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Messages From Michael

by Laura Mirante

Sunday December 18th 2022

at 1-4 pm Eastern time

Michael Live - Channeled through Laura Mirante


The first half will be an overview of the Michael Teachings;

a system of understanding who we are as souls and how this understanding can help you: 

expand your intuitive connection

maneuver difficult situations and

shift your approach to challenging relationships -

most importantly your relationship with you 

New information will be channeled spontaneously by Michael live.

There will be a short break

The second part will be dedicated to receiving individual messages from Michael.

Michael will bring you the clearest insight into the inner workings of your mind-soul connection and

how to clear the intuitive lines of communication in you.

You may request your personal Michael Teaching's Soul Chart.

A Soul Chart gives you insight on your soul age, role, goal, mode, how you find your center and so much more.

It is not required but it will enhance your understanding of your personal inclinations 


$111.00 to join

$44.00 for your personal Soul Chart

Other Method of Payments

Zelle (561-302-5405)

CashApp (561-302-5405)

Venmo (@Laura-Mirante)

Read More Below

spontaneous channel


Michael Teachings 5 stages of souls

1) Infant Souls deal with issues of survival; they do not yet have a basis for making sense of what is “out there”—they only know that it is “not me.” Infant souls often live on the fringes of society, and their experience of life is simple, earthy, primitive, and mystical. Without loving guidance from older souls who teach them the difference between right and wrong, Infant souls may react violently to perceived threats.

2) Baby Souls have a need for structure and tend to live according to beliefs based on dogma, such as religious fundamentalism. Baby souls, focused as they are on bringing people together under the umbrella of civilization, see others, as being “just like me.” They can become confused and upset when those “other me’s” act differently than expected. Their experience of life is rule-based, rigid, dogmatic, family-oriented, and highly structured around adhering to the laws and mores of an institution or culture -- think of the Middle West and the conscientious drive to be the "model citizen."

3) Young Souls are success oriented and set high standards of personal achievement. Young souls are learning to impact the world, and see others as “you”s they can impact. Their experience of life is competitive, industrious, independent, profit-motivated, win-lose, and in pursuit of anything that leads to prosperity. They fear aging, the natural decline of their bodies, and go to great lengths to preserve their status and appearance. Young souls could be the official soul age for face-lifts, Botox injections, and tummy-tucks.

4) Mature Souls are relationship oriented and tend to gravitate toward emotional drama. Mature souls, delving into their inner world and exploring relatedness, can keenly feel other people’s “stuff,” and perceive it in the same way they perceive their own. This can make for much intensity and, often, subjectivity. Their experience of life is dramatic, emotional, soap-opera-like, identified, intimate, empathetic, and self-aware.

5) Old Souls seek the larger perspective of life, and have less interest in playing the material game. They tend to be more detached, and try to see themselves and others within a larger context, fostering a "live and let live" motto. Their experience of life is laid-back, easy going, detached from emotional intensity, spiritually-minded, and sometimes a little lazy.

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