. T

hat is a part of the process of evolution and elevation, for people have created such certain definitions of these frequencies inside of us. They have called them fear and anger and shame and guilt and they have created this interpretation of what that means and what that should mean and then they hand that down and they give it over to each other and they share it back and forth and they reaffirm it. We want to detach from the definitions that limit the brilliance of the emotional experience.

Dear one, realize what this is. The intellectual pursuit is the means for the energy to be integrated in this human experience. It is that and nothing more. It is a way to bring the expansive nature of the truth of who we are in to a limited linear understanding to be used to maneuver the earth plane.

As we elevate in frequency that interpretation is expanding. So as we elevate in frequency in our individuality we must remember that the intellectual interpretation of life is going to change. We must remind ourselves because as we do we keep our doors open for that expansion. When we are set in certainty in the intellect we limit our ability to assimilate the expansive awareness available to us which will expand the collective understanding of who we are which will elevate the frequency of the collective consciousness which will draw in the more expansive human experience. It is all connected. It is all a part of who we are. The ego, the intellect, the emotional body, the physical body are each an aspect of the One; each an aspect of the individual expression of that One; each an equally important part of the soulful journey; each created to assist in this journey of self-exploration; each created to support each other.

Ah, we have seen throughout the generations of physical experience how, over time, different aspects of this experience want to take the front stage, want to take control of the experience whether it be egoically inclined definitions or intellectual certainties or emotional inconsistencies. Each of these aspects of our beingness have affected different humans at different times in their life, including you. You want to embrace that. You want to honor that. You want to know that that was a part of a process of you understanding you, of you discovering the many aspects and facets of being human. It is not that the ego is the enemy. It is not that the intellect was created to deceive. It is a matter of exploring life through these different aspects of who we are and seeing the relevance in the experience individually and collectively.

Our brilliance comes from our ability to detach from the inclination of any one aspect of who we are. Our brilliance comes when we can stay neutrally detached and maintain the position of observer. There you are, dear one. That is your answer. How do you maneuver through this human experience? You remind yourself that the most detached and astute position in life is that of observer. Now don’t dismiss this human experience. This does not mean you do not engage life. You observe how you engage it. You allow yourself to have the human experience without judgment and without attachment. Now there is a challenge, isn’t there? To create something magnificent in this human experience and not try to own it as the individual – there is your challenge, dear one. To bring in greatness and say, “Hear, dear world, this is my gift to you, my ability to bring this magnificent energy in to this world. I am not the creator of that energy. I am merely the portal.” The ability to know that and maintain that is going to create the greatest waves of Oneness in this experience.

That will come back to you. So hold tight to that focus. There is no one way to journey through this exploration of self. There is no right way to be human other than to be authentic to your spiritual nature in that moment. Dear one, that does not always mean doing what the human being thinks is right. It is so important for humanity to get that. It is so important for people to understand that there are times in this life we are called, as souls, to challenge others. That does not mean that we have lost our way or we have made a mistake or we have stepped off our path. No, quite the opposite. When we are called to push another to their limits we are serving them. Stay focused, dear one, on the One that we are and allow that to define the flow of life.

It is a magnificent time to be alive. You are existing at a moment where the creative energy is integrating into this human experience in wave after wave of realization, acceptance and creative definition. There are no long pauses between the integration of these waves – not any more. The Collective has elevated it’s frequency to the point of calling it in in a massive effort to take this next step to bring us to a frequency of freedom that defines for humanity the way to express truth, to own connectedness, and to let love be what defines who we are and how we see one another.

What do I do in the times when I need to reinforce myself?

Pull yourself away from humanity. Detach from society. Let go of the human definition. Find your way back to your truth. Yes, at times that means literally moving away from people, literally isolating yourself and not feeling guilty and not judging it. When you have that inclination to step away from life do it. It is your soul’s way of saying we need to reconvene. We need to recombine. We need to reassess what it is we are experiencing. We need to realign in a direction with purpose. At times it is merely a moment for an assimilation of a higher frequency energy looking to create future manifestations. It does not mean there is something off in your expression of self. It may just mean it is time for transition. Humanity has created this society that says each and every day we must do, from this time to this time. We must give all of this time, energy, effort, every single day to doing, doing, doing.

At times the soul looks to be. At times the soul looks to detach from all the doing. That is the challenge for you in the logical mind. When you feel those moments where all you want to do is be alone, you must honor that as the soul’s desire. How can you override the soul’s desire for some intellectual pursuit? But we think we need to be doing for our deadlines, our timelines, our illusionary sense of responsibility to humanity. Remember what is real. As the soul that you are, the energetic connection that defines this human experience, dear one, is what is real not some trivial obligation you feel responsible to another for. You know where your peace lies. You know where you find your truth. You must give yourself permission to follow that inclination in the moment. When you find yourself getting lost in your humanness you go to your soul.

Is physical success okay?

It is not only okay, it serves the soul as long as it doesn’t go to the ego. There it is. It has all been said before but I will reiterate this idea that it will be there for you, dear one. It will be there as the challenge not to lose yourself in it. That is what you want to remember. It is not you. This information, this wisdom, this inspiration comes through you. You are a servant to the One. Give the credit to the One. So, of course, if you can be detached from it it will continue to serve you. If you attach to it it will become an evil in your field. (L – I don’t like that word.) It is what I see. It is the way the human mind can interpret the intense oppositional energy that you create when you attach to human achievement, power, possession, etc.


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