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Sally's Way Dying To Live Again Foundation

By now most of you are aware that our beloved Sally passed-over to the Otherside this past June 6, 2012…Sally made the great leap while in her sleep…Off she flew…Now Sally is everywhere…Connecting with us all…At the same time!!!


Soul-friends, we have shared Sally in so many ways over the years…She was always there when we needed her most…Sally awoke each morning reborn to do her channeling…The energy which she generated in our behalf was simply amazing...Sally was always connecting in some way, day and night…


We all grew accustomed to being supported by that deep well of energy we call Sally…But Sally’s energy is now coming from another realm…We must open to this new and grand means of connecting with Sally…You don’t have to make an appointment to talk with her any more…Just open your heart up and you will be flooded with Sally’s divine energy…Continue to communicate with her about your life…Sally’s answers will become known in many ways and forms…Be open to the possibilities…Thoughts in your head, whooshing energy, signs and signals, dreams, and so on…I sit at the computer keyboard everyday to communicate with our dear-one…Back and forth we type…


We all miss the voice and face of Sally…But we must adjust, adjust, adjust…Sally’s story is not complete…This is a new chapter that we all will help write…Let one and all know that Sally is still here and is always available to us…


The DTLA Foundation will continue to help our soul-friends around the Earthplane…Sally’s highest purpose only grows stronger with your spirit behind us...       Always love, Steve

Dying to Live Again

Warning! The content of this book is highly provocative and it challenges your sensibilities. Can you imagine reading an interview conducted with Anne Frank? What would Anne relate about her life from the soul’s perspective?

Sally Baldwin channeled famous souls such as Abraham Lincoln who have passed-away but have come forward from the Otherside to tell their stories with a very different slant. As a fluent medium, Sally connected with legendary souls such as Buddha and asked each of them questions that will inspire and maybe even shock you into a new reality. Do you desire to be introduced to the soul of Queen Cleopatra?


Sally unlocks their transcendental psyches and tells untold truths that will change how you view their lives forever. Dying to Live Again will be one of the best-selling metaphysical books during the coming year.

Otherworldly Answers to Earthly Questions

 The 2012 energy shift has brought a new awareness of Spiritual issues to people across the globe. No, there was not an end to the world as we know it, but rather we have been given an opportunity to create new patterns and ways to live together. We have a chance to build a new reality going forward. People are awaking to different possibilities for their lives. Old expectations are being let go of and fresh outlooks are beginning to take hold. This shift brings with it many questions on what to expect with a reality that challenges the very way we relate to each other at home, work, community, and beyond. 

Otherworldly Answers to Earthly Questions helps to educate, enlighten and show that we are spiritual beings with unlimited potential. You begin to realize that the very essence of experience in all planes, including the Earth, is that you embrace and recognize the oneness, the love, the depth that exists as we are all connected.

Over the past decade Sally Baldwin has channeled many, many messages about how to deal with our changing world from a spiritual perspective. Read this book to help you redefine yourselves and keep the shift going. Many questions are presented and the answers from the guides, angels, and the Creator will shape your future. Otherworldly Answers to Earthly Questions will be one of the best-selling books during the coming year.

The Michael Teachings

The Michael teachings explore the spiritual philosophy of the mid-causal plane entity Michael, popularized in the best-selling book, "Messages from Michael" by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.

The Michael teachings provide a liberating set of tools that help chart our spiritual progress as we journey from first incarnation to last.

Donna Eden: Energy Medicine

Donna is on a Mission to Empower People to Heal Themselves

After figuring out how to direct her own energies to heal herself of multiple sclerosis in her early thirties, Donna has dedicated her life to empowering people to tune into their own subtle, healing energies using Energy Medicine. Read more about Donna's journey.

Energy Medicine and its benefits are not reserved for medically trained doctors, alternative health experts and gifted healers. We ALL have the ability to use our life force energy to create a fundamental mind-body shifts that can transform our lives. 

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