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The Pathway

Of Surrender


If the Kingdom of Heaven is within us, why do we often feel like hell ?


It has been said that the book Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender written by David R. Hawkins provides the roadmap to a freer life for anyone who is willing to make the trip.

"I am willing and I am inviting you to take this trip with me and our brilliant friends in spirit.

I have never done anything quite like this before, I don't think anyone has.

It's like a book club but with practical personal insight and direction from some of the most amazing souls in spirit! I am pulling it all together, the insight from Hawkins, breath work, simple approaches to meditation, Reiki, HeartMath and 'easy to use anywhere' Energy Medicine techniques, all enhanced with Spirit's direct personal insights.

We are bringing it all together body, mind and Soul. This promises to be a one of a kind, once in a lifetime exploration in Self mastery, like 11 years of therapy in 22 weeks. 

When we are done with this one none of us will ever be the same!

I really can't wait to see what Spirit has in store for us. "

Laura Mirante 

The major requirement for the journey is a willingness to let go of the attachment to your current experience of life and to imagine a new life aligned and inspired with Soul purpose. 

We must start where we are to get to where we want to go! It takes courage and self-honesty to see negativity and smallness in ourselves.

'Letting Go' describes a simple and effective means by which to let go of the obstacles to Enlightenment and become free of negativity.


This will be an Eleven Session Journey through the Body-Mind & Ego to the Soul

Each session will have unique, timely relevant teachings channeled live through Laura 

During the many decades of Dr Hawkins' clinical psychiatric practice, the primary aim was to seek the most effective ways to relieve human suffering in all of its many forms.

Over the past 2 decades Laura has explored many different holistic, energetic approaches to help relieve the physical, mental and emotional suffering of those she works with.

The book uses the Map of Consciousness to walk you through the different levels of perception in the human mind. Each chapter addresses an emotion and the ways to identify it in you and mechanisms to Let Go of any negative ideas keeping you stuck in that emotion.


We will use the book as a guide map each week diving deeper into the emotion of that chapter. We will explore Hawkins' scientific approach based on his research on consciousness and we will ADD insight channeled from Souls that have lived on earth and can now share what they have learned about their experience with these emotions from the other side.

You will learn easy to use breathing and energy medicine techniques to help you isolate the thoughts and master working with each emotion in your day to day life.

Each session will be recorded. These recordings become soul~medicine.

The words remind the mind you are Divine and that takes the power away from the negative thought patterns. The energy beneath the words heals the Heart.

The healing continues every time you listen. 


You will walk away with a set of tools and insights channeled specifically for you that you can work with for the rest of this incarnation.  

This course is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to:

  • Learn to create moments of inner peace in the midst of mental chaos

  • Expand intuitive intelligence 

  • Enhance a healing practice

  • Expand connection with loved ones in spirit

  • Expand your ability to Love yourself which enhances every other relationship

  • Creating inner balance through self awareness and intentional emotional stabilization 

Combining Scientific and Soul-supportive approaches to living in balance mentally, emotionally and Spiritually.


                Course Outline 

  •    The Benefits of Letting Go

  •    Apathy and Depression

  •    Grief

  •    Fear

  •    Desire

  •    Anger

  •    Pride

  •    Courage

  •    Acceptance

  •    Love & Peace

  • Practical Tools to work with​​


We will complement Hawkins' insight on each emotion with channeled perspective for the group and for each person.

Spirit can speak through the higher self, a guide, the soul of the deceased, Arch Angels or Ascended Masters.

The channeled insight will be specific to you and where you are in your life and in your mind with your divine right now.

letting go.jpeg

These Courses will be held Via Zoom Bi-weekly

$200.00 x 11 Sessions

Total investment $2200.00

Payment options available

New evening session beginning March 2022

This course can be created for your group. If you are a counselor in any capacity we can create a healing path trough the emotions together.

We can address groups working with grief, addiction, dealing with long term or terminal illness, suicide or depression. 

Click below with inquiries or to register to attend the next session.

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